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Nemico della patria

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Andrea Chenier


Umberto Giordano




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Carlo Gérard





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Ettore Bastianini: Giordano - Andrea Chénier, 'Nemico della Patria'

Singer: Ettore Bastianini

Ettore Bastianini (September 24, 1922 -- January 25, 1967) was an Italian opera singer who was particularly associated with the operas of Verdi. In 1958, Bastanini sang his first Scarpia at the Teatro di San Carlo. This was followed by three other roles new to him at La Scala that summer: Belcore in L'elisir d'amore, Ernesto in Il pirata (with Callas and Franco Corelli), and the title role in Nabucco. In July of that year, he made his debut at the Salzburg Festival as Rodrigo under Herbert von Karajan, and then returned to Bilbao in September for several more performances. Towards the end of the year, he sang four roles in five days at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, followed by his only baroque opera role, Lichas in Handel's Hercules under Lovro von Matačić, at La Scala. In September 1958, Bastanini sang for the first time at the Vienna State Opera as Scarpia opposite Tebaldi's Tosca. He performed regularly there until the end of his career, in 1965. In the fall of 1959, he debuted at the Dallas Opera singing Enrico opposite Callas's Lucia, and Figaro as well. The following December, he sang his first Michonnet in Francesco Cilea's Adriana Lecouvreur at the Teatro di San Carlo, starring Magda Olivero. He returned to that house in 1960 to sing Don Carlo in Ernani, a role he also portrayed at the Salzburg Festival that year. Also in 1960, he sang Severo in Donizetti's Poliuto in a famous production that marked the return of Callas to La Scala. In February 1961, he debuted with the Philadelphia Lyric Opera Company as Rigoletto. Later that month he appeared in two productions at La Scala, Lucia di Lammermoor with Dame Joan Sutherland and I puritani with Renata Scotto. In December 1961, he returned to La Scala to sing his first and only performances of Rolando in Verdi's rarely heard opera La battaglia di Legnano. In 1962, he made his first and only appearance at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden as Renato, returned to the Lyric Opera of Chicago to sing the title role in Rigoletto, and sang Conte di Luna at La Scala and the Salzburg Festival, in addition to several performances with the Vienna State Opera...

Lyrics & English Translation

An enemy of his country?
An old fable that gladly
the public still swallows.
Born in Constantinople? A foreigner!
Studied at Saint-Cyr? A soldier!
Traitor! Accomplice of Dumouriez!
A poet? Corruptor of hearts
and of traditions!
Once I lived happily
in the realm of hatred and vengeance,
pure, innocent, and strong.
A giant, I believed myself!
I am still a servant
I've only changed masters.
slave to violent passions!
Ah, worse! I kill and tremble,
and while I kill, I weep.
I, a son of the Revolution,
first heard its cry
and joined it with my own.
Have I now lost faith
in that dream?
How illumined with glory
was my path!
The conscience of the heart
to reawaken in men
gathering up the tears
of the oppressed and suffering
making the world a paradise
transforming men into gods
and with a single kiss
and with a single kiss and embrace,
to love all humanity!

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Gérard riprende la penna; riflette.

Nemico della Patria?!
È vecchia fiaba che beatamente
ancor la beve il popolo.
scrive ancora
Nato a Costantinopoli? Straniero!
Studiò a Saint Cyr? Soldato!
riflette ancora, poi trionfante d'una idea subito balenatagli scrive rapidamente
Traditore! Di Dumouriez un complice!
E poeta? Sovvertitor di cuori
e di costumi!
a quest'ultima accusa diventa pensoso e gli si riempiono gli occhi di lacrime; si alza e passeggia lentamente

Un dì m'era di gioia
passar fra gli odi e le vendette,
puro, innocente e forte.
Gigante mi credea ...
Son sempre un servo!
Ho mutato padrone.
Un servo obbediente di violenta passione!
Ah, peggio! Uccido e tremo,
e mentre uccido io piango!
Io della Redentrice figlio,
pel primo ho udito il grido suo
pel mondo ed ho al suo il mio grido
unito... Or smarrita ho la fede
nel sognato destino?
Com'era irradiato di gloria
il mio cammino!
La coscienza nei cuor
ridestar delle genti,
raccogliere le lagrime
dei vinti e sofferenti,
fare del mondo un Pantheon,
gli uomini in dii mutare
e in un sol bacio,
e in un sol bacio e abbraccio
tutte le genti amar! etc.
Or io rinnego il santo grido!
Io d'odio ho colmo il core,
e chi così m'ha reso, fiera ironia
è l'amor!
con disperazione
Sono un voluttuoso!
Ecco il novo padrone: il Senso!
Bugia tutto!
Sol vero la passione!
vedendo ritornare presso a lui l'Incredibile firma

Sta bene!
Ove trovarti se ...

Qui resto.

English Libretto or Translation:

Gerard takes up his pen; It reflects.

Enemy of the Fatherland ?!
It is old fairy tale that blissfully
the people drink it.
he still writes
Born in Constantinople? Foreigner!
Did he study in Saint Cyr? Soldier!
he reflects again, then triumphant with an idea immediately flashed and he writes quickly
Traitor! Of Dumouriez an accomplice!
And poet? Subversion of hearts
and costumes!
the latter accusation becomes pensive and his eyes fill with tears; he gets up and walks slowly

One day I was happy
pass between hatreds and revenge,
pure, innocent and strong.
Giant believed me ...
I am always a servant!
I changed my master.
An obedient servant of violent passion!
Ah, worse! I kill and I tremble,
and while I kill I cry!
Me of the redeeming son,
for the first I heard his cry
for the world and I have my cry to him
united ... I have lost faith
in the dreamed destiny?
How radiated he was with glory
my path!
Consciousness in the hearts
awakening the people,
collect tears
of the vanquished and suffering,
make the world a Pantheon,
men in gods change
and in a single kiss,
and in a single kiss and hug
all the loving people! etc.
Now I deny the holy cry!
I hate the core of hate,
and who made me so, proud irony
it's love!
with despair
I am a voluptuous!
Here is the new master: the sense!
Lie everything!
Sol true passion!
seeing the Incredible Signature return to him

Is fine!
Where to find you if ...

Here I stay.

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