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Meine Mama war aus Yokohama

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Opera title:

Viktoria und ihr Husar


Paul Abraham




Viktoria und ihr Husar Synopsis


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Countess Viktoria / Count Ferry Hegedüs


Soprano / Tenor


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1930 Operetta Hit: Meine Mama ist aus Yokohama - Oskar Dénes & Lizzi Waldmüller -

Singer: Max Hansen

Oskar Dénes & Lizzi Wald--Müller, mit Orchester unter Leitung des Komponisten Paul Abraham (with Orchestra dir. by the Composer, Paul Abraham) -- Meine Mama ist aus Yokohama, Foxtrot a.d. Operette "Viktoria und Ihr Husar" (Paul Abraham) Text: Afred Grünwald u. Beda, Odeon 1930 (Germany)


Oskar DÉNES (b. 1891 in Magyarkeszi, Hungary, d. 1950 in Trento, Italy) Hungarian film- and stage actor, whose greatest successes came after his marriage with the Hungarian operetta actress Rosy Barsony. Their international debut in 1930 was enormous success, when the Hungarian operetta composer Paul Abraham brought the couple with his newest operetta "Viktoria und Ihr Husar" from Budapest to Berlin. The two were absolute crowd favorites. In a contemporary review states, that Oskar Dénes and Rosy Barsony are the Operetta's gems of the"first rank, as it has long been none". The Berlin audience loved her witty, soubrette-genre and his quick-witted mirth, his dance élan, his trenchant elocution (his specialty were so-called "Laugh-songs"). When in 1933 the political events made Paul Abraham leave Germany, so did Oskar Dénes and Rosy Barsony, who was Jewish (her real name was Rosa Sonnenschein). However, they found Vienna no longer the same: the influx of numerous emigrants from Germany evoked the resistance of the trade unions, allegedly because too many foreign artists were employed at Austrian stages. Therefore, Rosy and Oscar focused their careers more on the international tours, performing in Romania, Italy, England and the United States. In Austria, Oskar Dénes was only once more successful in the film "Roxy and the Wonder Team" (1938) after which there was - at least internationally - quiet around him. After the Second World War he lived in Vienna and the Italian Trento.

Lizzi WALDMŰLLER (also spelled: Wald--Müller) (born 1904 in Knittelfeld, Styria -- d.1945, Vienna) - Austrian actress and singer, who had her theatre debut in Innsbruck in the 1920s, before finding success in Vienna and eventually abroad - in Germany. She became renowned through the Paul Lincke song 'Ich bin die Frau, von der man spricht' (I am the woman they're talking about). At the beginning of the 1930s, she played supporting roles next to stars such as Heinz Rühmann, Hans Albers and her husband Max Hansen, whom she divorced in 1938. Her breakthrough to stardom came in 1939, through her role in the Willi Forst hit-movie Bel Ami. Unfortunately, she was not destined to enjoy long this success: she died in April 1945, in an air raid in Vienna, a month before the end of World War II.

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1930 Operetta Hit Meine Mama ist aus Yokohama Oskar Denes Lizzi Waldmuller  40003
5 - Max Hansen
Paul KuhnJacqueline Boyer Meine Mama war aus Yokohama Paul Abraham 40001
5 - Paul Kuhn

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Meine Mama
war aus Yokohama,
aus Paris war der Papa!
Meine Mama
ging nur im Pyjama,
weil Papa das gerne sah.
Von der Mama ist das Verführerische,
vom "cher" Papa ist das Pariserische! Ja ....
Meine schöne Mama
war aus Yokohama,
aus Paris war der Papa!
Du machst so etwas fremd-betrauliches, so süß-erotisches, da liegt was drin.
Das kommt davon, weil ich Japanerin sogar? Pariserin ein bißchen bin!
Ja, meine Mama war aus Yokohama
aus Paris war der Papa!
Meine Mama ging nur im Pyjama
weil Papa das gerne sah.
Von der Mama ist das Verführerische
vom cher Papa ist das Pariserische!

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