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Ah! per sempre io ti perdei

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I Puritani


Vincenzo Bellini




I Puritani Synopsis


I Puritani Libretto



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Sir Riccardo Forth





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Mattia Battistini, "Ah per sempre io ti perdei...Bel sogno beato" Bellini: Il Puritani (rec. 1911)

Singer: Mattia Battistini

Dubbed 'the King of baritones', Mattia Battistini (1856-1928) remains, along with Caruso and Melba, one of the legendary singers of the 20th century. He is featured here in Riccardo's scena, "Ah per sempre io ti perdei...Bel sogno beato" from Act 1 of Bellini's Il Puritani. The recording was made for the Gramophone & Typewriter Company on 3 June 1911. The pictures of Battistini appearing in this video come from: Jacques Chuilon, Mattia Battistini: King of Baritones and Baritone of Kings, translated by Thomas Glasow (Plymouth: Scarecrow Press, 2009).

Comments on a previous upload of the cavatina "Ah per sempre" (without the cabaletta "Bel sogno beato") on 24 May 2010:

"Bellissima Voz ,Bravo por el Video !!!!!"

"Excellent singing. He has a remarkable control over his voice, especially the fioratura, which he executes with notable virtuosity. This kind of elegant singing is one of the hallmarks of a true bal canto style. He makes for interesting comparison with de Luca, whose voice was somewhat darker in timbre, resembling the bariitones of modern times much more, but I think Battistini gets the nod on vocal flexibility and a certain grace of execution which is harder to define. Thank you!"

"What beautiful singing!"

The following biographical profile of Battistini comes from "Cantabile-Subito: A Site for Collectors of Great Singers of the Past" ("Battistini was born in Rome and brought up in Contigliano, a village near Rome. His father, a professor of anatomy at Rome University, would have preferred his son to take up a career in medicine or law, but from the beginning Mattia showed a prodigous musical talent. He studied with Venceslao Persichini (who also taught Francesco Marconi, Titta Ruffo and Giuseppe de Luca). While still a student he sang in public. His debut was in Donizettis La Favorita in 1878 which was an immediate success. In the first three years he toured Italy and appeared in roles of La Forza del Destino, Il Trovatore, Rigoletto, Il Guarany, Gli Ugenotti, Dinorah, LAfricaine, I Puritani, Lucia di Lammermoor, Aida, Ernani, as well as taking part in the world premieres of several new operas. What a repertory for a young singer! He went to South America in 1881 for the first time, where he travelled for more than one year. By his returning, he appeared in Barcelona and Madrid where he sang in Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia. His success in this role was enormous. In 1883 he came to Covent Garden where he appeared opposite Marcella Sembrich, Francesco Marconi, Edouard de Reszke and Adelina Patti. In 1888 he travelled to South America again. It proved to be his last trans-Atlantic trip. He never appeared at the Met or any other American opera house. He was said to have developed a horror for the Atlantic-crossing. He more and more orientated his career to Imperial Russia. He used to travel to Warszaw, St. Petersburg and Moscow like a prince, with 30 trunks, each one embossed with the initials, M.B., and each one containing a wardrobe of different stage costumes! Warszaw (then in Imperial Russia) was the place where the famous Italian vocalists gathered at the turn of the century. Battistini's first recordings (1902) were made there. Battistini was a close friend to the Tsars family. He was the most acclaimed singer of his time by the Russian aristocracy. He returned to Russia regularly for 23 seasons! Other cities he appeared in were Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano, Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest. After Worldwar I he toured with his own company. His career lasted almost 50 years! He gave his last concert performance one year before his death, his voice was still in very fine condition."

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Il duol che al cor mi piomba
Sol calma avrà nel sonno della tomba.

Ah! Per sempre io ti perdei,
Fior d'amore, o mia speranza;
Ah! La vita che m'avanza
Sarà piena di dolor!
Quando errai per anni ed anni
In poter della ventura,
Io sfidai sciagura e affanni
Nella speme del tuo amor.

English Libretto or Translation:

The duol that falls to my heart
Sol calm will have in the sleep of the grave.

Ah! Forever I lost you,
Fior d'amore, or my hope;
Ah! The life that drives me
It will be full of pain!
When I went for years and years
In the power of fortune,
I challenged misfortune and troubles
In the hope of your love.

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