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Udite tutti udite

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Il Matrimonio Segreto


Domenico Cimarosa




Il Matrimonio Segreto Synopsis


Il Matrimonio Segreto Libretto



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Salvatore Baccaloni Sings "Udite, Tutti Udite" From Cimarosa's Il Matrimonio Segreto

Singer: Salvatore Baccaloni

Salvatore Baccaloni was probably opera's greatest comedian (well, intentional comedian, at least:-) His art—which was considerable—is not easily produced without a film, because he was essentially a visual phenomenon. He was extremely fat, very energetic, and a notorious scene-stealer. He was a Jackie Gleason kind of character actor, with quite a big booming voice. Unlike some bassos, he could actually sing, and reasonably well, even if his musical sense was sometimes challenged. Most especially, he had what might be called a "live and let live" relationship with tempos. As long as he and the conductor finished in approximately the same place, he considered the aria a musical success. But nobody particularly cared, except, I'm sure, the conductor. The audience just wanted to laugh, and Baccaloni gave them ample opportunity to do so. Il Matrimonio Segreto is a kind of theatrical comedy that is essentially Commedia dell'arte, and its theme is eternal. The characters originated in the puppet shows that were popular in Europe for nearly 400 years, and in one form or another almost certainly go back to the street comedy of ancient times, probably in Greece: The foolish old man in love (Pantalone), The young, usually impecunious lover (Pierrot), The conniving notary Scapino) and of course Columbina, the clever and scheming ingénue, always managing to escape the clutches of the old man she is being forced to marry, when she really, and naturally, loves a boy of her own age. Many comic plots approximately conform to this plot outline. The presentations can vary from comedy (the norm) to bittersweet heartbreak (not infrequent) to horrific tragedy (rare...I Pagliacci being a notable example). Baccaloni here is in classic Pantalone mode.

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Udite, tutti udite,
Le orecchie spalancate,
Di giubilo saltate:
Un matrimonio nobile
Per lei concluso è già.
Signora Contessina
Quest'oggi ella sarà.
Via, bacia, mia carina,
La mano al tuo papà.
Che saltino i denari:
La festa si prepari:
Godete tutti quanti
Di mia felicità.
Sorella mia, che dite?
Che dici tu, Elisetta?
A Carolina
Con quella bocca stretta
Per cosa stai tu là?
Via, via, che per te ancora
Tuo padre ha già pensato:
Un altro titolato
Sua sposa ti farà.
E stai col ciglio basso?
Non muovi ancor la bocca?
Che sciocca! ohimè, che sciocca!
Fai rabbia in verità.
L'invidia fai conoscere,
Che dentro il cor ti sta.

English Libretto or Translation:

Hear, all hear,
The ears wide open,
A noble marriage
It is already concluded for you.
Mrs. Contessina
Today she will be.
Come on, kiss me, my pretty,
The hand to your dad.
Let the money jump:
The party is ready:
Enjoy everyone
Of my happiness.
My sister, what are you saying?
What do you say, Elisetta?
To Carolina
With that narrow mouth
What are you there for?
Come, go, for you still
Your father has already thought:
Another title
His bride will do you.
And are you standing low?
Do not you move your mouth still?
Silly you! oh, what a fool!
Rage in truth.
Envy let you know,
What's inside your heart?

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