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Zaza piccola zingara

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Ruggero Leoncavallo




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apollo granforte leoncavallo zaza ''zaza, piccola zingara''

Singer(s): Mario Basiola Cesare Formichi Carlo Galeffi Apollo Granforte Mariano Stabile Carlo Tagliabue

Apollo Granforte (July 20, 1886, Legnano - June 11, 1975, Milan) was an Italian opera singer and one of the leading baritones active during the inter-war period of the 20th century.
[edit] Life and career

Granforte emigrated as a young man to Argentina, where he studied voice with Guido Capocci in Buenos Aires. He made his stage debut in Rosario, as Germont, in 1913.

After returning to Italy, he sang at the Rome Opera before making his debut at La Scala in Milan, as Amfortas, in 1921. In 1924, he went to Australia on a successful tour with Nellie Melba. During Granforte's subsequent tour of Australia in J. C. Williamson's 1932 Grand Opera season, Frank Thring senior's Melbourne-based Efftee Productions filmed him with the Williamson-Imperial Grand Opera Company in selections from Rossini's The Barber of Seville. This relatively brief footage was released on VHS in 1989 by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Granforte possessed a big, vibrant voice and he quickly established himself in the great baritone roles of Verdi and the verismo composers. He sang some Wagner, too, and also took part in the creation of Nerone by Mascagni in 1935.

After retiring from the stage, he taught at the Music Conservatory of Ankara, and later in Prague and Milan, where amongst his pupil was bass Raffaele AriƩ. He can be heard on recordings of Il trovatore, Otello, Pagliacci and Tosca.

Granforte is considered to have been one of the great Italian baritones of the 1920s and '30s, taking his place alongside the likes of Mariano Stabile, Carlo Galeffi, Cesare Formichi, Carlo Tagliabue, Benvenuto Franci and Mario Basiola, among others.
[edit] Sources
* Grove Music Online, J.B. Steane, Oxford University Press, 2008.

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apollo granforte leoncavallo zaza zaza piccola zingara  133989
6 - Apollo Granforte
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Juan PONS Zaza piccola zingara Zaza Leoncavallo 133991
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Zaza piccola zingara Robert Merrill 133997
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Baritono CORRADO TAVANTI ZAZA Zaz piccola zingara  134006
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Titta Ruffo the earliest recordings 1904 256115
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Leoncavallo Zaza piccola zingara Sung by Barry McDaniel 134014
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Baritono LUIGI MONTESANTO Zaza Zaza piccola zingara 1921 134034
5 - Giulio Crimi
5 - Giuseppe Di Stefano
Giuseppe Valdengo Zaza piccola zingara Eiar 1937  134037
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Riccardo Stracciari Zaza piccola zingara Zaza 134069
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Zaza Act 4 Zaza piccola zingara Cascart 134045
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Umberto Urbano Zaza piccola zingara Zaza 134075
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Josef Metternich Zaza piccola zingara Zaza 134068
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Zaza Zaza piccola zingara  134077
6 - Leo Nucci
Tito Gobbi Zaz piccola zingara ZAZA Ruggero Leoncavallo 256123
5 - Giulio Crimi
5 - Giuseppe Di Stefano
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6 - Tito Gobbi

Zaza piccola zingara Sammarco 134061
6 - Mario Sammarco
Heinrich Schlusnus Zaza Piccola Zingara Leoncavallo Zaza 1927 134063
6 - Heinrich Schlusnus

Zaza Act IV Zaza piccola zingara 134089
6 - Giuseppe Danise
Renato Zanelli Zaza zaza piccola zingara 134067
6 - Renato Zanelli

Zaza Act IV Cascarts Romance Zaza piccola zingara  134084
6 - Muslim Magomayev

Zaza piccola zingara Zaza 134071
6 - John Charles Thomas

Riccardo Stracciari Zaz piccola zingara ZAZA Ruggero Leoncavallo 256135
6 -
6 - Riccardo Stracciari
Riccardo Stracciari Zaza Zaza piccola zingara Orchestre dirig par Leoncavallo 256137
5 - Alfio
5 - Dino Borgioli
5 - Enrico Caruso
6 - Giulio Fioravanti
6 - Paolo Silveri
6 - Riccardo Stracciari

Zaza Zaza Act IV Zaza piccola zingara 134098
6 - Pasquale Amato
Zaza Zaza Act IV Zaza piccola zingara 134099
6 - Giuseppe De Luca


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