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Plus blanche que la blanche hermine

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Les Hugenots


Giacomo Meyerbeer




Les Hugenots Synopsis


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Raoul de Nangis





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Nicolai Gedda: Meyerbeer - Les Huguenots, 'Plus Blanche Que La Blanche Hermine'

Singer: Nicolai Gedda

Nicolai Gedda (born 11 July 1925) is a Swedish operatic tenor. Having made some two hundred recordings, Gedda is said to be the most widely recorded tenor in history. Gedda's singing is best known for his beauty of tone, vocal control, and musical perception...

Lyrics & English Translation

Not far from the ancient towers
and ramparts of Amboise
I was wandering alone,
when suddenly I spied
a rich litter at a bend in the road;
a large crowd of unmannerly students
surrounded it, and their shouts
and insolent mien
led me to guess their intentions -
I hurried forward...
All made off on sight of me.
Bashful - I approached...
Oh, what a bewitching sight
presented itself to my view!

Whiter than the white ermine,
purer than a day in spring,
an angel, a divine maid,
dazzled my senses!
Immortal maid!
How lovely she was!
And bowing involuntarily before her,
I said, to her I said:
Lovely angel, queen of love,
heavenly beauty,
I shall love you always,

Listening to me, a gentle smile
betrayed the confusion in her heart,
and in her eyes I could read
the presage of my happiness.
Faithful lover, a new flame
burns in my heart, an everlasting passion-
it burns there yet, and I tell myself:
Lovely angel, queen of love,
heavenly beauty,
I shall love you always,

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Non loin des vieilles tours
et des remparts d’Amboise
seul j’égarais mes pas,
quand j’aperà§ois soudain
une riche litière au détour du chemin;
d’étudiants nombreux la troupe
l’entourait, et leurs cris,
leur air audacieux
me laissaient deviner leur projet:
je m’élance...
Tout fuit à  mon aspect.
Timide, je m’avance...
Ah! quel spectacle enchanteur
vint s’offrir à  mes yeux!

Plus blanche que la blanche hermine,
plus pure qu’un jour de printemps,
un ange, une vierge divine,
de sa vue éblouit mes sens.
Vierge immortelle!
Qu’elle était belle!
Et malgré moi devant elle m’inclinant,
je disais, je lui disais:
Belle ange, reine des amours,
beauté du ciel,
Je t’aimerais toujours!

En m’écoutant, un doux sourire
trahit le trouble de son coeur,
et dans ses yeux j’ai su lire
le présage de mon bonheur.
Amant fidèle, flamme nouvelle
brûle mon coeur, flamme éternelle
me brûle encor, et je me dis:
Belle ange, reine des amours,
beauté du ciel,
Je t’aimerais toujours!

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