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Chiedi all'aura lusinghiera

Opera details:

Opera title:

L' Elisir d'amore


Gaetano Donizetti




L' Elisir d'amore Synopsis


L' Elisir d'amore Libretto



Duet details:




Adina / Nemorino


Soprano / Tenor



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Gaetano Donizetti - L'elisir d'amore - Chiedi all'aura lusinghiera" (Lucia Popp & Peter Dvorsky)

Singer(s): Peter Dvorský Lucia Popp

The mini-series of uploads from Wallberg's recordings of Donizetti's two great buffo operas continues :)!

Adina and Nemorino surprisingly don't actually have a real "suspended-over-time" love duet (similar to, for example, "Tornami a dir"): their first number together narratively follows Adina as she gently pokes fun of Nemorino's sentimental outpourings; while their second duet, a part of the first Finale, finds both characters a bit angry and confused, so no love duettino there. Only in Adina's aria or, to be more precise, its' cabaletta do we get close to the traditional love scene. But the whole thing works without any obligatory nocturnal duettino.

The first duet is quite unconventional, mainly due to the fact that it skips the central andante and, after the characters' statements, plunges straight into an impassioned but slowly moving stretta. The music is touching throughout: especially charming are the final two sections ("si, si, si/no, no, no" and the succeeding section) leading up to the climatic Cs from both characters.

Lucia Popp and Peter Dvorsky seems to me almost perfect as, respectively, Adina and Nemorino :). Enjoy :)! Your comments will be appreciated.

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Bella richiesta!
Chiedi all'aura lusinghiera
Perché vola senza posa
Or sul giglio, or sulla rosa,
Or sul prato, or sul ruscel;
Ti dirà che è in lei natura
L'esser mobile e infedel.

Dunque io deggio? ...

All'amor mio
Rinunziar, fuggir da me.

Cara Adina! ... non poss'io.

Tu nol puoi? Perché?

Chiedi al rio perché gemente
Dalla balza ov'ebbe vita
Corre al mar che a sè l'invita,
E nel mar sen va a morir:
Ti dirà che lo trascina
Un poter che non sa dir.

Dunque vuoi?

Morir com'esso,
Ma morir seguendo te.

Ama altrove: è a te concesso.

Ah! possibile non è.

Per guarir di tal pazzia,
Ch'è pazzia l'amor costante,
Dêi seguir l'usanza mia,
Ogni dì cambiar d'amante.
Come chiodo scaccia chiodo,
Così amor discaccia amor.
In tal guisa io me la godo,
In tal guisa ho sciolto il cor.

Ah! te sola io vedo, io sento,
Giorno e notte, e in ogni oggetto;
D'obliarti invano io tento.
Il tuo viso ho sculto in petto ...
Col cambiarti qual tu fai,
Può cambiarsi ogn'altro amor,
Ma non può, non può giammai
Il primiero uscir dal cor.

English Libretto or Translation:

Good request!
Ask for the flattering aura
Because it flies without posing
Now on the lily, or on the rose,
Or on the lawn, or on the ruscel;
He will tell you that it is in her nature
Being mobile and infidel.

So I'm worse? ...

To my love
Renunciate, flee from me.

Dear Adina! ... I can not.

Can not you? Why?

Ask the river why geally
From the cliff there was life
He runs to the sea, which invites him to himself,
And in the mar sen goes to die:
He will tell you that he is dragging him
A being that can not say.

So you want?

Morir as it is,
But to die following you.

Love elsewhere: it's granted to you.

Ah! possible it is not.

To heal this madness,
That is constant love, madness
Dêi follow my custom,
Every day change of lover.
How nail drives away nail
So amor drives off love.
In this way I enjoy it,
In this way I dissolved my heart.

Ah! you alone I see, I feel,
Day and night, and in every object;
In vain I try to obliterate you.
I have your face in your chest ...
With changing what you do,
Can change each other's love,
But it can not, it can never be
The first man will come out of the cor.
They leave

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