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Wilhelm Richard Wagner (German pronunciation: ; 22 May 1813  - 13 February 1883) was a German composer, conductor, theatre director and polemicist primarily known for his operas (or "music dramas", as they were later called). Wagner's compositions, particularly those of his later period, are notable for their complex texture, rich harmonies and orchestration, and the elaborate use of leitmotifs: musical themes associated with individual characters, places, ideas or plot elements. Unlike most other opera composers, Wagner wrote both the music and libretto for every one of his stage works. Perhaps the two best-known extracts from his works are the Ride of the Valkyries from the opera Die Walküre, and the Wedding March (Bridal Chorus) from the opera Lohengrin.
Initially establishing his reputation as a composer of works such as The Flying Dutchman and Tannhäuser which were in the romantic traditions of Weber and Meyerbeer, Wagner transformed operatic thought through his concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art"). This would achieve the synthesis of all the poetic, visual, musical and dramatic arts and was announced in a series of essays between 1849 and 1852. Wagner realized this concept most fully in the first half of the monumental four-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen. However, his thoughts on the relative importance of music and drama were to change again, and he reintroduced some traditional operatic forms into his last few stage works, including Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.
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Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Abendlich strahlt der Sonne AugeRheingold, DasWagner1ariabass-baritoneGermanWotan
2Ach könnte ich nur ein wenig richtenLiebesverbot, DasWagner1.03ariabaritoneGermanBrighella
3Ach wo weilt sie dir Gottes EngelFliegende Holländer, DerWagner2.04recitative,choirS T cAGermanSenta/Erik/Mary/Girls
4Afgemat bij de haarWalküre, DieWagner1.03recitativeS BGermanSieglinde/Hunding
5Allmacht'ge Jungfrau hor mein flehenTannhäuserWagner3ariasopranoGermanElisabeth
6Allmacht'ger Vater blick herabRienziWagner5ariatenorGermanCola Rienzi
7Als du in kuhnem SangeTannhäuserWagner1recitativebaritoneGermanWolfram
8Als für ein fremdes LandTristan und IsoldeWagner2.10-2 ariasopranoGermanIsolde
9Als zullendes KindSiegfriedWagner1.01ariatenorGermanMime
10Altgewohntes GerauschGötterdammerungWagner1German
11Am stillen Herd in WinterzeitMeistersinger von Nürnberg, DieWagner1ariatenorGermanWalther
12Amfortas die WundeParsifalWagner2.02ariatenorGermanParsifal
13Ankunft Gäste auf WartburgTannhäuserWagner1choirn/aGerman
14Atmest du nicht mit mir die sussen DufteLohengrinWagner3ariatenorGermanLohengrin
15Auf das Tau! Anker los!Tristan und IsoldeWagner1.03ariatenorGermanTristan
16Aufzug der MeistersingerMeistersinger von Nürnberg, DieWagnerinstrumentaln/aGermann/a
18Beglückt darf nun dichTannhäuserWagnerchoirn/aGerman
19Betrug auch hier!Tristan und IsoldeWagner1.04recitativesopranoGerman
20Bin ich nun freiRheingold, DasWagner4ariabaritoneGermanAlberich
21Bleib Senta bleibFliegende Holländer, DerWagner2.05-1 recitativeT SGermanErik/Senta
22Blick ich umherTannhäuserWagner2ariabaritoneGermanWolfram
24Brunnhilde die hehrste FrauGötterdammerungWagner2.04ariabaritoneGermanGunther
25Brunnhilde heilige BrautGötterdammerungWagnerariatenorGermanSiegfried
26Brunnhildes ErwachenSiegfriedWagnerinstrumentaln/aGermann/a
27Brunnhildes OpfertatGötterdammerungWagnerinstrumentaln/aGermann/a
28Choir vredesbodenRienziWagnerchoirn/aGerman
29Da du dir der Heiland kamMeistersinger von Nürnberg, DieWagner1choirn/aGerman
30Dank König dir dass du zu richten kamstLohengrinWagner1ariabaritoneGermanFriedrich