Si j'étais roi

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Adolphe Adam


Adolphe-Philippe d'Ennery and Jules-Henry Brésil


4 September 1852, Paris (Théâtre-Lyrique)




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About the opera Si j'étais roi

Si j'étais roi (English: If I Were King) is an opéra-comique in three acts by Adolphe Adam. The libretto was written by Adolphe d'Ennery and Jules-Henri Brésil. It was first performed in Paris at the Théâtre Lyrique (Théâtre-Historique, Boulevard du Temple) on 4 September 1852, opening with a dual cast to allow performance on successive evenings (it made up half of all performances at the Théâtre Lyrique in the last four months of the year and reached over 170 performances in its first ten years). The production was considered lavish, with expensive costumes and jewels being worn by the cast.
It was then staged in Brussels (1853), New Orleans (1856), Turin (1858) and Soerabaya (1864).

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Roles in Si j'étais roi

Néméa Soprano
Zélide Soprano
Zéphoris Tenor
Moussol Baritone
Prince Kadoor Bass
Piféar Tenor
Zizel Bass
Atar Bass

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Opera: Si j'étais roiComposer: AdamAct: 1.01

Type: instrumentalVoice: n/aLanguage: French