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Vincenzo Bellini


Felice Romani


26 December 1831, Milan (La Scala)




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About the opera Norma

Norma is a tragedia lirica or opera in two acts by Vincenzo Bellini with libretto by Felice Romani after Norma, ossia L'infanticidio (Norma, or The Infanticide) by Alexandre Soumet. First produced at La Scala on December 26, 1831, it is generally regarded as an example of the supreme height of the bel canto tradition. "Casta diva" was one of the most familiar arias of the nineteenth century.
In a letter dated September 1, 1831, Bellini wrote to the soprano Giuditta Pasta that "Romani believes will be very effective, and absolutely ideal for your encyclopedic character, because that is the kind of character Norma has". Indeed, Pasta's vocal and dramatic range was encyclopedic: that March, she had created the very different Bellini role of Amina, the lyrically vulnerable Swiss village maiden, in La sonnambula.
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Roles in Norma

Norma Soprano
Adalgisa Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano
Pollione Tenor
Oroveso Bass
Clotilde Soprano
Flavio Tenor

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Duets from Norma

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
2Ite sul colle. O DruidiNormaBellini1.02recitative,choirbassItalianOroveso
3Svanir le vociNormaBellini1.03recitativeT TItalianPollione/Flavio
4Meco all'altar di venereNormaBellini1.04ariatenorItalianPollione
5Odi i suoi ritia compiereNormaBellini1.05recitativeT TItalianFlavio/Pollione
6Me protegge me difendeNormaBellini1.06duetT TItalianFlavio/Pollione
7Norma viene le cingeNormaBellini1.07choirn/aItalian
8Sediziose voci di guerraNormaBellini1.08-1 recitativeS BItalianNorma/Oroveso
9Annuncio sospensione recita eNormaBellini1.08-2 choirn/aItalian
10Casta diva che inargentiNormaBellini1.09ariasopranoItalianNorma
11Fine al ritoNormaBellini1.10ariasopranoItalianNorma
12Ah! bello a me ritornaNormaBellini1.11ariasopranoItalianNorma
13Sgombra e la sacra selvaNormaBellini1.12ariamezzo or sopranoItalianAdalgisa
14Deh! proteggimi o DioNormaBellini1.13ariamezzo or sopranoItalianAdalgisa
15Eccola va mi lasciaNormaBellini1.14recitativeT S/MzItalianPollione/Adalgisa
16Va crudele al Dio spietatoNormaBellini1.15duetT S/MzItalianPollione/Adalgisa
17Vieni in Roma ah vieniNormaBellini1.16duetT S/MzItalianPollione/Adalgisa
18Vanne e li cela entrambiNormaBellini1.17recitativeS SItalianNorma/Clotilde
19Adalgisa alma costanzaNormaBellini1.18recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
20Oh! rimembranzaNormaBellini1.19-1 recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
21Sola furtiva al tempioNormaBellini1.19-2 recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
22Ah! si fa core e abbracciamiNormaBellini1.20duetS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
23Ma di l'amato quale fraNormaBellini1.21recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
24Oh! non tremare o perfidoNormaBellini1.22duetS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
25Oh! di qual sei tu vittimaNormaBellini1.23trioS T S/MzItalianNorma/Pollione/Adalgisa
26Oh! qual traspare orribileNormaBellini1.24recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
27Norma de tuoi rimproveriNormaBellini1.25recitativeT S S/MzItalianPollione/Norma/Adalgisa
28Perfide or bastiNormaBellini1.26recitativeT S S/MzItalianPollione/Norma/Adalgisa
29Vanne si mi lascia indegnoNormaBellini1.27trioS T S/MzItalianNorma/Pollione/Adalgisa
30Intermezzo 2NormaBellini2.01instrumentaln/aItalian
31Dormono entrambiNormaBellini2.02-1 ariasopranoItalianNorma
32Teneri figliNormaBellini2.02-2 ariasopranoItalianNorma
33Me chiami o NormaNormaBellini2.03recitativeS/Mz SItalianAdalgisa/Norma
34Deh! con te li prendiNormaBellini2.04duetS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
35Mira o NormaNormaBellini2.05-1 duetS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
36Alcun s'avanzaNormaBellini2.05-2 recitativeS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
37Si fino all'ore estremeNormaBellini2.06duetS S/MzItalianNorma/Adalgisa
38Non parti?NormaBellini2.07choirn/aItalian
39Guerrieri a voi venirneNormaBellini2.08-1 recitative,choirbassItalianOroveso
40Ah! del Tebro al giogo indegnoNormaBellini2.08-2 recitative,choirbassItalianOroveso
41Ei torneraNormaBellini2.09recitativeS SItalianNorma/Clotilde
42Squilla il bronzo del DioNormaBellini2.10recitative,choirbassItalianOroveso
43Guerra guerraNormaBellini2.11recitative,choirS BItalianNorma/Oroveso
44Ne compi il rito o NormaNormaBellini2.12recitativeB S S TItalianOroveso/Norma/Clotilde/Pollione
45In mia mano alfin tu seiNormaBellini2.13duetS TItalianNorma/Pollione
46Gia mi pasco ne tuoi sguardiNormaBellini2.14recitativeS TItalianNorma/Pollione
47Dammi quel ferroNormaBellini2.15recitativeS T BItalianNorma/Pollione/Oroveso
48Qual cor tradistiNormaBellini2.16trioS T BItalianNorma/Pollione/Oroveso
49Norma deh Norma scolpatiNormaBellini2.17recitativeB S TItalianOroveso/Norma/Pollione
50Deh! non volerli vittimeNormaBellini2.18recitativeS T BItalianNorma/Pollione/Oroveso