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Antonin Dvorak


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About the opera Der Jakobiner

The Jacobin (Jakobín in Czech) is an opera in three acts by Antonín Dvořák to an original Czech libretto by Marie ÄŒervinková-Riegrová. ÄŒervinková-Riegrová took some of the story's characters from the story by Alois Jirásek, "At the Ducal Court", but devised her own plot around them. The first performance was at the National Theatre, Prague, 1889. ÄŒervinková-Riegrová revised the libretto, with Dvořák's permission, in 1894, notably in the last act. Dvořák himself revised the music in 1897. The composer felt great affection for the subject of the opera, as the central character is a music teacher, and Dvořák had in mind his former teacher Antonin Liehmann, who had a daughter named Terinka, the name of one of the opera's characters.
John Clapham has briefly discussed the presence of Czech musical style in the opera. H.C. Colles has described this opera as "the most subtle and intimate of his peasant operas", and noted "how clearly its scenes are drawn from life".
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Roles in Der Jakobiner

Count Vilém of Harasov Bass
Bohuš Baritone
Julie Soprano
Benda Tenor
Terinka Soprano
Jiří Tenor
Filip Bass
Adolf Baritone

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All scenes from Der Jakobiner

Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1In weiter Fremde irrten wir

Opera: Jakobiner, DerComposer: DvorakAct:

Type: Voice: S BrLanguage: Czech

2Ach Gott wie hoffnungslos

Opera: Jakobiner, DerComposer: DvorakAct:

Type: Voice: sopranoLanguage: Czech