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Giuseppe Verdi


Salvatore Cammarano


8 December 1849, Naples (Teatro San Carlo)




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Luisa Miller is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Salvadore Cammarano, based on the play Kabale und Liebe by Friedrich von Schiller. The first performance was given at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples on December 8, 1849. This was Verdi's 15th opera and comes towards the end of the composer's early period.
The US premiere took place at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia on 27 October 1852 followed on 3 June 1858 by the first UK presentation at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. There have been reasonably frequent performances at the Metropolitan Opera in New York from 1929 to 2006; between those years, there have been 86 performances with one of the 1979 performances now appearing on DVD.
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Roles in Luisa Miller

Miller Baritone
Luisa Soprano
Count Walter Bass
Rodolfo Tenor
Federica Mezzo-Soprano
Wurm Bass
Laura Mezzo-Soprano
A peasant Tenor

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Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1OvertureLuisa MillerVerdi1.01instrumentaln/aItaliann/a
2Ti desta Luisa regina decoriLuisa MillerVerdi1.02choirn/aItalianVillagers
3Ecco mia figliaLuisa MillerVerdi1.03recitativeBr S MzItalianMiller/Luisa/Laura
4Lo vidi e il primo palpitoLuisa MillerVerdi1.04ariasopranoItalianLuisa
5Mia diletta dessoLuisa MillerVerdi1.05-1 recitativeT BrItalianRodolfo/Miller
6Ferma ed ascoltaLuisa MillerVerdi1.05-2 duetB BrItalianWurm/Miller
7Sacra la scelta e d'un consorteLuisa MillerVerdi1.06ariabaritoneItalianMiller
8Ah! fu giusto il mio sospettoLuisa MillerVerdi1.07ariabaritoneItalianMiller
9Che mai narrastiLuisa MillerVerdi1.08recitativeB BItalianWalter/Wurm
10Ah! tutto m'arrideLuisa MillerVerdi1.09-1 recitativebassItalianWalter
11I mio sangue la vita dareiLuisa MillerVerdi1.09-2 ariabassItalianWalter
12Padre m'abbracciaLuisa MillerVerdi1.10recitativeT BItalianRodolfo/Walter
13Quale un sorriso d'amica sorteLuisa MillerVerdi1.11choirn/aItalian
14Duchessa Duchessa tu m'appelliLuisa MillerVerdi1.12-1 ariamezzoItalianFederica
15Dall aule raggianti di vanoLuisa MillerVerdi1.12-2 duetMz TItalianFederica/Rodolfo
16Scioglieti i levrieriLuisa MillerVerdi1.13-1 recitative,choirS BrItalianLuisa/Miller/Hunters
17Luisa non temerLuisa MillerVerdi1.13-2 recitativeT Br SItalianRodolfo/Miller/Luisa
18Tu tu signor fra queste soglieLuisa MillerVerdi1.14recitativeBr B TItalianMiller/Walter/Rodolfo
19Signore giusto cielLuisa MillerVerdi1.15-1 recitativeS B Mz TItalianLuisa/Walter/Laura/Rodolfo
20Fra mortali ancora oppressaLuisa MillerVerdi1.15-2 quartetBr T B SItalianMiller/Rodolfo/Walter/Luisa
21Ah! Luisa Luisa ove sei?Luisa MillerVerdi2.01recitativeMz SItalianLaura/Luisa
22Ascoltarmi e d'uopoLuisa MillerVerdi2.02-1 recitativeB SItalianWurm/Luisa
23Il padre tuoLuisa MillerVerdi2.02-2 duetS BrItalianLuisa/Miller
24Tu puniscimi o SignoreLuisa MillerVerdi2.03ariasopranoItalianLuisa
25Qui nulla s'attentaLuisa MillerVerdi2.04recitativeB SItalianWurm/Luisa
26A brani a brani or perfidoLuisa MillerVerdi2.05ariasopranoItalianLuisa/Wurm
27Egli delira sul matin degli anniLuisa MillerVerdi2.06ariabassItalianWalter
28Ebben tutte apprestaiLuisa MillerVerdi2.07-1 recitativeB BItalianWalter/Wurm
29L'alto retaggio non ho bramatoLuisa MillerVerdi2.07-2 duetB BItalianWalter/Wurm
30O meco incolumeLuisa MillerVerdi2.08duetB BItalianWalter/Wurm
31Vien la DuchessaLuisa MillerVerdi2.09recitativeB MzItalianWalter/Federica
32Presentarti alla DuchessaLuisa MillerVerdi2.10recitativeB Mz B SItalianWalter/Federica/Wurm/Luisa
33Il foglio dunqueLuisa MillerVerdi2.11-1 recitativetenorItalianRodolfo/Farmer
34Oh! fede negar potessi agli occhi mieiLuisa MillerVerdi2.11-2 recitativebassItalianWurm
35Quando le sere al placidoLuisa MillerVerdi2.11-3 ariatenorItalianRodolfo
36Di mi chiedesteLuisa MillerVerdi2.12recitativeB TItalianWurm/Rodolfo
37Che avvenne oh cielLuisa MillerVerdi2.13recitative,choirB TItalianWalter/Rodolfo
38L'ara per l'avello apprest amiLuisa MillerVerdi2.14duetT BItalianRodolfo/Walter
39Crediasi miseraLuisa MillerVerdi3ariatenorItalianRodolfo
40Come in un giorno soloLuisa MillerVerdi3.01recitativeMz SItalianLaura/Luisa/Farmer
41Luisa figlia miaLuisa MillerVerdi3.02-1 recitativeBr MzItalianMiller/Laura
42Pallida mesta seiLuisa MillerVerdi3.02-2 recitativeS BrItalianLuisa/Miller
43La tomba e un letto sparso di fioriLuisa MillerVerdi3.03-1 ariasopranoItalianLuisa
44Figlia compreso d'orrorLuisa MillerVerdi3.03-2 duetBr SItalianMiller/Luisa
45Kind vervuld van afschuwLuisa MillerVerdi3.03-2 duetBr SItalianMiller/Luisa
46Andrem raminghi e poveriLuisa MillerVerdi3.04duetS BrItalianLuisa/Miller
47Ah! l'ultima preghieraLuisa MillerVerdi3.05-1 ariasopranoItalianLuisa
48Riedi al castelloLuisa MillerVerdi3.05-2 recitativeT B SItalianRodolfo/Wurm/Luisa
49Piangi il tuo doloreLuisa MillerVerdi3.06duetT SItalianRodolfo/Luisa
50Donna per noi terribileLuisa MillerVerdi3.07duetT SItalianRodolfo/Luisa
51Quai grida intesiLuisa MillerVerdi3.08recitativeBr T SItalianMiller/Rodolfo/Luisa
52Padre ricevi l'estremo addioLuisa MillerVerdi3.09trioS T BrItalianLuisa/Rodolfo/Miller/Walter