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Benchè severo ed immutabil fato

Opera details:

Opera title:

L' Orfeo


Claudio Monteverdi




L' Orfeo Synopsis


L' Orfeo Libretto


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Trio details:




Plutone / Spirito I / Spirito II


Bass / Baritone / Tenor



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Act IV: Benche severo ed immutabil fato (Plutone, Chorus of Spirits, Chorus of the Spirits of...

Singer(s): Waldemar Kmentt Gino Sinimberghi Norman Foster

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Act IV: Benche severo ed immutabil fato (Plutone, Chorus of Spirits, Chorus of the Spirits of Hell, Prosepina) · Ana Maria Iriarte

Monteverdis Orfeo (1954)

℗ 2011 Music and Arts Programs of America

Released on: 2011-04-01

Composer: Alessandro Striggio
Artist: Ana Maria Iriarte
Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
Artist: Dagmar Hermann
Artist: Frederick Guthrie
Artist: Gertrud Schretter
Artist: Gino Sinimberghi
Artist: Hans Strohbauer
Artist: Mona Paulee
Artist: Norman Foster
Artist: Patricia Benton
Conductor: Paul Hindemith
Artist: Uta Graf
Orchestra: Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra: Vienna Symphony Orchestra, members
Artist: Waldemar Kmentt
Choir: Wiener Singakademie
Artist: Wolfram Mertz

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Benché severo ed immutabil fato
Contrasti, amata sposa, i tuoi desiri,
Pur null'omai si nieghi
A tal beltà congiunta a tanti prieghi.
La sua cara Euridice
Contra l'ordin fatale Orfeo ricovri.
Ma pria che tragga il piè da questi abissi
Non mai volga ver lei gli avidi lumi,
Ché di perdita eterna
Gli fia certa cagion un solo sguardo.
Io così stabilisco. Or nel mio regno
Fate, o ministri, il mio voler palese,
Sì che l'intenda Orfeo
E l'intenda Euridice,
Né di cangiarlo altrui sperar più lice.

O degli abitator de l'ombre eterne
Possente Re, legge ne sia tuo cenno.
Che ricercar altre cagioni interne
Di tuo voler nostri pensier non denno.

Trarrà da quest'orribili caverne
Sua sposa Orfeo, s'adoprerà suo ingegno
Sì che nol vinca giovenil desio,
Né i gravi imperi suoi sparga d'oblio?

English Libretto or Translation:

Although stern and unyielding Fate
may oppose your wishes, dear wife,
yet nothing now may be denied
to such beauty, combined with such pleading.
Despite the fatal decree, Orpheus may recover
his beloved Eurydice.
But before his feet are clear of these abysses
he may not once turn his eager eyes towards her,
for a single glance will inevitably
bring about her eternal loss.
Thus I ordain it. Now, my servants,
make known my will within my kingdom
so that Orpheus understands it
and Eurydice understands it,
and no one hope to change it.

O mighty king of the dwellers in eternal shadows,
your command shall be our law,
for our thoughts may not seek
other hidden reasons for your will.

Will Orpheus lead his wife
from these dreaded caverns? Will he apply his mind
and not let it be overcome by youthful ardour
nor forget his solemn orders?