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Lascia ch'io pianga

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Georg Handel




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Mezzo-Soprano or CounterTenor



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Georg Frideric Handel - Rinaldo - "Lascia ch'io pianga" (Arleen Auger)

Singer: Arleen Auger

It had to come to this :-)... Handel is particularly famous for his various largos ("Cara sposa", anyone?), but I always felt that some of the most famous of these pieces are really not that good (I can't say I like "Ombra mai fu" or "Where'er you walk") and that some are injustly out of the public's favor (a prime example is Ino's introspective "Turn, hopeless lover" from "Semele" which, I hope, I will come around to posting). And yet, despite my critical view, I really like "Lashia ch'io pianga" which, because of it's evergrowing popularity, seems to have turned into a sort of pop ballad, so many artists have recorded it (Christ, even Charlotte Church gave it a try). But so many versions highlights the fact that not many artists can provide, at the very least, a decent account of the aria. The present post is my personal pick: Arleen Auger. Not only does this recording feature some truly beautiful singing (I especially like the very begining of each A section), but it is also taken at a very slow tempo (it takes a full minute longer to perform that it does usually), though such a tempo actually underlines the music's tragic notes. Hope you enjoy :-)!

P.S. I must stress though that in spite of all I have said here that this aria is still one of the highpoints of Handel's career, especially when sung as here :-)!

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Joyce DiDonato Lascia ch io pianga 575
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Montserrat Caballe Lascia ch io pianga 584
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Cecilia BartoliLascia ch io pianga 53999
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Lascia ch io pianga Sonya Yoncheva 597
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Franco Fagioli Haendel Lascia Ch io Pianga 54001
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HAENDEL Lascia ch io pianga par Patricia Petibon 579
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Handel Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo Piau Forck 589
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G F Handel Rinaldo Cara sposa Andreas Scholl 1892
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Angela Gheorghiu Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo 617
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Friedrich Handel Rinaldo Lascia Ch io Pianga 578
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Haendel Lascia ch io pianga 54005
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Danielle de Niese sings Lascia ch io pianga  54006
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Georg Frideric Handel Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga Arleen Auger 605
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Renee Fleming Lascia ch io pianga  581
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Lascia Ch io Pianga Marilyn Horne 54011
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Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sings Lascia ch io pianga from Rinaldo George Frederic Handel 601
1 - Kiri Te Kanawa

Lascia Ch io Pianga Malena Ernman lyrics 54022
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G F Handel Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo R Invernizzi Ghislieri Consort 54023
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Lascia ch io pianga HWV7 Nathalie Stutzmann contralto ORFEO 55 Rinaldo GF Handel BaroqueMusica 54028
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GF Haendel Lascia ch io pianga da Rinaldo Sara Mingardo Accademia degli Astrusi 54031
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Lascia ch io pianga Handel Opera Rinaldo OE OEoe OE  54032
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Lascia Ch io Pianga Louise Fribo Please look for new version 54034
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Jose Carreras Sings Lascia Ch io Pianga From The Opera Rinaldo Of Handel Studio Recording 54036
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Sumi Jo Lascia ch io pianga RINALDO George Frideric Handel 615
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Magdalena Koena Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo 582
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Robert Crowe Aria Lascia ch io pianga from Rinaldo HWV 7 GFHandel 54045
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Lascia Ch io Pianga Rinaldo Haendel angeles 54052
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Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo Georg Frideric Handel Muslim Magomayev baritone  588
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Marita Solberg Handel Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga 54054
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Lascia Ch io Pianga from Handel s Rinaldo Sarah Connolly 54058
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Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo G F Handel Score Animation 593
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Angelo Manzotti Haendel Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga 54087
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GRACE BUMBRY 2004 Lascia ch io pianga LIVE RINALDO Handel 54091
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Handel Lascia ch io pianga Let me weep from Rinaldo 54102
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Soprano CLAUDIA MUZIO Rinaldo Armida dispietatalascia ch io pianga 1922 54103
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Annick MASSIS 2005 Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga Almirena 54116
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Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga Miah Persson 54122
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Benita Valente Lascia ch io pianga Rinaldo by Handel 54125
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Baritono GIUSEPPE DE LUCA Handel Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga 1918 54144
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George Frideric Handel Lascia Ch io Pianga Elin Manahan Thomas 602
1 - Elin Manahan Thomas

G F Handel Lascia ch io pianga from opera Rinaldo Inva Mula 618
1 - Inva Mula
Simone Kermes Lascia ch io pianga RINALDO George Frideric Handel 595
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Cecila Bartoli Lascia ch io pianga LIVE 1992 54002
2 - Cecilia Bartoli
3 - Ewa Podles
3 - Hilary Summers
5 - Daniel Taylor
Ann Hallenberg Haendel Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga  612
1 - Laura Claycomb
1 - Magali Léger
1 - Natalie Dessay
1 - Patricia Petibon
1 - Sandrine Piau
2 - Ann Hallenberg
2 - Delphine Haidan
2 - Karine Deshayes
2 - Renata Pokupi?
3 - Sara Mingardo
5 - Philippe Jaroussky
5 - Rolando Villazón
5 - Topi Lehtipuu

Rinaldo Lascia ch io pianga Glyndebourne 609
1 - Brenda Rae
3 - Sonia Prina
5 - Tim Mead
5 - William Towers


Lascia ch'io pianga
Mia cruda sorte,
E che sospiri
La libertà.

Il duolo infranga
Queste ritorte,
De' miei martiri
Sol per pietà.

English Libretto or Translation:

Let me weep
My cruel fate,
And that I
should have freedom.

The duel infringes
within these twisted places,
in my sufferings
I pray for mercy.

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