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Within this frail crucible of light

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The Rape of Lucretia


Benjamin Britten




The Rape of Lucretia Synopsis


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Maltman - "Within this frail crucible" - Rape of Lucretia

Singer: Christopher Maltman

"Within this frail crucible of light"
Tarquinius - Christopher Maltman
Female Chorus - Orla Boyla

The Rape of Lucretia - Act II
Aldeburgh Festival 2001
c. Paul Daniels

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Maltman Within this frail crucible Rape of Lucretia 140589
6 - Christopher Maltman
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6 - Peter Coleman-Wright

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Within this frail crucible of light,
like a chrysalis contained within its silk oblivion.
How lucky is this little light;
it knows her nakedness.
And when it's extinguished,
it envelops her as darkness,
then lies with her as night.
Loveliness like this is never chaste! If not enjoyed, it is such a waste!
Wake up, wake up, Lucretia!

Female Chorus
No! Sleep, and outrace Tarquinius' horse and be with your Lord Collatinus.
Sleep on, Lucretia!

As blood-red rubies set in ebony,
her lips illumine the black lake of night. To wake Lucretia with a kiss
would put Tarquinius asleep awhile.

(He kisses Lucretia)

Female Chorus
Her lips receive Tarquinius. She's dreaming of Collatinus. And, desiring him,
draws down Tarquinius.
And wakes to kiss again and...

(Lucretia wakes)

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