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Col sorriso d'innocenza

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Il Pirata


Vincenzo Bellini




Il Pirata Synopsis


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Previous scene: Oh! s'io potessi dissipar le nubi
Next scene: Oh! sole ti vela di tenebra fonda

Michele Crider - Bellini: IL PIRATA, Col sorriso d'innocenza, Antwerp 2004

Singer: Maria Callas

THE MUSIC: Bellini's "Il pirata" premiered in Milan in 1827. Like so many bel canto operas, it was initially very popular before fading out of the repertory for many decades only to be rediscovered during the bel canto revival launched by Maria Callas (her production at La Scala in 1958 and the recording of a concert performance in New York). Frankly, I don't know this complete opera at all, but can say that Imogene is not typically sung by a lyric-coloratura and instead works well for a bigger voice that has flexibility, sometimes referred to as a "soprano assoluta." Imogene loses her mind after her husband has been killed in a jealous fight by her previous lover, who has turned himself into the authorities and is about to be executed. Her mad scene concludes the melodrama.

THE SONGBIRD: Michele Crider is lirico-spinto soprano, not a coloratura, but I am sharing her version of this bel canto mad scene to hear what bigger voices can sound like in florid bel canto works. Crider was born in Illinois in 1959. After college, she travelled to Zurich and was a winner in the Geneva voice competition in 1989, followed by the International Grand Prix. She made her debut in Dortmund as Leonora in "Il trovatore." She has sung leading roles (Aida, Tosca, Amelia, Norma, Gioconda, Butterfly, Elvira in "Ernani," and Santuzza, among others) at prominent opera houses around the world including London, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Hamburg, Verona, Lisbon, Milan, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Edinburgh. Her debut at The Met came in 1997 as Cio-Cio-San, and was followed by another 50 performances there of various operas through 2008. Other appearances in the U.S. include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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Maria Callas BJR143 Il Pirata Finale 1959 New York 225847
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Leyla Gencer Ohs iopotessidissiparlenubi Il pirata 1974 Bellini 21609
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Renee Fleming astonishing Il Pirata Finale LIVE Paris 2002 Col Sorriso Oh Sole 21591
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Montserrat Caballe sings Mad Scene from Il Pirata  21603
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V Bellini IL PIRATA Col sorriso d innocenza  21615
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Mariella Devia Col sorriso d innocenzaOh sole Ti vela Il Pirata Ancona 2007 21593
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Michele Lagrange Bellini Il Pirata Concert Paris 1989 90018
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Tu vedrai la sventurata Il Pirata Giuseppe Morino live 1987 148515
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Oh S io potessi dissipar Col sorriso d innocenza Bellini Il Pirata 21599
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Saioa Hernandez Col sorriso d innocenza Il Pirata V Bellini 21618
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V Bellini IL PIRATA Col sorriso d innocenza  21619
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Renata Scotto Oh s io potessi Col sorriso d innocenza Pirata Bellini 1979 21588
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Angela Meade Col sorriso d innocenza Pirata Bellini 2017 21595
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Bellini Il Pirata Col sorriso d innocenza ELIANE COELHO and DAVIDE DAMIANI 1 part 21628
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Jenny Drivala Il Pirata Oh s io potessiCol sorriso d innocenzaOh sole ti vela  225855
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Il pirata Col sorriso d innocenza Oh sole ti vela Voice 90080
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Angela Gheorghiu Bellini Il Pirata Col sorriso d innocenza 21629
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Angela Gheorghiu Il pirata Col sorriso d innocenza V Bellini 21590
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Il Pirata Col sorriso d innocenza Bellini Rosalind Plowright Imogene s aria Il Pirata 21611
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Soprano ANNA DE CAVALIERI Il Pirata Col sorriso d innocenza  21613
1 - Anne McKnight
1 - Maria Callas
Il Pirata 1997 Remastered Version ACT 2 Scene 4 New York Col sorriso d innocenza 90097
1 - Maria Callas
2 - Regina Sarfaty


prendendola in disparte
Geme l'aura d'intorno... Ecco l'ignuda
Deserta riva, ecco giacer trafitto
Al mio fianco un guerrier... ma non è questo,
Non è questo Gualtier... È desso Ernesto.
Ei parla... ei chiama il figlio...
Il figlio è salvo... io lo sottrassi ai colpi
Dei malfattori... a lui si rechi... il vegga
Lo abbracci, e mi perdoni anzi ch'ei mora.
Deh! tu, innocente, tu, per me l'implora!
Col sorriso d'innocenza,
Collo sguardo dell'amor,
Di perdono, di clemenza,
Deh! favella al genitor.
Digli, ah! digli che respiri,
Che sei libero per me;
Che pietoso un guardo ei giri
A chi tanto oprò per te.
Odesi dalla sala del consiglio un lu­gubre suono.
Qual suono ferale Echeggia, rimbomba?
Del giorno finale È questa la tromba!

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