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Le ciel est bleu

Opera details:

Opera title:

Les Pêcheurs de perles


Georges Bizet




Les Pêcheurs de perles Synopsis


Les Pêcheurs de perles Libretto


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Trio details:




Nourabad / Nadir / Leïla


Bass / Tenor / Soprano



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G.Bizet The Pearl Fishers Pt5 A1 Fin. Léopold Simoneau, Pierrette Alarie "Finale Scène & Air"

Singer(s): Pierrette Alarie Léopold Simoneau

G.Bizet The Pearl Fishers Pt5 A1 Fin. Léopold Simoneau, Pierrette Alarie "Finale Scène & Air:Le

ciel..O dieu Brahma"

Georges Bizet Les pêcheurs de perles Act One
Finale Scène et Choeur "Le ciel est bleu"
Finale Air et Choeur "O dieu Brahma"
Nourabad--Xavier Depraz
Nadir--Léopold Simoneau
Leila--Pierrette Alarie

an operbathosa avideo

Role : Nadir, a fisherman
Voice Part : tenor
Fach : lyric tenor
Range : F3 to B5.
Tessitura : A4 to G4

Role : Léïla, a priestess of Brahma
Voice Part : soprano
Fach : lyric soprano
Range : D4 to C6.
Tessitura : G#/Ab4 to A6

Georges Bizet Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) 1953
Leila--Pierrette Alarie
Nadir--Léopold Simoneau
Zurga--René Bianco
Nourabad--Xavier Depraz
Elisabeth Brasseur
Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux/Jean Fournet 1953

Pierrette Alarie (Soprano)

Born: November 9, 1921 - Montreal, Canada

The Canadaian soprano and teacher, Pierrette Alarie, is the daughter of Sylva Alarie, a Montreal choirmaster, cellist and conductor, and Amanda Plante, a singer and actress who went on to play the mother in the popular television series, The Plouffe Family. Pierrette made her acting debut on radio at the age of 14 then began to sing regularly for the Montreal operetta company, the Variétés lyriques. She was already well-known in Quebec by the time she met Léopold Simoneau at the studio of Salvator Issaurel. In 1943, she won a scholarship to study with Elisabeth Schumann at Phildelphia's Curtis Institute. Two years later Alarie won the "Metropolitan Auditions of the Air".

Pierrette Alarie made her Metropolitan Opera in New York debut in December 1945 as Oscar in Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera conducted by Bruno Walter. She spent three years with the company (1945-1948) [26 performances, 4 works], singing roles such as Olympia in The Tales of Hoffmann and serving as understudy for Lily Pons Maschera. She moved to Paris in 1949 to make her debut at the Opéra Comique as Lakmé . For the next five years she distinguished herself in such roles as Lucia, Rosina and Olympia.

Pierrette Alarie's reputation continued to grow following appearances at the Aix-en-Provence, Edinburgh, Glyndebourne,Vienna, Munich and Salzburg Festivals. Despite her heavy European schedule, she returned often to work in Canada and the USA. Her many appearances for CBC radio and television included Charles Gounod's Mireille, the North American premiere of Francis Poulenc's La Voix humaine, and Offenbach's La Vie Parisienne.

A couple of years after her retirement from performing in 1970, Pierrette Alarie and her family moved to San Francisco where she taught and staged opera. After her years working with Opera Piccola in Victoria she became an accomplished visual artist and now devotes much of her time to community work.

Pierrette Alarie's recordings, both solo and with her husband, assure a permanent legacy. Those made with Léopold Simoneau testify to a personal and artistic relationship that has been properly described as "the perfect vocal marriage."

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dans la coulisse
Le ciel est bleu!
La mer est immobile et claire!
Le ciel est bleu!

Léïla, amenée par Nourabad, paraît sur le rocher qui domine la mer.

Toi, reste là, debout sur ce roc solitaire!
Les fakirs s'accropissent aux pieds de Léïla, et s'allument un bûcher de branches et d'herbes sèches dont Nourabad attise la flamme, après avoir tracé du bout de sa baguette un cercle magique dans l'air.
Aux lueurs du brasier en feu,
Aux vapeurs de l'encense qui monte jusqu'à Dieu,
Chante, chante, nous t'écoutons!

à demi endormi
Adieu, doux rêve! Adieu!

debout sur la roche
O Dieu Brahma!
O maître souverain du monde!

dans la coulisse
O Dieu Brahma!

Blanche Siva!
Reine à la chevelure blonde!

Blanche Siva!

Esprits de l'air, esprits de l'onde . . .

se réveillant
Ciel! . . .

. . . Des rochers, des prés, des bois! . . .

. . . Encore cette voix!

. . . Écoutez ma voix!

Esprits de l'air,
Esprits de l'onde,
Esprits des boix!

Dans le ciel sans voile,
Parsemé d'étoiles,
Au sein de la nuit
Trasparent et pur,
Comme dans un rêve,
Penché sur la grève,
Mon regard, oui, mon regard vous suit
À travers la nuit!
Ma voix vous implore,
Mon cœur vous adore,
Mon chant léger,
Comme un oiseau semble voltiger!

Ah! chante, chante encore!
Oui, que ta voix sonore,
Ah! que ton chant léger,
Loin de nous, chasse tout danger!


Il s'est glissé jusqu'au pied du rocher.
Léïla! Léïla!
Léïla se penche vers lui et écarte son voile un instant.
Ne redoute plus rien! Me voici! Je suis là!
Prêt à donner mes jours, mon sang pour te défendre!

Ah! chante, chante, encore! etc.

Pour toi, pour toi que j'adore,
Ah! je chante encore!
Je chante pour toi que j'adore!
Il est là! Il m'écoute! Ah!

Ah! Chante, chante encore!
O toi que j'adore,
Ne crains nul dnager!
Je viens pour te protéger!
Ne crains rien, je suis là!
Léïla, ne crains rien!
Léïla, je suis là!


English Libretto or Translation:


in the distance
The sky is blue!
The sea is motionless and clear!
The sky is blue, the sky is blue!

Leila following Nourabad appears on the rock overhanging the sea.

You shall remain standing on this lonely rock.

Some priests light a huge fire, Nourabad kindles the flames after drawing a magic circle in the air with the tip of his wand.

By the glow of the burning tire,
amid the fumes of incense
floating up to God,
sing, sing, we are listening to you!

Farewell, sweet dream, farewell!

standing on the rock
O holy Brahma,
O sovereign master of the world!

in the distance
O holy Brahma! O holy Brahma!

O fair Siva,
O golden-haired queen!

as above
O fair Siva! O fair Siva!

Air sprites and water sprites,
spirits of the rocks, fields and woods!

Heavens! That voice again!

Hear my voice, hear my voice!

Air sprites and water sprites,
spirits of the woods!

In the cloudless sky,
studded with stars,
in the dead of night,
as transparent and pure
as in a dream,
bent towards the beach,
my eyes, yes,
my eyes follow you;
through the darkness,
my voice beseeches you,
my heart adores you,
my nimble song
seems to flit about
like a bird.

in the distance
Ah! keep singing, keep singing!
Yes, let your voice ring out,
Ah! let your nimble song
drive sway every peril!


Nadir slips along to the foot of the rock.

God, it is she!
Leila! Leila!

Leila bends towards him and her veil momentarily opens.

You need no longer fear!
Here I am! I have come,
ready to lay down my life and shed my blood
to defend you!

Ah! Keep singing, keep
singing, etc.

He is here! He is listening to me!
For you, for you I adore,
Ah! I shall keep singing,
I sing for you I adore!
He is here! He is listening to me!

Ah! keep singing, keep singing,
O you I adore!
You need fear no danger,
I have come to protect you.
Have no fear, I am here!
Leila, have no fear!
Leila, I am here!

Ah! keep singing, keep singing,
yes, let your voice ring out,
ah! let your song tonight
drive every danger tar away!

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