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Al lampo dell armi

Opera details:

Opera title:

Giulio Cesare


Georg Handel




Giulio Cesare Synopsis


Giulio Cesare Libretto



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Giulio Cesare


Contralto or Mezzo-Soprano or CounterTenor



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Al lampo dell'armi - Marijana Mijanovic LIVE 2002 in Bremen - Giulio Cesare - Handel

Singer(s): Sarah Connolly Danielle de Niese Dominique Visse

For me simply the most amazing Handel performance ever heard: MARIJANA MIJANOVIC as Giulio Cesare in Bremen, recorded 2 months before the CD.

Musikfest Bremen
21.9.2002 Musicaltheater Bremen
Les Musiciens du Louvre, MARC MINKOWSKI

Al lampo dell'armi
quest'alma guerriera
vendetta farà.

Non fia che disarmi
la destra guerriera
chi forza le dà.
Amid the flashing of arms
this warrior's heart
will wreak vengaeance.

My dauntless right arm
shall not be weakened
by the one who gives it strength.

Rest of the cast:
Cleopatra - Danielle de Niese
Sesto - Sarah Connolly
Cornelia - Marie Nicole Lemieux
Tolomeo - Flavio Oliver
Achilla - Franck Leguerinel
Nireno - Dominique Visse
Curio - Kevin Greenlaw

Who understands some German, read what M. Minkowski says about M. Mijanovic (last but one paragraph):
"[...] Minkowski: «Das war einst eine Kastratenrolle, und wir wissen nicht genau, wie es getönt hat. Aber ich glaube, dass eine agile Altistin mit einer perfekten Tiefe diesen Stil, diesen Ausdruck natürlicher trifft.» In der jungen Jugoslawin Marijana Mijanovic hat er solch eine Künstlerin gefunden. Auf der «Giulio Cesare»-Tournee sang sie den Titelhelden, eine kleine Sensation."

*Last not least, thank you, CRINDORO, for sending me these most precious mp3s.*

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Aria Cesare

Al lampo dell'armi quest'alma guerriera

vendetta farà.
Non fia che disarmi la destra guerriera che forza le dà.
(parte con Curio)

English Libretto or Translation:

Aria Cesare

At the flash of the arms this warrior's weapon

revenge will do.
Do not let me disagree with the warlike right that forces you. (part with Curio)

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