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Jules Massenet

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About the composer Jules Massenet

Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet (French pronunciation: ) (May 12, 1842 - August 13, 1912) was a French composer best known for his operas. His compositions were very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and he ranks as one of the greatest melodists of his era. Soon after his death, Massenet's style went out of fashion, and many of his operas fell into almost total oblivion. Apart from Manon and Werther, his works were rarely performed. However, since the mid-1970s, many operas of his such as Thaïs and Esclarmonde have undergone periodic revivals.
Massenet was born in Montaud, then an outlying hamlet and now a part of the city of Saint-Étienne, in the Loire. When he was six, his family moved to Paris due to his father's ill-health. There his mother (Adélaïde Massenet, née Royer; her husband's second wife) started taking piano pupils. She also taught Jules so well that at the age of 11 he was able to enter the Paris Conservatoire. He was still a student when his family moved from Paris to Chambéry, but Jules returned to Paris after a few months, living with a married member of his father's family by his first wife. To support himself during his studies, he worked as timpanist for six years at the Théâtre Lyrique, playing also other percussion instruments in other theatres, and working as a pianist in the Café de Belleville.
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Operas by Jules Massenet

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Popular videos from Jules Massenet

carlo bergonzi o souverain o juge o pere le cid  83700
O Souverain o Juge o Pere!
(Le Cid)
Carlo Bergonzi
Alagna Netrebko Manon En fermant les yeux 106032
En fermant les yeux
Roberto Alagna

Renee Fleming Dismoi que je suis belle  23539
Dis moi que je suis belle
Renée Fleming
Voice Female2017 JoongAng Music Concours 84982
Je marche sur tous les chemins
Sumi Jo

Renee Fleming Manon Massenet Adieu notre petite table 18981
Adieu notre petite table
Renée Fleming
Maria Callas Massenet Pleurez mes yeux 22486
Pleurez mes yeux
(Le Cid)
Maria Callas

Elina Garanca Jonas Kaufmann Pourqui me reveiller N achevez pas Helas Massenet 39594
N'achevez pas!
Jonas Kaufmann
El?na Garan?a

Scenes by Jules Massenet

Arias by Jules Massenet
Duets by Jules Massenet

205 Results
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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
151Nous reparlerons du passé Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 5.05

Type: duetVoice: S TLanguage: French

Roles: Manon/Chevalier
152J'aurais pressé sur ma poitrine Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 2.03-2

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: French

Roles: Werther
153Pastourelle Popularity:

Opera: Jongleur De Notre Dame, LeComposer: MassenetAct: 3

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: French

Roles: Jean
154Bravo mon cher merci Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 4.04

Type: recitativeVoice: T Br S Mz MzLanguage: French

Roles: Guillot/Lescaut/Poussette/Javotte/Rosette
155Tiens Charlotte crois moi ne reste ici Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 3.04-3

Type: recitativeVoice: Mz SLanguage: French

Roles: Charlotte/Sophie
156Quelqu'un vite a mon banc Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 1.15

Type: duetVoice: S TLanguage: French

Roles: Manon/Chevalier
157Mais comme apres l'orage Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 2.04-4

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: French

Roles: Werther
158Introduction Popularity:

Opera: CendrillonComposer: MassenetAct: 1.01-1

Type: instrumentalVoice: Language: French

159Faites vos jeux messieurs 1 Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 4.01

Type: recitativeVoice: baritoneLanguage: French

Roles: Lescaut
160C'est ici m?me Popularity:

Opera: Marie MagdalenaComposer: MassenetAct:

Type: Voice: Language: French

161O Charlotte ange du devoir Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 1.12-5

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Charlotte
162Si je savais votre nom Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 1.16-2

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: Chevalier/Manon
163Yes Kätchen will come back Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 2.04-1

Type: recitativeVoice: T BrLanguage: French

Roles: Schmidt/Johann
164Bonjour Pousette ah ciel Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 3.06-2

Type: recitativeVoice: T S Mz Mz BrLanguage: French

Roles: Guillot/Poussette/Javotte/Rosette/Brétigny
165Glücklich werde ich es sein können Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 2.05-3

Type: ariaVoice: baritoneLanguage: French

Roles: Albert
166Oh! ma coiffure oh ma toilette Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 1.06

Type: recitativeVoice: n/aLanguage: French

167Ah! mon courage m'abandonn? Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 3.05

Type: recitativeVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Charlotte
168Werther is back Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 3.08

Type: recitativeVoice: Br MzLanguage: French

Roles: Albert/Charlotte
169N'est ce plus ma main que presse Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 5.06-1

Type: duetVoice: S TLanguage: French

Roles: Manon/Chevalier
170Plus un sous le tour est plaisant Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 1.21

Type: recitativeVoice: Br T B Br S MzLanguage: French

Roles: Lescaut/Guillot/Innkeeper/Brétigny/Poussette/Rosette
171Jésus vient de naitre cher enfants Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 1.06-1

Type: recitativeVoice: tenorLanguage: French

Roles: Werther
172Et c'est histoire de Manon Lescaut Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 5.06-2

Type: duetVoice: S TLanguage: French

Roles: Manon/Chevalier
173Vivat Bacchus 1 Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 1.09-2

Type: recitativeVoice: B SLanguage: French

Roles: Bailli/Sophie
174Monsieur je veux parler a l'abbé Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 3.25

Type: recitativeVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: A porter/Manon
175C'est parfait on ne peut dire Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 2.07

Type: recitativeVoice: Br Br S TLanguage: French

Roles: Lescaut/Brétigny/Manon/Chevalier
176Reve extase o bonheur Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 1.12f

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: French

Roles: Werther
177Mais qui donc nous arrive ce tapage Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 4.05

Type: sextet,choirVoice: S T S T Br MzLanguage: French

Roles: Manon/Guillot/Poussette/Chevalier/Lescaut/Rosette
178Au bonheur qui remplit dont mon ame est plein Popularity:

Opera: WertherComposer: MassenetAct: 2.04-2

Type: ariaVoice: baritoneLanguage: French

Roles: Albert/Werther
179Il est aprti Popularity:

Opera: ManonComposer: MassenetAct: 2.10-2

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: French

Roles: Manon
180Te souviens tu du lumineux voyage Popularity:

Opera: ThaisComposer: MassenetAct: 3

Type: duetVoice: S BrLanguage: French

Roles: Thaïs/Athanaël
205 Results
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