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Aure deh per pieta

Opera details:

Opera title:

Giulio Cesare


Georg Handel




Giulio Cesare Synopsis


Giulio Cesare Libretto



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Giulio Cesare


Contralto or Mezzo-Soprano or CounterTenor



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Romina Basso - Handel: Giulio Cesare, "Aure, deh, per pietà"

Singer: Romina Basso

Handel: Giulio Cesare in Egitto
Recitative, "Dall'ondoso periglio"
Aria, "Aure, deh, per pietà"

Romina Basso, mezzo-soprano
Pascal Dubreuil, harpsichord
Peter Zajicek, director (violin)
Musica aeterna

Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic in Reduta, Bratislava, 29.09.2014


Dall’ondoso periglio
Savlo mi porta al lido
Il mio propizio fato.
Qui la celeste Parca
Non tronca ancor lo stame alla
mia vita!
Ma dove andrò? E chi mi
porge aita?
Ove son le mie schiere?
Ove son le legioni?
Che a tante mie vittorie il
varco apriro?
Solo in quest’erme arene
Al monarca del mondo errar conviene?

Aure, deh, per pietà
Spirate al petto mio,
Per dar conforto, oh dio! al mio dolor.
Dite, dov’è, che fa
L’idolo del mio sen,
L’amato e dolce ben
Di questo cor?
Ma d’ogni intorno io veggio
Sparse d’arme e d’estinti
L’infortunate arene:
Segno d’infausto annunzio
al fin sarˆ
Aure, deh, per pieta, etc.

English Translation:

From the perilous billows
I was brought safely to shore
By my propitious destiny.
The celestial Fate
Has not yet severed the thread of
my life!
But where shall I go? And who will
help me?
Where are my troops?
Where are the legions?
Which to so many victories
paved the way?
Alone on these desert sands
The ruler of the world must wander?

Ah breezes, in pity
Blow upon my breast
To give comfort, O God! to my grief
Tell me, where is
The idol of my breast
The beloved and sweet goodness
Of this heart?
But everywhere I see
Arms and corpses scattered
In this unfortunate arena:
Sign of the ill-omened forecast of what
is yet to be.
Ah breezes, in pity, etc.

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Aria Cesare

Aure, deh, per pietà
spirate al petto mio,
per dar conforto, oh dio!
al mio dolor.
Dite, dov'è, che fa
l'idol del mio sen,
l'amato e dolce ben
di questo cor.
Ma d'ogni intorno i' veggio
sparse d'arme e d'estinti
l'infortunate arene,
segno d'infausto annunzio al fin sarà.

English Libretto or Translation:

Aria Cesare

Auras, deh, out of pity
blow my chest,
to give comfort, oh god!
to my pain.
Say, where it is, what it does
the idol of my sen,
the beloved and sweet well
of this cor.
But every round I see them
scattered arms and extinct
the injured arenas,
sign of inauspicious announcement to the end.

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