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Vainement ma bien aimee

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Le Roi d'Ys


Edouard Lalo




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Part III: Rare and unknown voices - JOSEPH ROGATCHEVSKY

Singer: Jacques Isnardon

Part III: Rare and unknown voices. Please discuss this artist with your comments!

Joseph (also José) Rogatchevsky (also Rogachewsky), Tenor (1891-1985)

Édouard Victor Antoine Lalo - LE ROI DYS
Vainement, ma bien-aimée
(Recorded 1927)

My personal opinion: He was born in Mirogorod, Ukraine. At the age of 18 he came to Paris to study at the conservatory (taught by Jacques Isnardon and Amédée Landély Hettich). After the russian revolution, Joseph Rogatchevsky remained in France (spontaneously he joined the french army), where he made his debut at the Opera House of Toulouse in 1922. A few months later he sang Cavaradossi at the Opéra Comique (followed by Turiddu, Canio, Orphée, Mylo in LE ROI D´YS (Lalo), Don José, Werther and Araquil in LA NAVARRAISE (Massenet) - the repertoire of a lyrico-spinto tenor with heroic ambitions. Two years later, 1924, Rogatchevsky sang Werther at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels, where he received the status of the first lyric tenor (In the years between 1953 and 1959 he was general director). Rogatchevsky was a naturalized frenchman. During his time in Belgium and France he often sang at the Vienna State Opera House (Guest appearances in 1929 and 1930). In Paris he was Lohengrin and Faust, Idomeneo and Tannhäuser, Parsifal and Hermann: An indication for the upper-class of his voice. Already in 1928/29 he sang Massenets des Grieux alongside Germaine Féraldy (1894-1949) in the second complete MANON on records. Féraldy (also Sophie in Elie Cohens magnificent WERTHER with Vallin and Thill) had the right vocal physique du role, although her Chevalier "was not free of eccentric effects" (Die grossen Sänger, 1986). Alan Blythe wrote, in his voice you´ll always find "a not unattractive catch". Actually, Rogatchevsky did not need it. Basically, his voice was nice-sounding with a remarkable sweetness of tone, sometimes a little bit melancholic and elegical - apparently a nature we often find in eastern tenor voices. No wonder, much better are his recordings of russian arias. Indeed fine singing without any lachrymose effects he showed in the french repertoire. In 1928, the austrian voice-pedagog Otto Iro (teacher of Hilde Güden) wrote, that Joseph Rogatchevsky´s was "simply the ideal case of a lyrical tenorvoice. Such beautiful voices not even prosper on french ground"
Unfortunately I own no russian recording of Rogatchevsky, but I would not like to miss it, to present you this appealing tenor-voice. Here he sings the famous Aubade from LE ROI DYS. What´s your impression?


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