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In Elvezia non v'ha Rosa

Opera details:

Opera title:

La Sonnambula


Vincenzo Bellini




La Sonnambula Synopsis


La Sonnambula Libretto


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Alessio / Lisa / Choir


Bass / Soprano



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17. SONNAMBULA "Scraps From The Operas" by Justin Holland; two guitars

Singer: Jenny Lind

Opera: La Sonnambula (The Sleepwalker)
Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Premiere: Milan, 1831.

Publication series: "Scraps From The Operas Arranged For Two Guitars By Justin Holland"
Number: 17 of 20
Published: 1868

Scrap 1: Andante Sostenuto.

In Act 1 of 3, all the villagers are happy for the young couple, Elvino and Amina (the "sleepwalker" of the title), who are about to sign a marriage contract. In this duet, Prendi, l'anel ti dono ("Take now the ring I give you"), Elvino gives Amina a ring, and she gives him a flower. So far so good, but things start to go awry moments later when a handsome stranger arrives in town.

Scrap 2 (at 2:12): Allegro.

Near the beginning of Act 1, prior to the above duet, a chorus of villagers sing the praises of Amina's beauty: In Elvezia non v'ha rosa, fresca e cara al par d'Amina ("In all of Switzerland there's no blossom like Amina"). She also puts the doves and stars to shame. The chorus is led by Alessio to annoy Lisa, the inn-mistress who won't be bothered with Alessio's attentions.

Justin Holland (1819-1887) was a 19th-century black American guitarist. He was the most important guitarist of his generation. Over 300 of his guitar arrangements were published. His earlier editions predate the Civil War. He would have been a household name to anyone who played guitar in that era of home music-making.

Moreover, Justin Holland devoted much of his life to working for the end of slavery and the advancement of his race. He participated in the operation of the Underground Railroad in Cleveland. He secured recognition of African-American Freemasons by white Freemasons in Europe. He joined other African-American leaders in local, state, and national Negro Conventions.

Guitar Primo (left) - Bob Wysong
Guitar Secondo (right) - Donald Sauter
Recorded: ca 2008

Credit: Sheet music from the collection of the Library of Congress. Picture of Amina sleepwalking from Cetra/Everest record album cover. Other text and photos from old copies of "The Victrola Book of the Opera" (1st through 10th editions, copyright 1913-1929.)

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In Elvezia non v'ha rosa
Fresca e cara al par d'Amina:
È una stella mattutina,
Tutta luce, tutta amor.
Ma pudica, ma ritrosa,
Quanto è vaga, quanto è bella:
È innocente tortorella,
È l'emblema del candor.

(Ah! per me sì lieti canti
Destinati un dì credei:
Crudo amor, che sian per lei
Non ho cor di sopportar.)

avvicinandosi a Lisa
(Lisa mia, sì lieti canti
Risuonar potran per noi,
Se pietosa alfin tu vuoi
Dare ascolto al mio pregar.)

Viva ancor!
Te felice e avventurato
Più d'un prence e d'un sovrano,
Bel garzon, che la sua mano
Sei pur giunto a meritar.
Tal tesoro amor t'ha dato
Di bellezza e di virtude
Che quant'oro il mondo chiude,
Che niun re potria comprar.
È innocente ecc.

English Libretto or Translation:

In Elvezia you do not have pink
Fresh and dear to the par d'Amina:
It's a morning star,
All light, all of love.
But modest, but backward,
How vague, how beautiful it is:
Little girl is innocent,
It is the emblem of candor.

(Ah, for me, happy songs
Destined one day I believed:
Raw love, which is for her
I have no heart to bear.)

approaching Lisa
(My dear, so happy songs
Resounding could be for us,
If you like pity, you want
Listen to my prayers.)

Long live!
Ah ...
You happy and ventured
More than a prence and a sovereign,
Bel garzon, that his hand
You have come to deserve.
Such treasure has given you love
Of beauty and virtue
What the world closes
That no king can buy.
He is innocent etc.

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