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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Gianbattista Varesco


29 January 1781, Munich (Cuvillés Theater)




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About the opera Idomeneo

Idomeneo, re di Creta ossia Ilia e Idamante (Italian for Idomeneo, King of Crete, or, Ilia and Idamante; usually referred to simply as Idomeneo, K. 366) is an Italian language opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The libretto was adapted by Giambattista Varesco from a French text by Antoine Danchet, which had been set to music by André Campra as Idoménée in 1712. Mozart and Varesco were commissioned in 1780 by Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria for a court carnival. He probably chose the subject, though it might have been Mozart.
The libretto clearly draws its inspiration from Metastasio and its overall layout, not to mention the type of character development which Metastasio had developed and mostly from the highly poetic language used in the various numbers and the secco and stromentato recitatives. The style of the choruses, marches, and ballets was very French, and the shipwreck scene towards the end of act I is almost identical to the structure and dramatic working-out of a similar scene in Gluck's Iphigénie en Tauride. The sacrifice and oracle scenes are similar to Gluck's Iphigénie en Aulide and Alceste.

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Roles in Idomeneo

Ilia Soprano
Idomeneo Tenor
Idamante Tenor
Elettra Soprano
Arbace Tenor
Gran Sacerdote Tenor
The Oracle Bass
Two Cretan women Soprano,Mezzo-Soprano

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All scenes from Idomeneo

Arias from Idomeneo

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
2Quando avran fine omaiIdomeneoMozart1.02recitativesopranoItalianIlia
3Padre germani addioIdomeneoMozart1.03ariasopranoItalianIlia
4Ecco Idamante ahime sen vienIdomeneoMozart1.04-1 recitativesopranoItalianIlia
5Radunate i TroianiIdomeneoMozart1.04-2 recitativeT SItalianIdamante/Ilia
6Non ho colpaIdomeneoMozart1.05ariatenorItalianIdamante
7Ecco il misero resto de TroianiIdomeneoMozart1.06recitativeT SItalianIdamante/Ilia
8Godiam la paceIdomeneoMozart1.07ensemble,choirT B S MzItalianTwo Trojans/Two Cretan women/Trojans/Cretans
9Prence signor tutta la GreciaIdomeneoMozart1.08-1 recitativeT S S TItalianIdamante/Elettra/Ilia/Arbace
10Arbace vieneIdomeneoMozart1.08-2 recitativeT T SItalianIdamante/Arbace/Ilia
11Estinto e IdomeneoIdomeneoMozart1.08-3 ariasopranoItalianElettra
12Tutte nel cor vi sentoIdomeneoMozart1.09ariasopranoItalianElettra
13Pieta! Numi pieta!IdomeneoMozart1.10choirn/aItalianIslanders
14Eccoci salvi alfinIdomeneoMozart1.11-1 recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
15Oh! voi di marte e di nettunoIdomeneoMozart1.11-2 recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
16Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolenteIdomeneoMozart1.12ariatenorItalianIdomeneo
17Cieli che veggoIdomeneoMozart1.13recitativeT TItalianIdomeneo/Idamante
18Ah! qual gelido orrorIdomeneoMozart1.14-1 ariatenorItalianIdamante
19Il padre adorataIdomeneoMozart1.14-2 ariatenorItalianIdamante
20Intermezzo 1IdomeneoMozart1.15instrumentaln/aItaliann/a
21Marcia 1IdomeneoMozart1.16n/aItalianGreek troops
22Nettuno s'onoriIdomeneoMozart1.17choirn/aItalian
23Tutto me notoIdomeneoMozart2.01recitativeT TItalianArbace/Idomeneo
24Se il tuo duolIdomeneoMozart2.02ariatenorItalianArbace
25Se mai pomposoIdomeneoMozart2.03recitativeS TItalianIlia/Idomeneo
26Se il padre perdeiIdomeneoMozart2.04ariasopranoItalianIlia
27Qual mi conturba i sensiIdomeneoMozart2.05recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
28Fuor del marIdomeneoMozart2.06ariatenorItalianIdomeneo
29Frettolosa e giuliva ElettraIdomeneoMozart2.07recitativeT SItalianIdomeneo/Elettra
30Parto e l'unico oggettoIdomeneoMozart2.08-1 recitativesopranoItalianElettra
31Idol mio se ritrosoIdomeneoMozart2.08-2 ariasopranoItalianElettra
32Odo da lunge armoniosoIdomeneoMozart2.09-1 recitativesopranoItalianElettra
33Sidonie sponde o voi per meIdomeneoMozart2.09-2 recitativesopranoItalianElettra
34Placido e il mar andiamoIdomeneoMozart2.10-1 choirsopranoItalianElettra
35Soavi Zeffiri soli spirateIdomeneoMozart2.10-2 ariasopranoItalianElettra
36Vatene prenceIdomeneoMozart2.11recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
37Pria di partir oh DioIdomeneoMozart2.12trioT T SItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Elettra
38Qual nuovo terroreIdomeneoMozart2.13n/aItalianThe People
39Eccoti in me barbaro NumeIdomeneoMozart2.14recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
40Corriamo fuggiamoIdomeneoMozart2.15n/aItalianThe People
41Solitudini amicheIdomeneoMozart3.01recitativesopranoItalianIlia
42Zeffiretti lusinghieriIdomeneoMozart3.02ariasopranoItalianIlia
43Ei stesso vien oh DeiIdomeneoMozart3.03-1 recitativesopranoItalianIlia
44Principessa a tuoi sguardiIdomeneoMozart3.03-2 recitativeS TItalianIlia/Idamante
45Sio non moro a questi accentiIdomeneoMozart3.04T SItalianIdamante/Ilia
46Cieli che vedoIdomeneoMozart3.05-1 recitativeT T S SItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Elettra/Ilia
47Non temer idol mio (of amato bene)IdomeneoMozart3.05-2 recitativeT T S SItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Elettra/Ilia
48Andro ramingo e soloIdomeneoMozart3.06quartetT T S SItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Elettra/Ilia
49Sire alla reggia tua immensaIdomeneoMozart3.07recitativeT S T SItalianArbace/Ilia/Idomeneo/Elettra
50Sventurata sidonIdomeneoMozart3.08recitativetenorItalianArbace
51Se cola ne fati e scrittoIdomeneoMozart3.09ariatenorItalianArbace
52Volgi intorno lo sguardoIdomeneoMozart3.10recitativeT TItalianSacerdote/Idomeneo
53O voto tremendo!IdomeneoMozart3.11n/aItalianThe People
54Marcia 3IdomeneoMozart3.12instrumentaln/aItaliann/a
55Accogli oh re del marIdomeneoMozart3.13T TItalianIdomeneo/Sacerdote
56Stupenda vittoriaIdomeneoMozart3.14-1 choirT TItalianIdomeneo/Arbace
57Qual risuona qui intornoIdomeneoMozart3.14-2 recitativeT TItalianIdomeneo/Arbace
58Padre mio caro padreIdomeneoMozart3.15-1 recitativetenorItalianIdamante
59Non la morte io non paventoIdomeneoMozart3.15-2 ariatenorItalianIdomeneo
60Ceda natura al suo autorIdomeneoMozart3.15-3 ariatenorItalianIdamante
61Ma che piu tardiIdomeneoMozart3.16-1 recitativeT T S TItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Ilia/Sacerdote
62Oh! padre ah non t'arrestiIdomeneoMozart3.16-2 recitativeT TItalianIdamante/Idomeneo
63Ha vinto amoreIdomeneoMozart3.17recitativebassItalianThe Oracle
64Oh! ciel pietosoIdomeneoMozart3.18-1 recitativeT T S TItalianIdomeneo/Idamante/Ilia/Arbace
65Oh! smaniaIdomeneoMozart3.18-2 ariasopranoItalianElettra
66D'Oreste d'AiaceIdomeneoMozart3.18-3 ariasopranoItalianElettra
67Popoli a voi l'ultima leggeIdomeneoMozart3.19-1 recitativetenorItalianIdomeneo
68Torna la pace al coreIdomeneoMozart3.19-2 ariatenorItalianIdomeneo
69Scenda amor scenda ImeneoIdomeneoMozart3.20n/aItalianThe People
70Ballet 3IdomeneoMozart3.21instrumentaln/aItaliann/a