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E pur io torno qui qual linea

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L' Incoronazione di Poppea


Claudio Monteverdi




L' Incoronazione di Poppea Synopsis


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Paul Esswood, Countertenor. Monteverdi, L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Pt. 2

Singer: Paul Esswood

E pure torno qui, qual linea al centro, etc., excerpt no.2. Act 1, Scene 1, from L'Incoronazione di Poppea (1642) by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643). Ottone, sung by Paul Esswood, countertenor.

And thus, I return here, like the line to the center, the fire
to the sun, and like the brook to the sea;
and even though no light is visible,
yet I know my sun dwells within.

Dear. beloved house
Home of my life and love,
To you I hasten, my heart greets you.

Open a window, Poppea,
and with your beautiful face, wherein my fate rests,
O my soul, anticipate the beam light of day!

Show yourself, and with the blissful opening
or your eyes, disperse the mist
and shadow of the skies.

Dreams, bear in flight
in sweet fantasy upon your wings
these sighs to my beloved.
But what do I see, unhappy one?
These are not ghosts or nocturnal phantoms,
but Nero's servants;
ah, thus my plaints fall
on the unfeeling winds.
I am adoring these marble columns,
I weep and woo a balcony,
and Nero slumbers in Poppea's arms.
He brought these guards
to protect himself against conspirators.
O, uncertain rest of rulers,
these guards are fast asleep.
Ah, faithless Poppea,
are these the promises and vows
which softened my heart?
Is this fidelity, O God?
I am still the same Ottone
who followed you,
yearned for you,
served you,
adored you,
who, to move your heart to pity,
adorned with pearl-like tears his pleading
and sacrificed his pride in vows to you.
Finally you promised me
that I would embrace you,
and on your lovely breast
fulfill my happiness in love.
I sowed the seed and well-found hope.
[end of excerpt, following phrase not included in the clip]
(But winds and heaven changed to my misfortune.
The tempest destroyed my harvest.)

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E pur io torno qui, qual linea al centro,
Qual foco a sfera e qual ruscello al mare,
E se ben luce alcuna non m'appare,
Ah'! so ben io, che sta'l mio sol qui dentro.


Caro tetto amoroso,
Albergo di mia vita, e del mio bene,
Il passo e'l cor ad inchinarti viene.


Apri un balcon, Poppea,
Col bel viso in cui son le sorti mie,
Previeni, anima mia, precorri il die.


Sorgi, e disgombra omai,
Da questo ciel caligini, e tenebre
Con il beato aprir di tue palpebre.


Sogni, portate a volo,
Fate sentire in dolce fantasia
Questi sospir alla diletta mia.
Ma che veggio, infelice ?
Non già fantasmi o pur notturne larve,
Son questi i servi di Nerone; ahi, ahi dunque
Agl' insensati venti
Io diffondo i lamenti.
Necessito le pietre a deplorarmi.
Adoro questi marmi,
Amoreggio con lagrime un balcone,
E in grembo di Poppea dorme Nerone.
Ha condotti costoro,
Per custodir se stesso dalle frodi.
O salvezza de' Prencipi infelice:
Dormon profondamente i suoi custodi.
Ah', ah', perfida Poppea,
Son queste le promesse e i giuramenti,
Ch'accessero il cor mio ?
Questa è la fede,
O dio, dio, dio !
Io son quell' Ottone,
Che ti seguì,
Che ti bramò,
Che ti servì, quell' Otton
Che t'adorò,
Che per piegarti e intenerirti il core
Di lagrime imperlò preghi devoti,
Gli spirti a te sacrificando in voti.
M'assicurasti al fine
Ch'abbracciate averei nel tuo bel seno
Le mie beatitudini amorose;
Io di credula speme il seme sparsi,
Ma l'aria e'l cielo a' danni miei rivolto...

English Libretto or Translation:

And yet I come back here, which line in the middle,
What ball focus and what stream to the sea,
And if some light does not appear to me,
Ah '! I know well, that's my sol in here.


Dear love roof,
Hotel of my life, and of my good,
The step e'l cor to bow is coming.


Open a balcon, Poppea,
With the beautiful face in which my fortunes are,
Prevent, my soul, precorri the die.


Arise, and shake again,
From this ciel caligini, and darkness
With the blessed open your eyelids.


Dreams, carried on the fly,
Make yourself feel sweet
These sighs to my beloved.
What's wrong, unhappy?
Not already ghosts or even nocturnal larvae,
These are the servants of Nero; ouch, ouch then
To the senseless winds
I spread the laments.
I need the stones to deplore me.
I love these marbles,
Loving with a tear a balcony,
And in the lap of Poppea sleeps Nero.
He led them,
To guard himself from fraud.
O salvation of unhappy Princes:
He deeply sleeps his keepers.
Ah, ah, wicked Poppea,
These are the promises and oaths,
Did they access my heart?
This is faith,
O god, god, god!
I am that Ottone,
Who followed you,
What did you want,
What did you need, that Otton
Who loved you,
What to bend and soften the core
Tears pray prayers of tears,
The spirits to you sacrificing in votes.
You insured me in the end
You hug in your beautiful bosom
My loving beatitudes;
I believe in the seed scattered, credula
But the air is the sky to 'my damage turned ...

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