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Acerba volutta

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Adriana Lecouvreur


Francesco Cilea




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Adriana Lecouvreur Libretto



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Princess de Bouillon





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Elena Obraztsova: Cilèa - Adriana Lecouvreur, 'Acerba voluttà... O vagabonda stella'

Singer: Elena Obraztsova

Elena Vasiliyevna Obraztsova (Russian: Елена Васильевна Образцова) (b. in Leningrad, now St Petersburg Russia, on 7 July 1939) is a Russian mezzo-soprano, widely recognised as one of the greatest opera singers of all time, thanks to her outstanding stage presence and the vocal abilities. She has played many roles throughout her career, including performances under the baton of such leading conductors as Claudio Abbado and Herbert von Karajan. In December 1977 she opened the 200th opera season in La Scala singing Don Carlos's Eboli with Abbado as conductor. In June 2007 Obraztsova was appointed artistic director of opera at the Mikhaylovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. She also trains young soloists in her own cultural center in St. Petersburg. Obraztsova still appears regularly on stage at the Mikhailovsky in the role of the Countess in Tchaikovsky's The Queen of Spades. In 2008 Obraztsova ended her artistic director contract with the Mikhailovsky to concentrate on the competition of her name and the recently announced project of International Academy of Music in St Petersburg. Obraztsova continues her collaboration with the Mikhailovsky in a capacity of the General Director's Artistic Advisor...

Lyrics & English Translation

Oh, what bitter pleasures and sweet tortures,
What long agonies I suffer!
Passionate hate...
Flames icy cold...
Tremors, madness and excitement!
This is the pain that waiting brings to a loving heart!

Every eco, every shadow in the night,
Conspires against the one who waits.
My heart doubts,
Yet is consumed with fierce desire,
Measuring the eternity of each minute...

Will he come?
Or has he forgotten me?
Is he rushing here?
Or is he repentant?
Here, here he comes!
No, it is the sound of the river,
The sound of rustling branches.
O wandering star of the East, shine out!
Shine upon the universe,
And if he is not lying, escort my love to me!

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Acerba voluttà , dolce turtura,
lentissima agonia, rapida offesa,
vampa, gelo, tromor, smania,
paura, ad amoroso sen torna l'attesa!
Ogni eco, ogni ombra nella notte incesa
contro la impaziente alma congiura :
fra dubbiezza e disìo tutta sospesa,
l'eternità  nell'attimo misura...

Verrà ? m'oblia? s'affretta? o pur si pente?
Ecco, egli giunge!
No, del fiume è il verso,
misto al sospir d'un arbore dormente...

O vagabonda stella d'Oriente,
non tramontar, non tramontar :
sorridi all'universo,
e s'egli non mente, scorta il mio amor!

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