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Je suis seul

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Jules Massenet




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Le Chevalier des Grieux





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Manon, Je suis seul!... Ah! fuyez, douce image. Jussi Björling. Jules Massenet

Singer: Jussi Björling

Jules (Émile Frédéric) Massenet (May 12, 1842 -- August 13, 1912) was a French composer best known for his operas. His compositions were very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, his style fell out of favor not long after his death; and, except Manon, his works were rarely performed. Since the mid-1970s, many of his operas have seen periodic revivals. Massenet was born in Montaud, then an outlying hamlet and now a part of the city of Saint-Étienne, in the Loire. When he was eleven his family moved to Paris so that he could study at the Conservatoire there. To support himself at that time he worked as timpanist for six years at the opera house. In 1862 he won the Grand Prix de Rome and spent three years in Rome. His first opera was a one-act production at the Opéra-Comique in 1867, but it was his dramatic oratorio Marie-Magdeleine that won him praise from the likes of Tchaikovsky and Gounod.
Massenet took a break from his composing to serve as a soldier in the Franco-Prussian War, but returned to his art following the end of the conflict in 1871. From 1878 he was professor of composition at the Paris Conservatory where his pupils included Gustave Charpentier, Reynaldo Hahn and Charles Koechlin. His greatest successes were Manon in 1884, Werther in 1892, and Thaïs in 1894. Notable later operas were Le jongleur de Notre-Dame, produced in 1902, and Don Quichotte, produced in Monte Carlo 1910, with the legendary Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin in the title-role. In addition to his operas, he also composed concert suites, ballet music, oratorios and cantatas and about two hundred songs. Some of his non-vocal output has achieved widespread popularity, and is commonly performed: for example the Méditation religieuse from Thaïs, which is a violin solo with orchestra, as well as the Aragonaise, from his opera Le Cid and Élégie for solo piano. The latter two pieces are commonly played by piano students.
• Les deux boursiers (lost) - 1859
• Esmerelda (lost) - 1865
• Noureddin (lost) - 1865
• Valéria (lost) - 1865
• La grand'tante - 1867
• La coupe du roi de Thulé (lost, portions used in Le roi de Lahore) - 1867
• Le Florentin (lost) - 1868
• Manfred (incomplete) - 1869
• Méduse (incomplete) - 1870
• Don César de Bazan - 1872
• L'adorable bel'-Boul' (destroyed) - 1874
• Les templiers (lost) - 1875
• Bérangère et Anatole (suppressed by the composer) - 1876
• Le roi de Lahore - 1877
• Robert de France (lost) - 1880
• Hérodiade - 1881
• Les Girondins (lost) - 1881
• Montalte (lost) - 1883
• Manon - 1884
• Le Cid - 1885
• Esclarmonde - 1889
• Le Mage - 1891
• Werther - 1892
• Kassya (completion and orchestration of opera by Léo Delibes) - 1893
• Thaïs - 1894
• Le portrait de Manon - 1894
• La Navarraise - 1894
• Sapho - 1897
• Cendrillon - 1899
• Grisélidis - 1901
• Le jongleur de Notre-Dame - 1902
• Chérubin - 1905
• Ariane - 1906
• Thérèse - 1907
• Bacchus - 1909
• Don Quichotte - 1910
• Roma - 1912
• Panurge - 1913
• Cléopâtre - 1914
• Amadis - 1922

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Manon Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Jussi Bjorling Jules Massenet 26244
5 - Jussi Björling
Francisco Araiza sings Aria Ah fuyez from MANON 96353
5 - Francisco Araiza

Renee Fleming Manon Massenet Ah Des Grieux 27310
1 - Renée Fleming
Massenet Manon Act 3 Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image  96427
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ALFREDO KRAUS 511 Je suis seul 1984 36567
5 - Alfredo Kraus
Manon Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Enrico Caruso 36574
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Rolando Villazon Je suis seul AhFuyez douce image Manon Jules Massenet  26256
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Fernando de la Mora Je suis seul 108760
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ManonJMassenetaria de Grieux Je suis seul JOHN OSBORNConcert at MMDM 06112013 36586
5 - John Osborn
Giuseppe Di Stefano Je suis seul Manon 36566
5 - Giuseppe Di Stefano

Tenore CESAR VEZZANI Manon Je suis seulAh Fuyez douce image 1930 36589
5 - César Vezzani
Miroslav Dvorska Manon Je suis seul 108763
5 - Miroslav Dvorský

Giuseppe Sabbatini Je suis seul AhFuyez douce image Manon Jules Massenet  36578
5 - Giuseppe Sabbatini
Je suis seul Ah Fuyez douce image Tenor Stefan Louw 96375
5 - Stéfan Louw

Manon Act III Je Suis Seul Ah Fuyez Douce Image 257759
5 - Nicolai Gedda
Manon Act 3 Tableau 2 Scene 3 Je suis seul enfin Ah fuyez douce image a mon ame  108770
5 - Roberto Alagna

Manon Act III Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 96411
5 - Plácido Domingo
Manon Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 96405
5 - Giacomo Aragall

Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Manon 257763
5 - Marcelo Álvarez
Massenet Manon Ah fuyez douce image Dmitri Smirnov 1929 96395
5 - Dmitri Smirnov

Joseph Calleja Massenet Manon Je Suis Seul 36565
5 - Joseph Calleja

Manon Act III Je suis seul Ah Fuyez douce image 108771
5 - Henri Legay

Manon Manon Act III Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 96409
5 - Piotr Beczała
Je Suis Seul Ah Fuyez Douce Image from Massenet s Manon 257769
5 - Luciano Pavarotti

Manon Manon Act III Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Sung in Italian 96412
5 - Beniamino Gigli
Robin Donald sings Manon Ah Depart Fair Image Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 257781
5 - Robin Donald

Alain Vanzo Je suis seulAh fuyez MANON Jules Massenet 257787
1 - Joan Sutherland
1 - Maria Callas
5 - Alain Vanzo
Vittorio Grigolo Je suis seulAh fuyez douce image MANON Jules Massenet 257797
5 - Vittorio Grigolo

Jules Massenet Manon Je suis seul 257810
5 - Leo Slezak
Massenet Manon Act 3 Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 36560
5 - Léopold Simoneau

Manon Je suis seul Air Ah Fuyez douce image Des Grieux 257818
5 - Joseph Rogatchewsky
Jonas Kaufmann Manon Ah fuyez douces images LIVE Chicago 2008 26259
5 - Jonas Kaufmann
6 - Craig Irvin

Enrico CARUSO Je suis seul Manon J Massenet 36558
5 - Enrico Caruso
5 - Mario Lanza
Manon Acte III scene 2 Je suis seul ah fuyez douce image  108764
5 - Vittorio Grigolo
6 - Philip Kraus

Massenet Manon Act 3 Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image  96429
5 - Joseph Calleja
6 - Richard Hale

Stefano Secco Manon Je suis seulAh fuyez douces images Dress rehearsal Geneva 2004 36563
5 - Stefano Secco
6 - Ludovic Tézier

Je suis seul Ah Fuyez douce image 108768
5 - Jan Peerce
5 - Louis Delaquerrière
5 - Richard Crooks
Manon Je suis seul  36556
5 - Marcelo Álvarez
5 - Michel Sénéchal
6 - Franck Ferrari
6 - Jean-Luc Chaignaud

Manon Act III Scene 2 Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Des Grieux Porter 257790
5 - Henri Legay
5 - René Hérent
6 - Jean Borthayre
6 - Jean Vieuille
6 - Michel Dens
Manon Act III Scene 2 Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image 257792
5 - Joseph Rogatchewsky
6 - Jean Vieuille

Manon Act III Act III Je suis seul Ah fuyez douce image Des Grieux 108778
5 - Charles Kullman
6 - John Brownlee
Henri Legay Je suis seul MANON Jules Massenet 257811
5 - Alain Vanzo
5 - Henri Legay

Manon Act III Tableau II Je suis seul Seul enfin Des Grieux 257812
5 - Alessio De Paolis
5 - Nicolai Gedda
6 - George Cehanovsky
Dmitri Smirnov Je suis seulAh fuyez Sung in Italian MANON Jules Massenet 257815
5 - Alexander Dodonov
5 - Dmitri Smirnov
5 - Enrico Caruso
5 - Ivan Yershov
5 - John McCormack
5 - Leonid Sobinov

Jonas Kaufmann Je suis seulAh Fuyez MANON Jules Massenet 257819
5 - Fritz Wunderlich
5 - James King
5 - Jonas Kaufmann
6 - Hans Hotter
6 - Josef Metternich


Je suis seul! Seul enfin!
C'evt le moment suprême!
Il n'est plus rien que j'aime
que le repos sacré que m'apporte la foi!
Oui, j'ai voulu mettre Die même
entre le monde et moi !
Ah! fuyez, douce image, à mon âme trop chère;
respectez un repos cruellement gagné,
et songez si j'ai bu dans une voupe amère.
que mon cœur l'emplirait de ce qu'il a saigné!
Ah! fuyez! fuyez! loin de moi!
Que m'importe la vie et ce semblant de gloire?
Je ne veux que chasser du fond de ma mémoire...
Un nom maudit! … ce nom … qui m'obsède, et pourquoi?

C'est l'office.

J'y vais!... Mon Dieu!
De votre flamme
purifiez mon âme...
Et dissipez à sa lueur
l'ombre qui passe encor dans le fond de mon cœur!...
Ah! fuyez, douce image, à mon âme trop chère!
Ah fuyez! fuyez! loin de moi! etc.
Il sort.

Il est jeune … et sa foi semble sincère …
il a fait grand émoi parmi les plus belles de nos fidèles!

English Libretto or Translation:

I am alone! At last alone!
It is the supreme moment!
There is nothing more that I want
except the sacred calm that my faith brings me.
Yes, I have sought to place God himself
between the world and me.
Ah! Vanish sweet memory too dear to my heart;
respect a calm won through much suffering,
and remember that if I have tasted of a bitter cup,
my heart could fill it full with the blood it has shed!
Ah! Vanish, vanish, go far from me!
Life itself and sham glory mean nothing to me.
I want only to expel from the depths of my memory...
A cursed name!... this name... which obsesses me, and why?

The service is beginning.

I'm on my way... Heavenly Father!
With Your fire
purify my soul!
and by its light dispel
the shadow that still lurks in the depths of my heart!
Ah! Vanish, sweet memory, too dear to my heart.
Vanish, vanish, go far away from me! etc.

He is young... and his faith appears sincere...
He created a great stir among the most
beautiful ladies among our faithful!

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