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Umberto Giordano


Arturo Colautti


17 November 1898, Milan (Teatro Lirico)




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About the opera Fedora

Fedora is an opera in three acts by Umberto Giordano to an Italian libretto by Arturo Colautti, based on the play Fédora by Victorien Sardou. Along with Andrea Chénier and Siberia, it is one of the most notable works of Giordano. It was first performed at the Teatro Lirico in Milan on November 17, 1898 conducted by the composer with Gemma Bellincioni creating the role of Fedora, and Enrico Caruso as her lover, Loris Ipanov.
In 1889, Umberto Giordano saw Sardou's play Fédora at the Teatro Bellini di Napoli, with Sarah Bernhardt (for whom the play was written) in the title role. He immediately asked Sardou for permission to base an opera on the play, which Sardou initially refused. At the time, Giordano was a relatively unknown composer. Following the premiere of his 1894 Regina Diaz, Giordano's publisher, Edoardo Sonzogno, asked Sardou again. However, Sardou asked for what Sozogno considered an exhorbitant fee. It was only on the third attempt, and after Giordano's success with Andrea Chénier in 1896, that an agreement was reached to go ahead with the opera.
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Roles in Fedora

Princess Fedora Romazov Soprano
Count Loris Ipanov Tenor
Countness Olga Sukarov Soprano
De Siriex Baritone
Desirè Tenor
Dimitri Contralto
Grech Bass
Lorek Baritone

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Arias from Fedora
Duets from Fedora

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Quattro sei doppio zeroFedoraGiordano1.01recitativetenorItalianDesirè/Nicola/Sergio
2Rigada e assai la seraFedoraGiordano1.02-1 recitativesopranoItalianFedora
3O grandi occhi lucenti di fedeFedoraGiordano1.02-2 ariasopranoItalianFedora
4Signora e qui la slittaFedoraGiordano1.03recitativecA S B TItalianDimitri/Fedora/Grech/Desirè
5Egli mi disse andiamoFedoraGiordano1.04recitativeBr B Br S TItalianCirillo/Grech/Siriex/Fedora/Desirè
6Son gente risolutaFedoraGiordano1.05ariasopranoItalianFedora
7Su questa santa croceFedoraGiordano1.06-1 recitativeS B cA TItalianFedora/Grech/Dimitri/Desirè
8Altra volta quell uomoFedoraGiordano1.06-2 recitativeB cA S TItalianGrech/Dimitri/Fedora/Desirè
9Il parigino e come il vinoFedoraGiordano2ariasopranoItalianCountness
10Signore vi presneto LazinskiFedoraGiordano2.01recitativeS T BrItalianCountness/Baron/Borov
11Principessa ci fate languirFedoraGiordano2.02recitativeT S T S BrItalianBaron/Fedora/Count/Countness/Siriex
12La donna russaFedoraGiordano2.03ariabaritoneItalianSiriex
13Ma dunque e amoreFedoraGiordano2.04-1 recitativeS TItalianFedora/Count
14Amor ti vietaFedoraGiordano2.04-2 ariatenorItalianCount
15Se innocente sei davveroFedoraGiordano2.05recitativeT SItalianCount/Fedora
16Portensoso strepitosoFedoraGiordano2.06recitativeS T Br SItalianCountness/Baron/Siriex/Fedora
17Intermezzo 2FedoraGiordano2.07instrumentaln/aItaliann/a
18Grech I vostri uominiFedoraGiordano2.08recitativeS BItalianFedora/Grech
19Mia madre la mia vecchia madreFedoraGiordano2.09ariatenorItalianCount
20Io mi domando ancoraFedoraGiordano2.10recitativeT SItalianCount/Fedora
21Vedi io piangoFedoraGiordano2.11duetT SItalianCount/Fedora
22Dice la capineraFedoraGiordano3.01choirn/aItalian
23Quanto sei bellaFedoraGiordano3.02recitativeT S SItalianCount/Fedora/Countness
24E voi piu non tubateFedoraGiordano3.03recitativeS BrItalianCountness/Siriex
25Quel truce sgherroFedoraGiordano3.04recitativeBr S SItalianSiriex/Fedora/Countness
26La montanina miaFedoraGiordano3.05-1 duet,recitativeS TItalianFedora/Count
27Dio do giustiziaFedoraGiordano3.05-2 ariasopranoItalianFedora
28Jariskin reco all ImperatoreFedoraGiordano3.06duetT SItalianCount/Fedora
29Boroff e luiFedoraGiordano3.07recitativeS TItalianFedora/Count
30Tutta tramonta tutto dileguaFedoraGiordano3.08recitativeS TItalianFedora/Count
31Ma chi m'accusaFedoraGiordanoT SItalian