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Sento amor

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Georg Handel




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Handel: Partenope "Sento amor con novi dardi" Scholl

Singer(s): Andreas Scholl Christophe Dumaux

High resolution and stereo sound:
If you want to download the full radio broadcast recording of Copenhagen Partenope, here is the link:


G.F. Handel (1685-1759)

Recitativo: Rosmira, oh Dio! Rosmira
Aria: Sento amor con novi dardi

from Act I, Sc. 5 of Partenope, HWV 27
Comic opera in three acts

Libretto by: Silvio Stampiglia

Premiere: King's Theatre, London, 24 February 1730

Original Cast in 1730:

Partenope: Anna Maria Strada del Pò, soprano
Rosmira: Antonia Maria Merighi, contralto
Arsace: Antonio Maria Bernacchi, alto castrato
Armindo: Francesca Bertolli, mezzo-soprano
Emilio: Annibale Pio Fabri, tenor
Ormonte: Johann Gottfried Riemschneider, basso

In this video:

Andreas Scholl, countertenor (as Arsace)
Concerto Copenhagen,
Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Det Kongelige Teater (Gamle Scene), Copenhagen
11 October 2008

The cast:

Partenope: Inger Dam-Jensen
Arsace: Andreas Scholl
Armindo: Christophe Dumaux
Rosmira: Tuva Semmingsen
Emilio: Bo Kristian Jensen
Ormonte: Palle Knudsen

Concerto Copenhagen,
Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Handel wrote Partenope in 1730, a time in his life when he was free to choose a wider range of librettos.

"It was Handel's first comic opera, which broke away from the Opera Seria tradition. It was rejected by the Royal Academy of Music, because of its frivolous nature, with relatively few extended arias and more recitative." - Wikipedia.

"Arsace and Eurimene meet and the latter reveals, that "he" is in fact Rosmira in disguise, having abandoned everything to follow Arsace here. Arsace admits he still loves Rosmira, but she is appalled by his lack of fidelity and forces him to vow never to reveal her true identity. Arsace is left believing his first love has been rekindled."
- Francesco Negrin


Rosmira, oh Dio! Rosmira,
sotto mentite spoglie
di me sen viene in traccia,
rinova le mie doglie,
e vuol ch'io taccia.


Sento amor con novi dardi,
ma il piu dolce è il primo strale;

e fra cento accesi sguardi
il primiero al fin prevale.

Translation (by Marc D. and Eser):


Rosmira, oh God! Rosmira
is tracking me
in misleading attire,
renewing my sorrows,
and asking me to remain silent.

I feel that love is piercing me again,
but the sweetest dart is the first one;

and among a hundred charming glances,
the first one always prevails.

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