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Ah, no, che non m'inganna

Opera details:

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Georg Handel




Rodelinda Synopsis


Rodelinda Libretto


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Unulfo / Bertarido / Eduige


CounterTenor or Contralto / CounterTenor or Contralto / Contralto



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Rodelinda, Regina dei Longobardi, ACT II, Scene 5: Recitativo: Ah, no; che non m'inganna la...

Singer(s): Christopher Purves Catherine Robbin Daniel Taylor Robin Blaze

Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group

Rodelinda, Regina dei Longobardi, ACT II, Scene 5: Recitativo: Ah, no; che non m'inganna la voce (Eduige/Bertarido/Unulfo) · Sophie Daneman/Daniel Taylor/Adrian Thompson/Catherine Robbin/Robin Blaze/Christopher Purves/Raglan Baroque Players/Nicholas Kraemer

Handel - Rodelinda

℗ 1998 Erato/Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd

Assistant Engineer: Gareth Bowsher
Baritone Vocals: Christopher Purves
Bass, Musicians: Judith Evans
Bass- Baritone: Christopher Purves
Bass- Baritone Vocals: Christopher Purves
Bassoon, Musicians: Alistair Mitchell
Bassoon, Musicians: Philip Turbett
Boy Soprano: Catherine Robbin
Boy Soprano: Sophie Daneman
Cello, Musicians: Richard Tunnicliffe
Cello, Musicians: Timothy Kraemer
Cello, Musicians: Helen Gough
Concert Master Conductor: Alison Bury
Conductor: Nicholas Kraemer
Director: Marco Canepa
Ensemble: Raglan Baroque Players
Executive Producer: Ron Gonsalves
Flute, Musicians: Rachel Beckett
Harpsichord, Musicians: Paul Nicholson
Harpsichord, Musicians: Nicholas Kraemer
Horn, Musicians: Andrew Clark
Horn, Musicians: Susan Dent
Keyboards: Maurice B. Cochrane
Lead Vocals: Sophie Daneman
Lead Vocals: Catherine Robbin
Lead Vocals: Christopher Purves
Lead Vocals: Raglan Baroque Players
Lead Vocals: Nicholas Kraemer
Librettist: Antonio Salvi
Lute: Kasia Elsner
Lute: Kasia Elsner
Mezzo-soprano Vocals: Catherine Robbin
Musicians, Violin: Rachel Isserlis
Musicians, Violin: Clare Salaman
Musicians, Violin: Sarah Bealby-Wright
Musicians, Violin: Susan Carpenter-Jacobs
Musicians, Violin: Ellen O'Dell
Musicians, Violin: Marc Cooper
Musicians, Violin: Fenella Barton
Musicians, Viola: Annette Isserlis
Musicians, Viola: Rosemary Nalden
Musicians, Viola: Leon King
Musicians, Recorder: Marion Scott
Musicians, Oboe: Anthony Robson
Musicians, Oboe, Recorder: Gail Hennessy
Musicians: Kasia Elsner
Orchestra: Raglan Baroque Players
Producer: Stephen Johns
Soprano Vocals: Sophie Daneman
Tonmeister: Mike Clements
Vocals: Dominic Kraemer
Vocals: Adrian Thompson
Vocals: Daniel Taylor
Vocals: Robin Blaze
Composer: George Frideric Handel

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Con rauco ... etc.
Ah, no; che non m'inganna
la voce e'l volto. Oh ciel! Vive il fratello
sotto spoglie straniere, ed esso è quello.

Son scoperto!

Germano! Oh Dio! Che miro?
Tu vivi?

E la mia vita già ti costa un sospiro?
Ma no, non sospirar, quello non sono:
Bertarido ebbe il trono,
ebbe amici, e vassalli; ebbe congiunti,
ebbe una sposa, oh Dio!
Idea di fedeltade e di costanza;
e a me di tutto ciò rimasta è sola,
per giunta del mio duol
la rimembranza.

Accidentale sdegno
rallentar può, ma non disciorre i nodi,
che tenaci formò natura in noi;
pur s'io ti tolsi il regno,
vendicò Rodelinda i danni tuoi.

Non è, sorella, il regno
l'oggetto di mie brame, e del mio inganno;
mi finsi estinto, e fu sol mio disegno
d'involare al tiranno
i pegni a me più cari, e sposa e figlio,
e delle mie sventure
condurli a parte in un penoso esiglio.

(Pur lo che veggio? Tradito
è già l'arcano, egli è scoperto.)

E pure
ancor questo contento
mi niega invida sorte;
misero io torno, e sento,
che l'infida consorte
tradisce la mia fè.

Questo è un inganno,
Rodelinda è fedel.

Che dici? Unulfo,
mi narri il ver?

(Respira anima amante)

No, che bramar non puoi
di lei più fida sposa e più costante.

Liberar Rodelinda, e flavio seco,
dunque È l'unico tuo giusto desio?

Non altro.

Or io m'impegno
di rendere al tuo cor la pace, e al mio

Vieni, Signor, non è più tempo adesso
di celar, che tu vivi,
alla fedel tua sposa.

English Libretto or Translation:

With hoarse, rough murm`ring streams etc.

Ah no! impossible! – I `m not deceived,
his voice, face, air, they
cannot, all, deceive me.
It’s he – my brother lives – and, tho` disguis`d
in foreign garb, I know him well - `tis he.

I am discover`d

Brother! Or
don’t or do my eyes behold alright!
and art thou living still!

What, is my life then worth one sigh of yours,
and did it coast that groan?
O no! I pry` thee now for bear thy sighing`,
I am not he that you mistook me for –
Bertarido had a throne – he, he had friends,
had vassals, that, depending, watched his nod,
had princes, join`d to him in closed alliance,
he had a wife too – gracious heavens! - he had
a seeming faithful and a constant wife! –
but ah! for me – I’m not that happy man –
I am weight`d down with woes, and to
increase them, nought, but the memory of blessings lost,
fills my dark soul and surely haunts reflection.

Some causal heat – some rage by accident
may flacken for a while the ties between us,
but nought can quite dissolve those bands of union,
which nature tasten`d with her utmost strength,
and joined so close together. – If I, your sister,
if I have help ́d to wrest a Kingdom from you,
there’s Rodelinda has reveng`d your wrongs.

́T was not, believe me sister, not a kingdom,
that was so much the object of my wishes,
to draw me hither - ́t was not that, which
made me, or put on this disguise, or form the
project of my pretended death – no, no, it was not
that, my whole design center`d in this alone,
that I might steal my wife and only son,
these dearest pledges,
from the tyrant’s hands,
and bear, o far away, to share my exile,
Those precious remnants of my shipwreck`d

(So then – at last I’ve found him – but who’s
there? The secret is all out, and he discover`d.)

And yet this one, this sole content,
which fate might sure,
methinks, have lent,
invidious fate denies;
for when I turn my wretched eyes,
those wretched eyes, so turned, survey,
a wife, that does her vows betray.

That is, of all your late mistakes, the greatest,
your Rodelinda is most faithful to you.

What say`st thou, my Unulfo,
is that most certain truth?

A wife, more true, more faithful and more
constant, no heart, that fed on fondness, e`er
could wish for.

To free your Rodelinda and young Flavio
is then, it seems, the sum of all your wishes?

I’ve not a wish beyond it.

Then I’ll be bound to give your heart full ease,
and, setting yours, I set my own at peace.

Come, my good lord, `tis now no longer needful
to keep it as a secret from your wife
that you are living.