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Flesh rebels

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Nixon in China


John Coolidge Adams




Nixon in China Synopsis


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(Hung Chiang Ch'ing is filled with deep proletarian
feelings for this peasant's daughter who has suffered so
bitterly. He offers her a glass of orange juice. It is the
first act of kindness she has ever known. Trembling, she
raises the glass with both hands and drinks. Then the
clouds part, the sky is filled with a blaze of light, and
the full detachment of the Red Women's Militia enters
in formation and unfurls its banners. Entry March of
the Women's Company. Hung Chiang Ch'ing points to
the company and to the flags waving in the rain-washed
air, inviting Ching-hua to join her fellow workers and
peasants in the People's Army. Everyone cheers as
Hung presents her with a rifle and she joins her
comrades in a spirited drill. Target Practice and
Bayonet Dance)

Flesh rebels
the body pulls
those inflamed soul
that mark its trials
into the war.
Arm this soldier!
Rise up in arms!
Tropical storms
uproot the palms
ending their sway.
The Red Army
showed us the way.
From the scorched earth
people step forth
over dead wood
and over the dead.
Follow their lead.
The hand grenade
beats in the chest;
let the heart burst,
let the clenched first
strike the first blow
for Chairman Mao
and overthrow
the tyrant, and
share out the land.
Share out the land,
unclench the first,
let the heart burst
and sow broadcast
the dragon's teeth
your kin and kith
seed of your seed
your flesh and blood.

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