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Disprezzata regina

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L' Incoronazione di Poppea


Claudio Monteverdi




L' Incoronazione di Poppea Synopsis


L' Incoronazione di Poppea Libretto


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Tatiana Troyanos & Eric Tappy - C. Monteverdi "L'Incoronazione di Poppea" - Pur ti miro

Singer(s): Éric Tappy Tatiana Troyanos

C. Monteverdi "L'Incoronazione di Poppea" - Pur ti miro
Tatiana Troyanos - Poppea
Eric Tappy - Nerone
San Frincisco 1975 Live

Special thanks to fairlytaleofnewyork


Fortune, Virtue and Cupid argue over who is the most powerful.
Cupid claims his superiority will be proved by the ensuing story.

At Poppeas Palace, Otho (Ottone), who loves Poppea, discovers that she is sleeping with the emperor Nero (Nerone). The guards on duty complain of Nero and Poppea's adulterous behaviour.
The two lovers enter and bid each other a fond farewell. Arnalta, Poppea's nurse, warns her to be careful. At the emperor's palace, Nero's wife Octavia (Ottavia) is filled with despair by her husband's actions ("Disprezzata regina").
The philosopher Seneca arrives and tries to console her. The goddess Pallas Athene warns Seneca of his impending death, which he stoically welcomes.
Nero arrives and informs Seneca that he wishes to divorce Octavia: Seneca tries to dissuade him. Nero's anger is calmed by Poppea, who suggests that Seneca be killed.
Otho attempts a reconciliation with Poppea, but she scorns his advances. He thinks of killing her, but instead turns his attention to Drusilla, who has long been in love with him. Otho swears his love to Drusilla, but he still loves Poppea.

Seneca is told that he must die. Ignoring the pleas of his friends, he orders them to prepare the bath in which he will kill himself.
Nero and the poet Lucan celebrate Seneca's death.
Octavia tells Otho that he must disguise himself as a woman and kill Poppea. Drusilla agrees to lend him some of her clothes. Otho attempts to murder Poppea as she sleeps, but is stopped by Cupid. The awakened Poppea thinks the fleeing Otho is Drusilla. Cupid sings of his success.

Drusilla celebrates the expected death of Poppea, but is arrested for attempted murder and is sentenced to death. She protests her innocence, but when Otho begins to confess his guilt, she changes her story and both admit the plot. Nero banishes them, along with Octavia, whose complicity he has discovered.
Nero tells Poppea that she will be crowned empress the same day. Octavia makes her final, grief-stricke appearance and Arnalta triumphs in her mistress's success. Poppea is crowned empress and as the opera ends, Nero and Poppea sing of their love.

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Si muta la scena nella città di Roma.
Ottavia, Nutrice.
Ottavia imperatrice esagera gl'affanni suoi
con la nutrice, detestando i mancamenti
di Nerone suo consorte.
La Nutrice scherza seco sopra novelli amori
per traviarla da' cupi pensieri;
Ottavia resistendo constantemente
persevera nell'afflizioni.

Disprezzata regina,
Del monarca romano afflitta moglie,
Che fo, ove son, che penso ?
O delle donne miserabil sesso:
Se la natura e'l cielo
Libere ci produce,
Il matrimonio c'incatena serve.
Se concepiamo l'uomo,
O delle donne miserabil sesso,
Al nostr'empio tiran formiam le membra,
Allattiamo il carnefice crudele
Che ci scarna e ci svena,
E siam forzate per indegna sorte
A noi medesme partorir la morte.
Nerone, empio Nerone,
Nerone, marito, o dio, marito
Bestemmiato pur sempre
E maledetto dai cordogli miei,
Dove, ohimè, dove sei ?
In braccio di Poppea,
Tu dimori felice e godi, e intanto
Il frequente cader de' pianti miei
Pur va quasi formando
Un diluvio di specchi, in cui tu miri,
Dentro alle tue delizie i miei martiri.
Destin, se stai lassù,
Giove ascoltami tu,
Se per punir Nerone
Fulmini tu non hai,
D'impotenza t'accuso,
D'ingustizia t'incolpo;
Ahi, trapasso tropp'oltre e me ne pento,
Sopprimo e seppelisco
In taciturne angoscie il mio tormento.

English Libretto or Translation:

The scene changes in the city of Rome.
Octavia, Nutrice.
Octavia Empress exaggerates her worries
with the nurse, detesting the failures
of Nero his consort.
La Nutrice jokes with new loves
to get her to 'gloomy thoughts;
Octavia constantly resisting
perseveres in afflictions.

Despised queen,
Of the Roman monarch afflicted wife,
What do I do, where am I thinking?
Or women's miserabil sex:
If nature is heaven
Free produces us,
The marriage encases us.
If we conceive of man,
Or women's miserable sex,
At our example, we form our members,
We nurse the cruel executioner
That is thin and unleashes us,
And we are forced by unworthy fate
We ourselves will give birth to death.
Nero, impious Nero,
Nero, husband, or god, husband
Always blasphemed
And cursed by my cordolas,
Where, oh, where are you?
In the arm of Poppea,
You live happy and enjoy, and in the meantime
The frequent fall of my tears
Even it is almost forming
A deluge of mirrors, in which you aim,
My martyrs are inside your delights.
Destin, if you're up there,
Jupiter, listen to me,
If to punish Nero
You do not have lightning
Of impotence I accuse you,
I inculcate you with justice;
Ah, I transpire too much and I regret it,
I suppress and seppelisco
My torment in taciturne angescie.

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