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About the opera Adelson e Salvini

Adelson e Salvini (Adelson and Salvini) is a three act opera semiseria composed by Vincenzo Bellini from a libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola. The opera was based on the 1772 novel Épreuves du Sentiment by François-Thomas-Marie de Baculard d'Arnaud, and it draws on a previously performed play by Prospère Delamare.
Bellini's first opera was written as his final project at the Naples San Sebastiano Conservatory, when the composer was 23 years old. It was the custom at the Conservatory to introduce promising students to the public with a dramatic work. Bellini styled his project an opera semiseria and it was first performed at the Teatro del Conservatorio di San Sebastiano in Naples on 12 February 1825. Various revisions were undertaking "with a view to professional staging", but it was never performed.
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Roles in Adelson e Salvini

Nelly Soprano
Fanny Contralto
Madame Rivers Contralto
Salvini Tenor
Lord Adelson Baritone
Struley Bass
Bonifacio Bass
Geronio Bass

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All scenes from Adelson e Salvini

Arias from Adelson e Salvini

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1OvertureAdelson e SalviniBellini1.01instrumentaln/aItaliann/a
2Immagine graditaAdelson e SalviniBellini1.02ariacontraltoItalianFanny
3Amici allegramenteAdelson e SalviniBellini1.03ariacontraltoItalianMadame Rivers
4Andate pure o cariAdelson e SalviniBellini1.04recitativecontraltoItalianMadame Rivers
5Geronio ancor non vieneAdelson e SalviniBellini1.05recitativebassItalianStruley
6Tu provi un palpitoAdelson e SalviniBellini1.06ariabassItalianStruley
7Ah! se trovassi alfinAdelson e SalviniBellini1.07recitativebassItalianGeronio
8Bonifacio beccheriaAdelson e SalviniBellini1.08recitativebassItalianBonifacio
9Napoli il far debitiAdelson e SalviniBellini1.09ariabassItalianBonifacio
10Speranza seduttriceAdelson e SalviniBellini1.10ariatenorItalianSalvini
11Oh! quante amare lagrimeAdelson e SalviniBellini1.11ariatenorItalianSalvini
12Ma che forse vorrestiAdelson e SalviniBellini1.12ariabassItalianBonifacio
13Dopo l'oscuro nemboAdelson e SalviniBellini1.13ariasopranoItalianNelly
14Ma non m'ingannoAdelson e SalviniBellini1.14ariasopranoItalianNelly
15Ah! l'oppresse il dolorAdelson e SalviniBellini1.15ariatenorItalianSalvini
16Ah! se non vuoi moi benAdelson e SalviniBellini1.16ariatenorItalianSalvini
17Signorina..Adelson e SalviniBellini1.17ariabassItalianBonifacio
18Noi qui l'attenderemoAdelson e SalviniBellini1.18choirn/aItalian
19Obliarti abbandonartiAdelson e SalviniBellini1.19ariabaritoneItalianLord Adelson
20Oh! mio caroAdelson e SalviniBellini1.20ariacontraltoItalianMadame Rivers
21Ehi GeronioAdelson e SalviniBellini2.01recitativebassItalianStruley
22E dunque ritornato il mioAdelson e SalviniBellini2.02ariabassItalianStruley
23Ah! BonifacioAdelson e SalviniBellini2.03ariacontraltoItalianMadame Rivers
24Poni l'esca a contattoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.04ariabassItalianBonifacio
25Ah! sciaguratoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.05recitativebaritoneItalianLord Adelson
26Torna o caro a questo senoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.06ariabaritoneItalianLord Adelson
27Hai ben compreso il tuttoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.07ariabassItalianStruley
28Taci attendi e allor vedraiAdelson e SalviniBellini2.08ariabassItalianBonifacio
29Si venite miei cariAdelson e SalviniBellini2.09recitativebaritoneItalianLord Adelson
30Eco alfin quel caro oggettoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.10ariabaritoneItalianLord Adelson
31Al foco al focoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.11choirn/aItalian
32Lieti facciam ritornoAdelson e SalviniBellini2.12choirn/aItalian
33Ecco signor la sposaAdelson e SalviniBellini2.13ariatenorItalianSalvini