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Luigi Cherubini


François Benoit Hoffmann


13 March 1797, Paris (Théâtre Feydeau)




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About the opera Medea

Médée is a French language opéra-comique by Luigi Cherubini. The libretto by François-Benoît Hoffmann (Nicolas Étienne Framéry) was based on Euripides' tragedy of Medea and Pierre Corneille's play Médée.
The opera was premiered on 13 March 1797 at the Théâtre Feydeau, Paris. It met with a lukewarm reception and was not immediately revived. During the nineteenth- and most of the twentieth-century, it was usually performed in Italian translation as Medea, with the spoken dialogue replaced by recitatives not authorised by the composer. More recently, opera companies have returned to Cherubini's original version.
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Roles in Medea

Médée Soprano
Dircé Soprano
Néris Mezzo-Soprano
Jason Tenor
King Créon Bass
Captain of the Guard Spoken
Two Handmaidens of Dirce Soprano,Soprano
Two children Silent

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Arias from Medea
Duets from Medea

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
2Quanto gia corona amorMedeaCherubini1.02recitativeS MzItalian
3Ahime gioir vorreiMedeaCherubini1.03recitativesopranoItalianDircé
4O amore vieni a meMedeaCherubini1.04ariasopranoItalianDircé
5No non temer t'affidiMedeaCherubini1.05recitativeB SItalianKing Créon/Dircé
6O bella GlauceMedeaCherubini1.06-1 choirn/aItalian
7Ah! colco pensier fatalMedeaCherubini1.06-2 recitativeS B TItalianDircé/King Créon/Jason
8Or che piu non vedroMedeaCherubini1.07ariatenorItalianJason
9Ah! gia troppo turbo questoMedeaCherubini1.08-1 ariabassItalianKing Créon
10Pronube dive dei custodiMedeaCherubini1.08-2 aria,choirbassItalianKing Créon/Dircé/Jason
11Signor ferma una donna a vostre soglieMedeaCherubini1.09recitative,choirB S TItalianKing Créon/Médée/Jason
12Qui tremar devi tu donna reaMedeaCherubini1.10ariabassItalianKing Créon
13Taci Giason e affisi immotoMedeaCherubini1.11recitativeT SItalianJason/Médée
14Dei tuoi figli la madreMedeaCherubini1.12ariasopranoItalianMédée
15Son vane qui minacceMedeaCherubini1.13duetT SItalianJason/Médée
16Nemici senza corMedeaCherubini1.14duetS TItalianMédée/Jason
17Soffrir non posso troppaMedeaCherubini2.01-1 ariasopranoItalianMédée
18Ahimé mia signoraMedeaCherubini2.01-2 recitativeMz B SItalianNéris/King Créon/Médée
19Date almen per pieta un asiloMedeaCherubini2.02recitativeS BItalianMédée/King Créon
20Ebben tutto mi mancaMedeaCherubini2.03recitativeS BItalianMédée/King Créon
21Medea Medea e tutta vintaMedeaCherubini2.04recitativemezzoItalianNéris
22Solo un piantoMedeaCherubini2.05ariamezzoItalianNéris
23Creonte a me solo un giornoMedeaCherubini2.06recitativeS Mz TItalianMédée/Néris/Jason
24Figli miei miei tresorMedeaCherubini2.07duetS TItalianMédée/Jason
25Verra presto all'altarMedeaCherubini2.08recitativeS TItalianMédée/Jason
26Ah! triste cantoMedeaCherubini2.09recitative,choirsopranoItalianMédée
27Dolce nume dal ciel compiMedeaCherubini2.10recitativeB S S TItalianKing Créon/Dircé/Médée/Jason
28Intermezzo 3MedeaCherubini3.01instrumentaln/aItalian
29Numi venite a meMedeaCherubini3.02ariasopranoItalianMédée
30Compiuto fu MedeaMedeaCherubini3.03recitativeMz SItalianNéris/Médée
31Del fiero duol che il corMedeaCherubini3.04ariasopranoItalianMédée/Néris
32Neris che hai del donoMedeaCherubini3.05recitativeMz SItalianNéris/Médée
33E che? Io son MedeaMedeaCherubini3.06ariasopranoItalianMédée
34Oh! Dei pieta di noiMedeaCherubini3.07recitativeS TItalianMédée/Jason
35O cielo il vil delittoMedeaCherubini3.08trio,choir,finaleS T MzItalianMédée/Jason/Néris
36Vendicar giusto ciel!MedeaCherubini3.09choirn/aItalian