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Giuseppe Verdi


Francesco Maria Piave


25 October 1848, Trieste (Teatro Grande)




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About the opera Il Corsaro

Il corsaro (The Corsair) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi, from a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on Lord Byron's poem The Corsair. The first performance was given at the Teatro Grande in Trieste on 25 October 1848.
The composer expressed interest in Byron's poem The Corsaire as early as 1844, but it was several years before he got around to composing the opera, working with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. Meanwhile, Verdi was caught up in a squabble between two publishers doing battle over his work. Il Corsaro was written for the publisher who lost that battle — at least in the composer's eyes — and Verdi may have been anxious to get past it. In any case, when he finished the score in 1848, and turned it over to the publisher, he apparently had no idea where or when it would be produced. When it premiered at the Teatro Grande (now the Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi) in Trieste later that year, Verdi did not attend the first performance. He may have known exactly what he was doing. As it turns out, the opera was poorly received — an unusual occurrence for Verdi. It quickly fell out of favor.
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Roles in Il Corsaro

Corrado Tenor
Medora Soprano
Pasha Seid Baritone
Gulnara Soprano
Giovanni Bass
Aga Selimo Tenor
A Black Eunuch Tenor
Slave Tenor

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Arias from Il Corsaro

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Tutto parea sorridereCorsaro, IlVerdi1.01ariatenorItalianCorrado
2Si di Corsari il fulmineCorsaro, IlVerdi1.01ariatenorItalianCorrado
3Non so le tetre immaginiCorsaro, IlVerdi1.02ariasopranoItalianMedora
4Ah! conforto e sol la spemeCorsaro, IlVerdi2.01ariasopranoItalianGulnara
5Vola talor dal carcereCorsaro, IlVerdi2.01ariasopranoItalianGulnara
6Salve Allah tutta quantaCorsaro, IlVerdi2.02ariabaritoneItalianPasha Seid
7S'avvincina il tuo momentoCorsaro, IlVerdi3.01ariabaritoneItalianPasha Seid
8Cento leggiadre verginiCorsaro, IlVerdi3.01ariabaritoneItalianPasha Seid
9Né sulla terra creatura alcunaCorsaro, IlVerdiariasopranoItalianGulnara
10La terra il ciel m'abborrinoCorsaro, IlVerdiT SItalian
11Eccomi prigionieroCorsaro, IlVerditenorItalian
12Alfin questo corsaroCorsaro, IlVerdiItalian