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The flocks shall leave the mountains

Opera details:

Opera title:

Acis and Galatea


Georg Handel




Acis and Galatea Synopsis


Acis and Galatea Libretto



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Acis / Galatea / Polyphemus


Tenor / Soprano / Bass



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A complete version of Georg Frideric Handel's "Acis & Galatea" (Joan Sutherland, Peter Pears, Owen Brannigan & David Galliver) - No. 9

Singer(s): Owen Brannigan Peter Pears Joan Sutherland

Some people in the YouTube community are bound to remember that I had started a while back posting one of the first full recordings of Handel's one-act, "Acis and Galatea" with a very talented cast of Joan Sutherland, Peter Pears and Owen Brannigan... which I never quite managed to finish due to a number of circumstances, two of which were my rather busy university studies and a couple of very long educational trips to China.

Anyway, I don't think that the reason is really important. It really does come down to the fact that I have yet to finish the whole posting which I'm doing at this moment :).

With this summer vacation being a first truly restful one, I decided to use the chance and finally post the final two parts of the recording. I am sorry for the long wait and do hope that these two final parts will bring joy to all who have been waiting for all this time ;)! So, here goes nothing :)!

1. "Cease, o cease, thou gentle youth".

0:00 - 0:38.

2. No. 13. - Terzet - "The flocks shall leave the mountains". The real highlight of the whole opera, wonderfully performed here. It's basically a duettino sung by Acis and Galatea over Polyphemus' angry, short phrases.

0:38 - 3:11.

3. "Help, Galatea!"

3:11 - 4:42.

4. No. 14 - Chorus - "Mourn, all ye muses!"

4:42 - to the end.

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23 - Trio

The flocks shall leave the mountains,
The woods the turtle dove,
The nymphs forsake the fountains,
Ere I forsake my love!

Torture! fury! rage! despair!
I cannot, cannot bear!

Not show'rs to larks so pleasing,
Nor sunshine to the bee,
Not sleep to toil so easing,
As these dear smiles to me.

Fly swift, thou massy ruin, fly!
Die, presumptuous Acis, die!

English Libretto or Translation:

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Full English translation Acis and Galatea

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