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Georges Bizet (French pronunciation: ) formally Alexandre César Léopold Bizet, (25 October 1838 - 3 June 1875) was a French composer, mainly of operas. In a career cut short by his early death, he achieved few successes before his final work, Carmen, became one of the most popular and frequently performed works in the entire opera repertory.
During a brilliant student career at the Conservatoire de Paris, Bizet won many prizes, including the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1857. He was recognised as an outstanding pianist, though he chose not to capitalise on this skill and rarely performed in public. Returning to Paris after almost three years in Italy, he found that the main Parisian opera theatres preferred the established classical repertoire to the works of newcomers. His keyboard and orchestral compositions were likewise largely ignored; as a result, his career stalled, and he earned his living mainly by arranging and transcribing the music of others. Restless for success, he began many theatrical projects during the 1860s, most of which were abandoned. Neither of the two operas that reached the stage—Les pêcheurs de perles and La jolie fille de Perth—was immediately successful.
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Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1A cette voix quel troublePêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.10recitative,ariatenorFrenchNadir
2A deux cuartosCarmenBizet3.11choirFrench
3Ah! revenez a la raisonPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet2.05T S BFrenchNadir/Leïla/Nourabad
4Amis interrompez vos dansesPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.03-1 recitative,choirBr TFrenchZurga/Nadir
5Arretez! c'est moi d'ordonnerPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet2.06quartetBr S T BFrenchZurga/Leïla/Nadir/Nourabad
6Attends un peu, CarmenCarmenBizet2.08T MzFrenchJosé/Carmen
7Au fond du temple saintPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.06duetT BrFrenchNadir/Zurga
8Au secours! n'entendez - vous pasCarmenBizet1.10aria,choirbassFrenchZuniga
9Avec la garde montanteCarmenBizet1.04choirFrench
10Bel oficier, bel oficierCarmenBizet2.11quartetMz Br T BFrenchCarmen/Dancaïre/Remendado/Zuniga
11C'est toi C'est moiCarmenBizet3.14duet,choirMz TFrenchCarmen/José
12C'est toi qu'enfin je revaisPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.05recitativetenorFrenchNadir
13Carmen! sur tes pas nous nous pressons tousCarmenBizet1.08duet,choirT SFrenchJosé/Micaëla
14Ce sont eux les voiciPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet3.08Br S B TFrenchZurga/Leïla/Nourabad/Nadir
15Comme autrefois dans la nuit sombrePêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet2.02-2 ariasopranoFrenchLeïla
16Dans le ciel sans voilePêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.14ariasopranoFrenchLeïla
17De mon amie fleur endormiePêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet2.03ariatenorFrenchNadir
18Demeure parmi nous NadirPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.04Br TFrenchZurga/Nadir
19Des que le soleilPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet3.05B BrFrenchNourabad/Zurga
20Ecoute, ecoute, compagnonCarmenBizet3.02sextet,chorusMz T Br T S MzFrenchCarmen/José/Dancaïre/Remendado/Frasquita/Mercédès
21Elle vient..sois la bienvenuePêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet1.08choirn/aFrench
22En vain, pour éviterCarmenBizetariamezzoFrench
23Entends au loinPêcheurs de perles, Les (The Pearl Fishers)Bizet3.04B S BrFrenchNourabad/Leïla/Zurga
24Entr'acte 1CarmenBizet2.01instrumentaln/aFrench
25Entr'acte 2CarmenBizet3.01instrumentaln/aFrench
26Entr'acte 3CarmenBizet3.10instrumentaln/aFrench
27Haite - la ! qui va laCarmenBizet2.06ariatenorFrenchJosé
28Hola! Carmen!CarmenBizet2.10B T MzFrenchZuniga/José/Carmen
29Hola! hola! Jose!CarmenBizet3.07quartetMz B-Br Br TFrenchCarmen/Escamillo/Dancaïre/Remendado
30Il faut pour éteindre ma fievreDjamilehBizetariabaritoneFrenchSplendiano