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Addio Roma addio patria

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Opera title:

L' Incoronazione di Poppea


Claudio Monteverdi




L' Incoronazione di Poppea Synopsis


L' Incoronazione di Poppea Libretto


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Monteverdi - L'Incoronazione di Poppea - Addio Roma, addio patria, amici addio - Act 3

Singer(s): Lena Lootens Jennifer Larmore Guillemette Laurens

Monteverdi - L'Incoronazione di Poppea - Addio Roma, addio patria, amici addio - Act 3

Libretto : Gian Francesco Busenello
Réalisation musicale René Jacobs

Poppea, Danielle Borst
Nerone, Guillemette Laurens
Ottavia, Jennifer Larmore
Ottone, Axel Köhler
Seneca, Michael Schopper
Drusilla, Lena Lootens
Nutrice, Dominique Visse
Arnalta, Christoph Homberger
Lucano, Guy de Mey
Amore, Martina Bovet

Farewell Rome, farewell my country, friends, farewell. Innocent, I must part from you. I go to suffer exile in bitter grief, despairing I sail the unhearing seas. The air that from hour to hour will receive my breaths will bear them, in the name of my heart, to look at, to kiss the walls of my homeland. And I ,, left solitary, alternating wandering and weeping for the past, shall teach pity to the cold rocks. Pray, see, o cruel people; how I retreat far from these beloved shores! Ah, blasphemous sorrow, you forbid my tears as I leave my country, I cannot shed a tear while bidding my kindred and Rome farewell!

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Ottavia repudiata da Nerone deposto l'abito imperiale
parte sola miseramente piangendo
in abbandonare la patria ed i parenti.

Addio Roma, addio patria, amici addio.
Innocente da voi partir convengo.
Vado a patir l'esilio in pianti amari,
Navigo disperata i sordi mari.
L'aria, che d'ora in ora
Riceverà i miei fiati,
Li porterà, per nome del cor mio,
A veder, a baciar le patrie mura,
Ed io, starò solinga,
Alternando le mosse ai pianti, ai passi,
Insegnando pietade ai tronchi, e ai sassi.
Remigate oggi mai perversa genti,
Allontanatevi omai dagli amati lidi.
Ahi, sacrilego duolo,
Tu m'interdici il pianto
Mentre lascio la patria,
Né stillar una lacrima poss'io
Mentre dico ai parenti e a Roma: addio.

Qui entra in barca.

English Libretto or Translation:

Octavia repudiated by Nero deposed the imperial garment
only part miserably crying
in abandoning the country and relatives.

Goodbye Rome, goodbye homeland, goodbye friends.
Innocent from you I will start to agree.
I go to suffer exile in bitter cries,
Navigo desperate the deaf seas.
The air, which from hour to hour
Will receive my breaths, It
will bring them, by my heart's name,
To see, to kiss the homeland walls,
And I, I will be solingen,
Alternating moves to the tears, to the steps,
Teaching pietade to the trunks, and to the stones.
Nowadays you are never perverse people, move
away from your beloved ones.
Ah, sacrilegious
duel , You interrupt my tears
As I leave my country,
Nor can I drop a tear from myself
As I say to the relatives and to Rome: farewell.

Here he enters the boat.

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