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Luigi Cherubini


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About the opera Les Abencérages

Les Abencérages, ou L'étendard de Grenade (English: The Abencerrages, or The Standard of Granada) is an opera in three acts by Luigi Cherubini with a French libretto by Etienne de Jouy, based on the novel Gonzalve de Cordoue by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian. It was first performed at the Paris Opéra on April 6, 1813 with Napoleon and his wife, the Empress Marie-Louise, in the audience. The opera was initially a success but its popularity waned after the fall of Napoleon.
Because of its use of large choruses, spectacle and extensive dance music as well as its story line of a love affair played out against the background of major historical events, Les Abencérages is considered an important precursor of French grand opera. Almanzor's tenor aria, Suspendez de ses murs, was admired by composers such as Berlioz and has been recorded by singers including Georges Thill and Roberto Alagna. The ballet music in Act One contains variations on the popular melody La Follia (known in French as Les folies d'Espagne).
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Roles in Les Abencérages

Noraïme Soprano
Almansor Tenor
Gonzalve de Cordoue Tenor
Alamir Baritone
Kaled Tenor
Alemar Bass
Abderame Bass
Octaïr Baritone

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All scenes from Les Abencérages

Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Suspendez a ces murs

Opera: Abencérages, LesComposer: CherubiniAct:

Type: Voice: tenorLanguage: French

2J'ai vu disparaitre l'éspoir

Opera: Abencérages, LesComposer: CherubiniAct:

Type: Voice: tenorLanguage: French