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Voi lo sapete, o mamma

Opera details:

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Cavalleria Rusticana


Pietro Mascagni




Cavalleria Rusticana Synopsis


Cavalleria Rusticana Libretto


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Santuzza / Lucia


Soprano / Contralto



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Voi lo sapete, o mamma, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pietro Mascagni, Waltraud Meier

Singer: Waltraud Meier

Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry) is an opera in one act by Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945) to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci, adapted from an 1880 short story of the same name and subsequent play by Giovanni Verga. Considered one of the classic verismo operas, it premiered on 17 May 1890 at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome.
Mascagni, born in Livorno, composed 2 operas prior to Cavalleria Rusticana, Pinotta in 1880 and Guglielmo Ratcliff in 1885. After his dismissal from the Milan Conservatory in 1884 for his lack of application, he endured six years of poverty and obscurity touring as a conductor, then teaching and conducting in Cerignola.
Here, in 1889, he heard of a competition sponsored by the music publisher Sonzogno offering a prize for the best one-act opera to be submitted. Mascagni took a story, a passionate love tragedy that takes place on Easter morning, by the Sicilian writer Giovanni Verga.
It took Mascagni two months to compose. Then, when the time came for him to submit the score, his courage deserted him. Fearing failure he put the music in a drawer, where it might have remained had it not been for his wife who sent it off.
Cavalleria Rusticana, with its stirring melodies, including the famous Easter Hymn, and tightly constructed plot was unanimously voted the competition winner. On May 17 1890, it had its premiere in Rome, It received no less than 60 curtain calls. In less than a year it had been performed all over Europe.

Synopsis of Voi lo sapete
Santuzza tells Mamma Lucia that when her son left to join the Army, he promised to marry Lola. When he came back, however, Lola had married someone else. So, he fell in love with Santuzza which made Lola so jealous that she has stolen him away from Santuzza.


Voi lo sapete, o mamma, You know, mamma, that
Prima d'andar soldato, Before he went off to be a soldier
Turiddu aveva a Lola Turiddu swore to Lola
Eterna fè giurato. To be eternally faithful
Tornò, la seppe sposa; He returned to find her married;
E con un nuovo amore And with a new love
Volle spegner la fiamma He wanted to extinguish the flame
Che gli bruciava il core: That burnt in his heart:
M'amò, l'amai. He loved me, I loved him.
Quell'invidia d'ogni delizia She, envious of my happiness,
Del suo sposo dimentica, Forgotten by her husband,
Arse di gelosia... Burning with jealousy,
Me l'ha rapito... She stole him from me.
Priva dell'onor mio rimango: I am left, dishonoured:
Lola e Turiddu s'amano, Lola and Turiddu love each other,
Io piango, io piango! And I weep!

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Tutti entrano in chiesa tranne Santuzza e Lucia.

Romanza e Scena
Lucia e Santuzza

Perché m'hai fatto
Segno di tacere?

Voi lo sapete, o mamma,
Prima d'andar soldato,
Turiddu aveva a Lola
Eterna fè giurato.
Tornò, la seppe sposa;
E con un nuovo amore
Volle spegner la fiamma
Che gli bruciava il core:
M'amò, l'amai.
Quell'invidia d'ogni delizia mia,
Del suo sposo dimentica,
Arse di gelosia...
Me l'ha rapito...
Priva dell'onor mio rimango:
Lola e Turiddu s'amano,
Io piango, io piango!

Miseri noi,
Che cosa vieni a dirmi
In questo santo giorno?

Io son dannata.
Andate o mamma,
Ad implorare Iddio,
E pregate per me.
Verrà Turiddu,
Vo' supplicarlo
Un'altra volta ancora!

avvicinandosi alla chiesa
Aiutatela voi,
Santa Maria!

English Libretto or Translation:

All enter the church except Santuzza and Lucia.

Romance and Scene
Lucia and Santuzza

Why did you signal me
To be silent?

O mother, you know
That before he went for a soldier
Turiddu had sworn
Eternal faith to Lola.
On his return, he found her married,
And sought with a new love
To quell the flame
Which burned in his heart:
He loved me, I loved him.
But she, envious of my only delight
And forgetful of her husband,
Burned with jealousy …
She stole him from me …
And I am left disgraced;
Lola and Turiddu are lovers,
And I am left to weep.

Lord have mercy!
What is this you've come to tell me
On this holy day?

l am condemned!
O mother, go
And pray to God
And pray for me too!
When Turiddu comes,
I will plead with him
Once again.

going towards the church
Holy Mary,
Have mercy upon her!

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