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Giuseppe Verdi


Francesco Maria Piave


11 March 1851, Venice (La Fenice)




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About the opera Rigoletto

Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian libretto was written by Francesco Maria Piave based on the play Le roi s'amuse by Victor Hugo. It was first performed at La Fenice in Venice on March 11, 1851. It is considered by many to be the first of the operatic masterpieces of Verdi's middle-to-late career.
Verdi was commissioned to write a new opera by the La Fenice opera house in Venice in 1850, at a time when he was already a well-known composer with a degree of freedom in choosing the works he would prefer to set to music. He then asked Piave (with whom he had already created Ernani, I due Foscari, Macbeth, Il Corsaro and Stiffelio) to examine the play Kean by Alexandre Dumas, père, but he felt he needed a more energetic subject to work on.
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Roles in Rigoletto

Rigoletto Baritone
Gilda Soprano
Duke of Mantua Tenor
Sparafucile Bass
Maddalena Contralto
Giovanna Mezzo-Soprano
Count Ceprano Bass
Countess Ceprano Mezzo-Soprano

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All scenes from Rigoletto

Arias from Rigoletto
Duets from Rigoletto

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
2Della mia bella incognitaRigolettoVerdi1.02ariatenorItalianDuke
3Questa o quellaRigolettoVerdi1.03ariatenorItalianDuke
4Gran nuova gran nuovaRigolettoVerdi1.04recitativeT Br BrItalianDuke/Rigoletto/Marullo
5Chio gli parliRigolettoVerdi1.05recitativeBr T BrItalianMonterone/Duke/Rigoletto
6Quel vecchio maledivamiRigolettoVerdi2.01-1 duetBr BItalianRigoletto/Sparafucile
7Signor va non ho nienteRigolettoVerdi2.01-2 duetBr BItalianRigoletto/Sparafucile
8Pari siamoRigolettoVerdi2.02-1 ariabaritoneItalianRigoletto
9Io la linguaRigolettoVerdi2.02-2 ariabaritoneItalianRigoletto
10Figlia Mio Padre!RigolettoVerdi2.03duetBr SItalianRigoletto/Gilda
11Deh! non parlare al miseroRigolettoVerdi2.04-1 duetS BrItalianGilda/Rigoletto
12Gia de tre luneRigolettoVerdi2.04-2 ariasopranoItalianGilda
13Ah! veglia o donna questo fiorRigolettoVerdi2.04-3 duetBr MzItalianRigoletto/Giovanna
14Addio addio mio padreRigolettoVerdi2.05-1 trioS Mz TItalianGilda/Giovanna/Duke
15Giovanna ho dei rimorsiRigolettoVerdi2.05-2 duetS TItalianGilda/Duke
16Signor ne principeRigolettoVerdi2.05-3 duetT SItalianDuke/Gilda
17T'amo t'amo ripetiloRigolettoVerdi2.06-1 T SItalianDuke/Gilda
18Ah! inseparabile d'amoreRigolettoVerdi2.06-2 duetT SItalianDuke/Gilda
19E il sol dell'animaRigolettoVerdi2.06-3 duetT SItalianDuke/Gilda
20Che m'ami deh ripetimiRigolettoVerdi2.07recitativeT SItalianDuke/Gilda
21Gualtier malde..RigolettoVerdi2.08-1 T S cA BItalian
22Caro nome che il mio corRigolettoVerdi2.08-2 ariasopranoItalianGilda
23Riedo perch?RigolettoVerdi2.09baritoneItalianRigoletto
24Zitti zitti moviamo a vendettaRigolettoVerdi2.10choir,duetS BrItalianGilda/Rigoletto
25Ella mi fu rapitaRigolettoVerdi3.01-1 ariatenorItalianDuke
26Parmi veder le lagrimaRigolettoVerdi3.01-2 ariatenorItalianDuke
27Duca Duca?RigolettoVerdi3.02-1 tenorItalianDuke
28Scorrrendo unitiRigolettoVerdi3.02-2 choirn/aItalianCourtiers
29Possente amor mi chiamaRigolettoVerdi3.02-3 ariatenorItalianDuke
30Povero Rigoletto la raRigolettoVerdi3.03quartetBr T B BrItalianRigoletto/Duke/Sparafucile/Marullo
31Cortigiami vif razza dannataRigolettoVerdi3.04ariabaritoneItalianRigoletto
32Mio padre Dio mia Gilda!RigolettoVerdi3.05recitativeS BrItalianGilda/Rigoletto
33Tutte le feste al tempioRigolettoVerdi3.06-1 ariasopranoItalianGilda
34Piangi fanciullaRigolettoVerdi3.06-2 duetBr SItalianRigoletto/Gilda
35Schiudete ire al carcere MonteronRigolettoVerdi3.07-1 Br Br SItalianMonterone/Rigoletto/Gilda
36Si vendetta tremenda vendettaRigolettoVerdi3.07-2 duetS BrItalianGilda/Rigoletto
37E l'ami sempreRigolettoVerdi4.01quartetBr S T cAItalianRigoletto/Gilda/Duke/Maddalena
38La donna e mobileRigolettoVerdi4.02ariatenorItalianDuke
39Un di se ben rammentomiRigolettoVerdi4.03quartetS cA T BrItalianGilda/Maddalena/Duke/Rigoletto
40Bella figlia dell'amoreRigolettoVerdi4.04quartetS cA T BrItalianGilda/Maddalena/Duke/Rigoletto
41Venti scudi hai tu dettoRigolettoVerdi4.05-2 recitativeBr B T cAItalianRigoletto/Sparafucile/Duke/Maddalena
42Ah! piu non ragionoRigolettoVerdi4.06-1 recitativeS B cA TItalianGilda/Sparafucile/Maddalena/Duke
43Somiglia a un ApolloRigolettoVerdi4.06-2 triocA B SItalianMaddalena/Sparafucile/Gilda
44Se pria ch'abbia il mezzoRigolettoVerdi4.06-3 triocA B SItalianMaddalena/Sparafucile/Gilda
45Della vendetta alfin giungeRigolettoVerdi4.07recitativeBr B SItalianRigoletto/Sparafucile/Gilda
46V'ho ingannato colpevole fuiRigolettoVerdi4.08-1 duetS BrItalianGilda/Rigoletto
47Lassu in cieloRigolettoVerdi4.08-2 duetBr SItalianRigoletto/Gilda