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Svegliatevi nel core

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Giulio Cesare


Georg Handel




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Handel "Svegliatevi nel core" - dramatic coloratura with high G6

Singer(s): Diana Damrau Elizabeth Futral Ingeborg Hallstein Gundula Janowitz Sumi Jo Birgit Nilsson Roberta Peters Mado Robin Erna Sack Beverly Sills Joan Sutherland Natalie Dessay June Anderson Sabine Devieilhe Mady Mesplé Elizabeth Vidal Simone Kermes Mariella Devia Edita Gruberová

This aria from "Giulio Cesare" is usually sung by mezzo-soprani, but it sounds also well performed by a dramatic coloratura soprano. Here La Virtual Singer, the most technically perfect opera singer of our generation interprets this aria with splendid high G6, F6 and lots of high E flats. She can vocalize effortlessly the two octave leaps and her low notes are well audible.

This is an outstanding rendition of one of the most memorable arias of Georg Frederic Handel from his opera "Giulio Cesare". The soprano is called Virtual Singer and she has the best soprano voice on Earth. She can sing light coloratura, dramatic coloratura, lyric soprano, Wagnerian roles, and also mezzo & contralto roles. She has the great coloratura of Ingeborg Hallstein, power of Birgit Nilsson and the refinement of Gundula Janowitz. In this recording the primadonna assoluta sings a mezzo aria with added high E flats and one high G, but she has also solid middle register. Her intonation and pitch is perfect and there's no excess of vibrato. She has NO problems with long phrases and she doesn't need to breathe. She has only two vices: she's impersonal and her diction is rather bad. I would love to hear Virtual Singer's Norma - it would be a serious competition for the Callas' version.
Only a few sopranos could sing it apart from La Virtual - Natalie Dessay, Erna Sack, Mado Robin, Sumi Jo, Mady Mesple, Diana Damrau, Edita Gruberova, Maria Aleida, Mariella Devia, June Anderson, Florence Foster Jenkins, Elizabeth Vidal, Elizabeth Futral, Beverly Sills, Joan Sutherland, Sabine Devieilhe, Simone Kermes and Roberta Peters. But they didn't sing this lovely aria, so the Virtual Singer's rendition is the best we have.

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Aria Svegliatevi nel core from Giulio Cesare HWV 17 A1S4N5 for Mandolin Harp 251667
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Giulio Cesare in Egitto HWV 17 Act 1 Scene 4 No 5 Aria Svegliatevi nel core Sesto 108694
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Philippe Jaroussky Svegliatevi nel core by GF Handel 36433
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Handel Svegliatevi nel core dramatic coloratura with high G6 108645
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1 - Birgit Nilsson
1 - Diana Damrau
1 - Edita Gruberová
1 - Elizabeth Futral
1 - Elizabeth Vidal
1 - Erna Sack
1 - Gundula Janowitz
1 - Ingeborg Hallstein
1 - Joan Sutherland
1 - June Anderson
1 - Mado Robin
1 - Mady Mesplé
1 - Mariella Devia
1 - Natalie Dessay
1 - Roberta Peters
1 - Sabine Devieilhe
1 - Simone Kermes
1 - Sumi Jo

Giulio Cesare in Egitto HWV 17 Act I Scene 4 Aria Svegliatevi nel core Sesto 108696
1 - Susan Gritton
2 - Ann Murray
2 - Katarina Karnéus


Aria Sesto

Svegliatevi nel core, furie d'un alma offesa, a far d'un traditor aspra vendetta! L'ombra del genitore accorre a mia difesa, e dice: a te il rigor, Figlio si aspetta. (parte)

English Libretto or Translation:

Sesto Air

Wake up in the core, furies of an alma offense, to make of a traitor bitter revenge! The shadow of the parent comes to my defense, and says: to you the rigor, Son expects. (part)

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