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George Frideric Handel (German: Georg Friedrich Händel; pronounced ) (23 February 1685 - 14 April 1759) was a German-British Baroque composer, famous for his operas, oratorios, anthems and organ concertos. Handel was born in 1685, in a family indifferent to music. He received critical musical training in Halle, Hamburg and Italy before settling in London (1712) and becoming a naturalised British subject in 1727. By then he was strongly influenced by the great composers of the Italian Baroque and the middle-German polyphonic choral tradition.
Within fifteen years, Handel, a dramatic genius, started three commercial opera companies to supply the English nobility with Italian opera, but the public came to hear the vocal bravura of the soloists rather than the music. In 1737 he had a physical breakdown, changed direction creatively and addressed the middle class. As Alexander's Feast (1736) was well received, Handel made a transition to English choral works. After his success with Messiah (1742) he never performed an Italian opera again. Handel was only partly successful with his performances of English Oratorio on mythical or biblical themes, but when he arranged a performance of Messiah to benefit the Foundling Hospital (1750) the critique ended. The pathos of Handel's oratorios is an ethical one. They are hallowed not by liturgical dignity but by the moral ideals of humanity. Almost blind, and having lived in England for almost fifty years, he died a respected and rich man.
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Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1A che tardi struggi l'infameAlcinaHandel3.20-2 recitativeB Mz TItalianMelisso/Ruggiero/Oronte
2A jealous friend has snared meXerxes (Serse)Handel2.24duetMz cAEnglishXerxes/Amastris
3A quai strani perigliAlcinaHandel1.23recitativeB Mz SItalianMelisso/Bradamante/Morgana
4A qual rischio vi esponeOrlandoHandel2.05recitativeB S cAItalianZoroastro/Angelica/Medoro
5Abbruggio avampo e fremoRinaldoHandel2ariacountertenor or mezzoItalianRinaldo
6Adorable RomildaXerxes (Serse)Handel1.09-1 recitativemezzoEnglishXerxes
7Ah! devil take meXerxes (Serse)Handel2.22recitativebassEnglishElviro
8Ah! do not weepXerxes (Serse)Handel1.07-2 ariasopranoEnglishAtalanta
9Ah! infédele infédelAlcinaHandel1.17recitativeMz SItalianRuggiero/Alcina
10Ah! love tyrannic loveXerxes (Serse)Handel3.07ariasopranoEnglishArsamenes
11Ah! mio cor schernito sei!AlcinaHandel2.15ariasopranoItalianAlcina
12Ah! mio Ruggier che tentiAlcinaHandel3.20-1 recitativeS Mz MzItalianAlcina/Ruggiero/Bradamante
13Ah! perche giusto ciel tanta pena questo corRodelindaHandel3ariasopranoItalianRodelinda
14Ah! perfide qui seilOrlandoHandel2.11recitativeMz/cT SItalianOrlando/Angelica
15Ah! Ruggiero crudelAlcinaHandel2.20-1 recitativesopranoItalianAlcina
16Ah! stigie larveOrlandoHandel2.12ariacountertenor or mezzoItalianOrlando
17Ah! viperous evilXerxes (Serse)Handel2.05-2 ariabassEnglishElviro
18Ah! who'll buy these flowersXerxes (Serse)Handel2.01-2 ariabassEnglishElviro
19Al lampo dell armiGiulio CesareHandel2.12ariacountertenor or contralto or mezzoItalianCesare
20Al sen ti stringoAriodanteHandel3ariabassItalianKing of Scotland
21All alma fedelAlcinaHandel3.11ariamezzoItalianBradamante
22All excuses are worthlessXerxes (Serse)Handel3.02recitativeS S B SEnglishArsamenes/Romilda/Elviro/Atalanta
23Alma del gran PompeoGiulio CesareHandel1.10ariacountertenor or contralto or mezzoItalianCesare/Cleopatra/Curio
24Ama sospiraAlcinaHandel2.09ariasopranoItalianMorgana
25Amor e qual ventoOrlandoHandel3.09ariasopranoItalianDorinda
26And who would ever guessXerxes (Serse)Handel2.02recitativeB cAEnglishElviro/Amastris
27Angelica deh lasciaOrlandoHandel1.21recitativecA SItalianMedoro/Angelica
28Apri le luceAriodanteHandel1.01ariasopranoItalianDalinda
29Arsamenes where are you goingXerxes (Serse)Handel2.18recitativeMz SEnglishXerxes/Arsamenes
30Arsamenes! 1Xerxes (Serse)Handel1.04-2 recitativeMz SEnglishXerxes/Arsamenes