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Un di all'azzuro spazio

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Andrea Chenier


Umberto Giordano




Andrea Chenier Synopsis


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Andrea Chénier





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George Zervanos - "Un di all'azzuro spazio..." - Andrea Chenier

Singer: George Zervanos

"Un di all'azzuro spazio..." aria from Andrea Chenier by Umberto Giordano recorded live in Munich, Germany 1965. The great Greek tenor George Zervanos was born in Kos, Greece, in 1930. He studied with Kiki Vlachou in Athens and went on to study in depth with L. Guarrini and E. Campogalliani in Milan, and J. Hauschild and H. Arnold in Munich. He won four scholarships from Greece, Italy and Germany (Municipality of Bavarian region and DAAD) as well as Medals and First Prizes in many international vocal competitions. He sang as a soloist in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, England. His performances as Rodolfo in "La Boheme" between 1967 - 1973, where he sang 38 times in more than 20 opera houses of Germany, were praised enthusiastically by the press.In 1974 he was engaged by the Greek National Opera where he sang leading roles in the operas of Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Wagner, Massenet, Ravel, Mussorgsky, as well as a great spectrum of Greek operatic repertoire by Samaras, Sklavos, Xirelis, etc. At the same time he taught in all the major conservatories of Athens, Greece. For 30 years, he was an outstanding teacher of a large number of students many of who are now established singers leading carriers in Greek and European Opera houses

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CHÉNIERSorpresi, tutti stanno curiosi ad udirlo.

Un dì all'azzurro spazio
guardai profondo,
e ai prati colmi di viole,
pioveva loro il sole,
e folgorava d'oro il mondo:
parea la terra un immane tesor,
e a lei serviva di scrigno il firmamento.
Su dalla terra a la mia fronte
veniva una carezza viva, un bacio.
Gridai vinto d'amor:
T'amo tu che mi baci,
divinamente bella, o patria mia!
E volli pien d'amore pregar!
Varcai d'una chiesa la soglia;
là un prete ne le nicchie
dei santi e della Vergine,
accumulava doni -
e al sordo orecchio
un tremulo vegliardo
invan chiedeva pane
e invano stendea la mano!

L'Abate ed altri si levano scandalizzati:

Varcai degli abituri l'uscio;
un uom vi calunniava
bestemmiando il suolo
che l'erario a pena sazia
e contro a Dio scagliava
e contro agli uomini
le lagrime dei figli.

Tutti si sono arrabbiati contro Chénier. Gérard solo lo ascolta dal fondo della serra, agitatissimo. Gli altri fingono non udirlo.

In cotanta miseria
la patrizia prole che fa?
a Maddalena
Sol l'occhio vostro
esprime umanamente qui
un guardo di pietà,
ond'io guardato ho a voi
si come a un angelo.
E dissi: Ecco la bellezza della vita!
Ma, poi, a le vostre parole,
un novello dolor m'ha colto in pieno petto.
O giovinetta bella,
d'un poeta non disprezzate il detto:
Udite! Non conoscete amor,
amor, divino dono, non lo schernir,
del mondo anima e vita è l'Amor!

English Libretto or Translation:

CHÉNIERSurprised, everyone is curious to hear it.

One day to the blue space
I looked deep,
and meadows full of violets,
the sun was raining them,
and the world glowed with gold:
the earth was an immense treasure,
and the firmament served her as a casket.
Up from the ground to my forehead
a live caress came, a kiss.
I cried, won by love:
I love you, kiss me,
divinely beautiful, my homeland!
And I wanted full of love to pray!
I crossed the threshold of a church;
there a priest in the niches
of the saints and of the Virgin,
accumulated gifts -
and to the deaf ear
a tremulous old man
invan asked for bread
and in vain stretch out your hand!

The Abbot and others get scandalized:

I went through the door to the houses;
a man calumniated you
cursing the ground
that the treasury should be satisfied
and against God he hurled
and against men
the tears of the children.

Everyone got angry at Chénier. Gérard only hears him from the bottom of the greenhouse, agitated. The others pretend not to hear it.

In such misery
the patrician offspring who does?
in Maddalena
Sol your eye
expresses humanly here
a pity,
I looked at you at me
yes, like an angel.
And I said: Here is the beauty of life!
But then, in your words,
a new pain caught me in the chest.
Or pretty young girl,
do not despise the saying of a poet:
Hear! You do not know love,
amor, divine gift, not the schernir,
of the world, soul and life is Love!

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