Apollo et Hyacinthus

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Pater Rufinus Widl


13 May 1767, Salzburg (Great Aula University)




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About the opera Apollo et Hyacinthus

Apollo et Hyacinthus is an opera, K. 38, written in 1767 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was 11 years old at the time. It is Mozart's first true opera (when one considers that Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes is simply a sacred drama). It is in three acts. As is suggested by the name, the opera is based upon Greek mythology as told by Roman poet Ovid in his masterwork Metamorphoses. Interpreting this work, Rufinus Widl wrote the libretto in Latin.

The opera was first performed on 13 May 1767 at the Great Hall, Salzburg University. The myth follows that Hyacinth died accidentally from being struck on the head by a discus thrown by Apollo. However, another myth tells that it was the wind god Zephyrus who was actually responsible for the Hyacinth's death because Zephyrus, out of jealousy, blew the discus off course in order to injure and kill Hyacinth. When he died, Apollo made the hyacinth flower spring out from his spilled blood.

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Roles in Apollo et Hyacinthus

Oebalus Tenor
Melia Treble or Soprano
Hyacinthus Treble or Soprano
Apollo Treble or Contralto
Zephyrus Treble or Contralto
First priest Bass
Second priest Bass

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Arias from Apollo et Hyacinthus
Duets from Apollo et Hyacinthus

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1OvertureApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.01instrumentaln/aLatinn/a
2Amice iam parata sunt omniaApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.02recitativetr/S tr/cA TLatinHyacinthus/Zephyrus/Oebalus
3Numen o Latonium O ApolloApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.03choirn/aLatin
4Heu me periimusApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.04recitativetr/S tr/S tr/cA TLatinMelia/Hyacinthus/Zephyrus/Oebalus
5Saepe terrent NuminaApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.05ariatreble or sopranoLatinHyacinthus
6Ah! nate vera poquerisApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.06recitativeT tr/cA tr/S tr/SLatinOebalus/Apollo/Hyacinthus/Melia
7I am pastor ApolloApollo et HyacinthusMozart1.07ariacontralto or trebleLatinApollo
8Amare numquid filiaApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.01recitativeT tr/SLatinOebalus/Melia
9Laetari iocariApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.02ariatenorLatinOebalus
10Rex de salute filiiApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.03recitativetr/cA T tr/SLatinZephyrus/Oebalus/Melia
11En duos conspicisApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.04ariacontralto or trebleLatinZephyrus
12Heu numen ecceApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.05recitativetr/cA tr/S tr/cALatinZephyrus/Melia/Apollo
13Discede crudelisApollo et HyacinthusMozart2.06duettr/S tr/cALatinMelia/Apollo
14Non est quis ergo NateApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.01recitativetr/S TLatinHyacinthus/Oebalus
15Ut navis in aequore luxurianteApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.02ariatenorLatinOebalus
16Quocumque me concertoApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.03recitativetr/S TLatinMelia/Oebalus
17Natus cadit atque DeusApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.04duetT tr/SLatinOebalus/Melia
18Rex me redire cogitApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.05recitativetr/cA tr/S TLatinApollo/Melia/Oebalus
19Tandem post purbida fulminaApollo et HyacinthusMozart3.06triotr/cA tr/S TLatinApollo/Melia/Oebalus