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Il dolce suono

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Lucia di Lammermoor


Gaetano Donizetti




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Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor - "Il dolce suono" (Joan Sutherland) (1959)

Singer: Joan Sutherland

Lucia's Mad Scene is one of opera's most popular arias, and for a good reason: is there a more true depicition of human madness in music? Although some have come think that Lucia's aria is only a showpiece for the soprano, it was only a view of the more verisimo-orientated opera world of that time. Many wonderful sopranos, especially Maria Callas, proved that, in the right hands, this scene can become a wonderful dramatic situation, which can break even the coldest heart. In 1959 Joan Sutherland sang the role of Lucia at Covent Garden... well, no need to say what a success it was. Though Joan Sutherland sang Lucia all her career and made several recordings of the opera, I think that her best version of Lucia's Mad Scene was recorded on a small Verdi-Donizetti recital (Operatic arias) in 1959, right after the Covent Garden version. Presented here is the recitative from the aria (I am posting the recititave and the aria separetly). Hope you enjoy (comments are required :-) ).

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Il dolce suono
Mi colpi di sua voce! Ah! quella voce
M' č qui nel cor discesa!
Edgardo; io ti son resa;
Fuggita io son da' tuoi nemici ... Un gelo
Mi serpeggia nei sen!.. trema ogni fibra!
Vacilla il pič! Presso la fonte, meco
T'assidi alquanto ... Ahimč! ... sorge il tremedo
Fantasma e ne sepára! ...
Qui ricoviamci, Edgardo a pič dell' ara
Sparsa č di rose!.. Un' armonia celeste
Di', non ascolti?.. Ah l'inno
Suona di nozze!.. Il rito
Per noi, per noi s'appressa! ... Oh me felice!
Oh gioja che si sente, o non si dice?
Ardon gl' incensi ... splendon
Le sacre faci intorno!
Ecco il ministro! Porgimi
La destra ... Ah lieto giorno!
Alfin son tua: sei mio!
A me ti dona un Dio ...
Ogol piacer piů grato
Mi fia con te diviso ...
Del cěel clemente un riso
La vita a noi sarŕ!

English Libretto or Translation:

I was stirred
by the sweet sound of his voice! Ah, that voice
won this heart of mine!
Edgardo, I am yours again,
Edgardo, ah, my Edgardo!
Yes, I am yours again,
I escaped from your enemies.
An icy shiver creeps in my bosom.
Every nerve quivers! My step falters!
Sit with me a while near the fountain.
Alas! The terrible spectre rises
and parts us! Alas!
Alas! Edgardo! Edgardo! Ah!
The us!
Here let us hide, Edgardo, at the foot of the altar.
it is strewn with roses! Celestial harmony,
do you not hear it? Ah, strains
of our wedding-hymn! The ceremony
awaits usL.Oh, how happy I am!
Edgardo, Edgardo, how happy I am!
Oh, joy that I feel but cannot express!
The incense is burning - the sacred
torches are glowing all around!
Here is the minister! Give me
your hand...Oh, happy day!
At last I am yours, at last you are mine,
God has given you to me.

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