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Tornami a vagheggiar

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Georg Handel




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HANDEL Tornami a vagheggiar - Amanda Forsythe & Apollo's Fire

Singer: Amanda Forsythe
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G.F. Handel:
Tornami a vagheggiar from ALCINA

Amanda Forsythe, soprano
APOLLO'S FIRE - The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra
Jeannette Sorrell, conducting from the harpsichord

Fairmount Presbyterian Church
Cleveland Hts., Ohio

Olivier Brault, concertmaster
Johanna Novom, violin
Jennifer Roig-Francolì, violin
Adriane Post, violin
Evan Few, violin
Andrew Fouts, violin
Emi Tanabe, violin
Karina Schmitz, viola
Kristen Linfante, viola
René Schiffer, continuo cello
Rebecca Landell Reed, cello
Sue Yelanjian, bass


Video Production: Erica Brenner Productions, LLC
Cameras: Ken Wendt, Erica Brenner
Editing: Erica Brenner
Audio engineer: Thomas Knab

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Tiranna gelosia dell'amato Ruggier
tormenta il core,
e pur solo per lui mi strugge amore.

Tornami a vagheggiar,
te solo vuoi amar
quest'anima fedel,
caro mio bene.

Già ti donai il mio cor;
fido sarà il mio amor;
mai ti sarò crudel,
cara mia speme.

English Libretto or Translation:

Tyranny jealousy of the beloved Ruggier
torments the core,
and only for him is love for me.

Return me to vague,
you only want to love
this faithful soul,
my dear good.

I already gave you my heart;
I will trust my love;
I will never be cruel to you,
my dear spury.

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