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Ascanio in Alba Libretto
English Translation

VENUS (soprano)
ASCANIO, nephew of Venus (soprano)
SILVIA, nymph (soprano)
FAUNO, shepherd (soprano)
ACESTE, priest (tenor)

CHORUS: genes, pastors and shepherds


A spacious area, destined for solemn pastoral meetings, limited by a crown of very tall and leafy oaks, which vaguely spread a very cool and sacred shadow around the Concilean area. You see the series of green trees rising from the ground, presented by nature, and in various forms inclined by art for the use of grazing the shepherds with graceful irregularity.
In the middle there is a rural altar, in which the prodigious animal, from which it is said, carved the name of the City of Alba.
From the intervals between a tree and the other one dominates a delightful and laughing countryside, scattered with some huts, and surrounded by a mediocre distance of pleasant hills, so that they descend copious and clear rivers.
The horizon ends in blue mountains, whose peaks are lost in a pure and serene sky.

Venus in the act of descending from her chariot.
Ascanio at the side of it. The Graces, and quantities of Genes that sing and dance accompanying the Goddess. On this, the chariot veiled by a slight cloud disappears through the air.

Of you more lovable,
Neither Goddess Major,
Celestial Venus
No it is not given.
You are men,
O Goddess, love:
Of you his glory
The Ciel is done.
If he enjoys a people
Of your favor,
Sweetest imperio
Cercar does not know.
With bra so placid
Support each core,
That no longer desires

in his retinue he withdraws backwards into the scene, vaguely disposing:
Geni, Grazie, and Amori,
Stop the foot, shut up,
Brake, suspend,
Fide doves, the flight:
This is the sacred to my Nume friend soil.
Here, Ascanio, my hope, here are the piagge,
That we visited together,
Your great Father, and me. That time again
With pleasure, I remember. Even the omens
They seemed to draw, which one day pierces
Of my favor object
This chosen people.
Hinting at the altar.
In that altar
See the engraved beast,
That of unusual wool adorned the back
He appeared to us. The grand'Enea posed it
For memory of the fact: and therefore the name
He will take the City, who is here today
It will have an illustrious principle. I have since
Here are my prodigal graces
To the happy people: and here's my heart
It often comes back
From the blessed sphere, where I stay.
But here present each time,
With my Deity regnar I can not:
You reign here in my place. The great, the pious,
Your good Genitor, who came from Ilium
On the Latin banks, or lives in the sky
Other God among the Gods:
And sweet my care now you are.

Mother, that you like it
Being called by me, rather than Goddess,
How much you ever do!

Already four times, you know,
He led the Sol on these green hills
The autumn pomiferous,
From what I promised to the friendly people
De la cara my lineage. Everyone waits,
Everyone craves to see you: around you
Each suppliant falls: and the beautiful moment
He hurries each one with one hundred and one hundred votes.
The shadow of your branches
The earthly friend waits.
Live my chosen plant:
Worthy of you will be me.
This cor already includes
What will you be then;
He already intends to cure it
Let it be praised in you

But the Gentila Nymph, that the seed honors
D'Ercole invaded ...? Ah say ..., my bride,
Silvia, Silvia where is she? So much of her
You spoke to my heart; so much the fame
He takes his trumpet, and he waits so well
From my wedding the World ...

Beloved Prole
The sun is hidden
Spouse you will be of the wisest Nymph,
Which of divine blood was ever born.
Already on the rays of dawn in sleep appeared
To Aceste keeper
De la Vergine illustre. He already drops
From the sacred hotel: and to the happy people,
And a la Ninfa your good,
Of the auspicious announcement contributor here comes.

Ah dear Mother ... Tell me ...
So close is the time ...?
But who knows, if you love me?

She adores you.

If you never saw me again!

They are known to her
Your appearance.

And how?

Amor, by my nod,
He ordered noble deception.

And what did he do?

It is the fourth year omai,
Che de la Ninfa to the side
Amor watches over you. It's your shapes
Just like you. Such the cheeks,
Tai the lips and the lights, and tai the hair,
Such is the sound of the voices. Just like
One to another dove
Of my chariot he resembles,
This Amor resembles you.

And what, o Goddess
Near the beloved Ninfa
Is it the office of love?

In sleep to her
Mixed in 'slight dreams appears every day.
You paint yourself to her: and she is cluttered
The young mind,
That you, still watching,
The vague imagination always has present.

What a graceful prodigy
You reveal me, O great Goddess! What more late?
Let us therefore fly to the Nymph. At his feet
I swear my faith ...

Only you must
Ire in track of her;
Call me other treatments:
It is not just a Mortal dear to the Gods.

Yes, I will tell you that I am
Ascanio his; that this cor loves him;
What of heavenly Diva
Stirpe are me ...

No, do not find out yet.

Or heaven! why?

You trust.
See it though; Shut up
Who you are, from whence you come, and who guides you.

What a cruel silence!

Tell me, do not long
See with your eyes up to what sign
Silvia t'adori? to what sublime arrivals
His virtue? how worthy object is
Of love, of wonder, and of respect?
This is therefore the way.

Therefore it is fulfilled,
O Mother, your will. I swear to hide
As long as you like it. Today I want to show you
Where I too am capable of obedience.

Come to my breast. To that docil mind,
To that tender heart to that respect,
What you feed for the Gods, I recognize you
Offspring more dignified each time
And of the Father, and of me. Here in moments
You'll see me again. De your Bride in the meantime
Cautious research: admire
As of beautiful costumes
To you for time ordains
Your happiness, as with her
Ne mirabil opra
And art, and nature, and heaven rises up.
In the act of leaving.

Of you more lovable
Neither Goddess Major,
Celestial Venus
No it is not given,
Part Venus followed by the choir, who sings, and dances around her.
With bra so placid
Support each core, which no longer craves

Ascanio alone.

Why do I keep quiet?
Why unknown to want me to my idol?
What a harsh law, o Goddess!
You gave me breast
You the innocent flames: the right affections
Prompt foments: and to her near
My destiny is in the most lucid course
Sudden suspend? ...
Ah from my heart what sacrifice do you wait ...?
Because I'll be silent
Why unknown to want me to my idol?
Crowds! What never vaneggio
I know, I love the Goddess: I trust her
Deh pardon me, oh Mother, my doubts.
But where is the Nymph? Between these banks
Who gives me my good? Ah yes, my heart
We will discover it ourselves. Where in a face
You will all see virtue
The clearest rai: where joined
Easy majesty, serious sweetness,
Naive safety,
And heavenly modesty: where in two lights
You will see blazing with a high mind
The delicate graces, and the ardent genius,
There you will see my Bride. They will tell you
The sweet throbs, your motions:
Ah yes, my heart will discover it for us.
Dear, far away
Your virtue lit me up:
To your beautiful name then
I learned to sigh.
In van ti celi, o cara:
That virtue is rare
In the modesty itself
Brighter appar.

Pastors, Ascanio and Fauno.

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here you chain love.

withdrawing aside:
But what song does it sound like?
What kind of Pastor's turf do I see around?

not paying attention to Ascanio:
Here where the place and the art
It opens up comfortable space
To the solemn councils, to the sacred rite,
Here you come or Pastors. This is the day
Sacred to our Diva. To his beautiful name,
Not in Bacco, and in Vertunno,
Render thank you
Near the fall of the lucky Autumn.
The Minister of Heaven, the wise Aceste,
It seems, that late. In great thoughts wrapped up
Even though I saw it. He was splendidly laughing
The sacred face of an unusual joy.
Perhaps the promised gift is close to us;
Perhaps the pitiful Goddess
The faithful Popol fulfills his destiny.

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here you chain Amor.
The choir sits along the tree rows loosely disposing.

turning to Ascanio:
But who are you, what an unknown
Do you move among us here? That semblant
Even though it makes me sovereign, when there is no God
Among the mortals descends. And what desio
Does he lead you among us?

approaching Fauno:
I'm Stranier.
That vagueness guides me
To visit your pleasant hills,
The pure ponds, and for the green floor
These your fertile running waters.
Among you, blessed people,
Fama is in Lazio, which is a friendly nature
All collect the goods
Which with the other divides.

Ah! the more we get
To the favor of a Diva: and not yet what
The vulgar is irrelevant
Talor dreams of the Gods, but what is in heaven
Alma daughter of Jupiter. His smile,
From the loving circle, waves watch
This sol reassures. She's that property,
What nature does of it, care, defend
He softens them, increases them. In these fields
It sows the comfort, and seco
Alma fecundity. In the huts
Drive the industry; and in modest freedom
The trait, the foment. His favor
It is our dew: and his lights
Equal to the eye of the sun are for us.
If the lip no longer says,
Do not judge it ungrateful.
Who was born so well
He knows how happy he is,
But then explain it.
When to your friends
You return to the patrician beach,
Live, and then tell:
I saw the sweet nest
De the early age.

(How much you knew at the core
De your lineage, o Goddess
Sonan never praise them!)

looking from one side into the interior of the scene:
Here, Pastors,
The Choir rises, and moves forward.
Here is slow from the hill
The venerable Aceste; at the par of him
Here comes the Nymph ...

Oh heaven, what is Ninfa?
Speak, tell me, or Pastor ...

Silvia, d'Alcide
Clear divine lineage.

(Alas, my dear
Stop your impulses:
My beloved Bride is nearby.)

hinting to Ascanio, who also is carefully looking at the same side:
Mira, or Stranier, like the beautiful move move
Majestic, and kind: to the followers
As a human he smiles
As between lor divide
The guards, and the words. In those beautiful deeds
Not par, what a shock it is
The height of thought, and of that alma
The sweet harmony?

(It's true, it's true.
More resister I do not know. If I wait here,
I discover the arcane, and to the oath I miss you.
Partasi omai.)

Garzone, you are not a lice
Here it will remain, that the modest Silvia
He will not want to witness his thoughts
A foreign unknown. And if you wish
To admire it near, and to the patriotic soil
Fame to bring back its strength,
There is confused there.
Hinting the Chorus of Pastors.

Your will is fulfilled, courteous pastor.
He retires, and is supposedly confused among the choir.
The Chorus advances on one side towards Aceste, and Silvia.

Ascanio and Faunus, Pastors and Pastorelle or Nymphs, Silvia with the following of Pastorelle, Aceste.

You have Diana's core,
Of Pallade the mind.
Six of the Erculea people,
Wise Donzella, the fior.
The vague studies and the arts
I am your beloved, and boast:
And of the Muses at the singing
Keep your ear still.
It has the nest in your core
Every most beautiful virtue:
But modesty is that
Which shines you all.

Oh generous Diva,
Oh delight of men, oh heaven
Ornament and splendor! that more could
This lucky soil
Expect from you? What's left for you,
Fido popol devoto,
For his Deity prayer, or vote.
Everything is accomplished.
Of the Enigigete Enea
The long-awaited Prole,
Your sun will be before the sun goes down.

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here you chain Amor.

The Goddess is his own man
He will give it to you. Nor is it still enough.
Here you will see new city sorger
De la Diva, and of the Son he opts sublime.
These poor hotels,
These narrow huts
High hay palaces, and august piers.
Others of the large piers
Saran sacre a le Muse: other custodians
De le prische memoria dei venturi:
Others to the miserable kindergarten:
Other brakes to the daring: other torment
To the offspring of the horrible monster,
Which is already infamous and frightening
It was de 'Aventini woods,
And a fatal danger to us neighbors.

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here he chains Amor.

addressed to Silvia:
Oh my glory, oh my care, oh dear pledge
De la lineape d'Alcide, oh my dear,
Today you will be Bride. Today of Ascanio
The comfort you will be, the love, the hope:
Ambi of this soil
Delight, and pleasure will be together.
For the joy in this womb
The alma. Oh God! I can hear myself.
Excess of contentment
No resisting does not know.
Dear Silvia, my friends,
If you are happy with me,
Ah come, divide
The pleasure, which is in my heart.

(Miserable! What will I do?) Narrami Aceste,
So you know all this?

The Goddess told me.


Not good yet
Roses were tinged
De la passata aurora.

And what did you impose?

To warn you of yourself,
To warn the Pastors: and then disappeared
Pouring from the beautiful crin divine smells.

(Ah, what more do I do not know.) I ... I find myself ...?)

(But the Nymph is disturbed ...?
Numi! What will it ever be ...?)

(No, that is not a lice
In simil uopo to the innocent soul
Celar their affections.) Odimi Aceste ...

Heavens! What do you want me to say?
What duol oppresses you in so happy instant?

Father ... Oh Numi ..! Such a pity..!
I am a lover.

(Alas, breath at last.)
And do you worry about it? It is not of love
Worth your Spouse? Or believe
Guilt love it?

Indeed, what Nume, o Father,
I respect it, and I honor it. His merits
I have all fixed on the alma. Each one favella
Of his virtues. Who is dear to Mars, who calls him,
Who beloved of Urania, and who the appella
De le Muse support:
Who exalts the hand, and who the ingenuity.
Of his great Father in him
The magnanimous cor who says imprinted;
Chi de la Dea celeste
The immense charity transfused in it.
Yes, but of another love
I feel the flame in my chest:
And the innocent affection
Only in regnar it is not.

Ah no, Silvia t'inganni
Innocent that you are. Already for long
I know your virtue more than you.
Explain your core, or daughter,
And to your faithful guard or advises you.

Hate Aceste, and amaze. The day volgea,
What my don donated
Being married to Ascanius to the Goddess.
A thousand happy images,
That they were colored from that happy day,
Venian flying to my mind around.
And she in sweet sleep
He was innocent, prey to them;
Quand'ecco, oh Heaven! to me, I do not know if you wake up.
A youth appeared. The blond horsehair
On the back he flew; and mixed with lily
His cheeky cheek
The rose bloomed: the vague eyelash ...
Father, no more, forgive.
The indiscreet pensier, speaking again,
It goes after the flattery
Of the imagin gentil, who falls in love with him.

(What a lovely candor!) Follow, what happened?

Ah from that day the flattering semblant
He reigned in my bosom; he lit me up;
My thoughts and only
All occupy my dreams
Of himself he only cluttered. On the one hand Ascanio,
Whose unknown appearance,
But virtue is known to me,
Wonder, and respect to the heart inspires me:
On the other side the imagined object
Tenderness, and love awakens me in my chest.

No, daughter, do not be afraid. Feel your hand
De la pitiful Goddess. This beautiful opra
Opra is hers.

What do you say?
Such as? speak, what's up?

He liked a la Diva
To tighten the beautiful knot: in every guise
You have your core, and in tune you
The appearance of Ascanio.

And how do you know?

I feel that in my heart he speaks to me
An unknown feeling,
Your virtue tells me and assures me
The favor de la Dea.

Numi! who is
More lucky than me? Oh Ascanius, O Bridegroom!
So for you, my good,
The amorous desìo
Do you double it in my heart?
So I love my Spouse
When does a beautiful face adore? I love him,
When a thousand virtues valuable, and I honor?
How happy is it,
That of an alma trusts,
Where innocence nests,
And he does not condemn love!
Of living his blessed
Alma is always happy:
And always in sweet calm
It goes palpitating the heart.

Silvia, aims, that the sun rises
Beyond the noon. It's time,
Let everyone prepare each other
To welcome the Goddess. On Via Pastori
To crown us let's go to the fronds, and flowers:
You with other Pastor Faun gather
Vague branches, and garlands; and here he goes,
So be the place adorno
How much can we do for us. You still prepare
Part of the dear fruits, waves on the altar
With the scented votive ardan tires
Sacrifice to the Goddess, who gives them to us.
If this day is a holiday
Every year to its great name, or what is owed,
When so auspicious to us
Do you have the greatest of your benefits?

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here you chain Amor.
They all start except Ascanio.

Ascanio, and then Venus and Chorus of Geni.

Sky! that I ever saw? what innocence,
What love, what virtue! How not courses
At the foot of Silvia, to reveal myself to her?
Ah this time, o Goddess, how painful
I was obeyed to you. Come, and dissolve
This cruel brake ...
Venus arrives with the Choir of the Genes.

Here I am or son!

Leave, leave, I fly
Where the laughing fate
He kidnaps me, he wants me. That sweet aspect,
That candor, that fé, how much respect
They inspire me in the alma and how many, oh God
How many bellows are at my wish!
Ah yes nobil alma
How much I would like to talk!
If the virtues of her
All know how to pretend,
Ask them about this.
Just a moment in calm
Leave me or Diva, and then
Of many merits of his
I can talk to you.

Another test for you mirar is convenient
De la virtue of Silvia. Still for a while
You suffer from me. As soon as
Here the pastoral turba collected
What of my glory wrapped up
Comparir will see me. They remain, O Son
Only a few moments remain, and then ...

What you do not pretend, o Goddess!
From an impatient cor. But whatever you want!

hinting on one side:
Where the Hill goes up
As long as you come back here, Silvia, your good,
Find it again for now! In this plan
De la nova città the first piers
Meanwhile they arise, and my ministers
The opra you sweat. Hope for us from above
Dominerem on opra: and here coming back
The pastoral family,
There will be together comfort and wonder.
Olà, Geni mei fidi,
De the heavenly forces
Accept the value. Here of my blood
The happy nest is born; and d'Alba the name
Sounds famous then of Lido in Lido.
And you my germ in the meantime
A mirar prepares you in that beautiful core
Of triumph of virtue, and of love.
To the light of those beautiful rai,
If love foments the wings
To love all mortals
Your heart will rise.
So then famous you will go
Of the Gods among the clear sons,
So be it, you look like it
To my divinity.

Of you more lovable,
Neither Goddess Major,
Celestial Venus,
No it is not given.
With bra so placid
Support each core,
That no longer desires

Many Pastors, and Pastorelle, according to the antecedent command of Aceste, come to solemnly adorn the place of garlands, and flowers. But while these are about to work, here are the Graces
accompanied by a quantity of geniuses, and of celestial nymphs in the act of meditating some great undertaking. The Pastors remain extremely surprised at this view: if not that, encouraged by the kindness of those heavenly people, they return to the work of the beginning. But the wonder is much greater in them, when at a sign of the Graces, and de 'Geni, they suddenly see the trunks of the trees, which are adorning with garlands, in as many columns, which form a solid hand from hand to hand. vague and rich order of architecture, with which I gave principle to the construction of Alba, and promises a happy change to the country. These accidents, combined with the acts of admiration, of gratitude, of tenderness, of harmony between the heavenly and the human persons, form the basis of the short Ball, which links the front with the following part of the Representation.


Silvia, Chorus of Pastorelle.

I do not know faraway girl, Nymphs,
From this friend site.
Ah here I'll see soon
My beloved Spouse is the alma Goddess,
What of its pure light
These blissful beaches decorate and recreate.
But heaven! What a sight! Targeted, friends,
How it shines around
Of discolored marbles, and of excelled columns
The sacred place adorno. Ah without fail
This is the divine work. Time, and opra
De 'mortali is not enough for so much business.
I feel, I feel my hand
De la propizia Goddess. The origin this
It is of the alma City, which promised us:
This is mirabil proof
De la cominuta sua. In a few moments
De the happy lovers
The happiest I will be. Already from the occasion
The sol looks at me; and it seems
Shiny than ever, it will descend into the sea.
Explain the desìo, the feathers:
Fly my core, and moans;
But only with the hope
Then he returns to sen.
Come with my beautiful Nume
Alfine or my desio
Tell me once, oh God!
Here is the beloved ben.
He sits on one side with the Pastorelle around.

Already the hours fly,
Your good comes already.
Between sweet chains
That alma will live.
The choir sits.

Silvia, Chorus of Pastorelle, Ascanio.

not seeing Silvia, by herself:
I try to spot on site
My faithful Silvia; and not lice
This lover, my heart, unveil to her;
For me 'l forbids the Diva.
Adored my bride, ah where are you?
Leave, leave, that can
This my heart, that your merts are full,
Concealed admirer to see you at least.
Seeing Silvia, by herself:
But that's not Silvia,
That there is laying on that green seat,
With his Nymphs on the side ...? I do not mess with me.
Of course it is my good, it is.
Numi! what fo '...? m'appresso ...?

seeing Ascanio, from himself:
Oh heaven! What a miro ...?
That is the Garzon, of which I have in my bosom
The living imagin ...

Ah! If you could at least
Discover me ...

That's how I look in my dream ...
So he has each present
In the sweet imagine this my mind.
What's up ...? Dream...? Or am I awake ...?

Oh Mother, oh Diva!
What cruel way to torment me is this?

No, more dream is not: that is a semblant
That for a long time I love ...
So Iscanio is ...? Or am I of other lover. ..?
I still doubt ....

The Nymph
Agitated me ... He recognizes me,
But discovering does not dare.

Ah yes my good,
My Spouse you are.
Getting up and taking a few steps towards Ascanio.

Heavens! cometh:
How can I not reveal myself to you!

Imprudent, what do I do? Spontaneous, and alone
Do you want to approach me?
Seco I do not see
The Goddess, who guides ... He does not ask me ...
Meco Aceste is not ... Where you go ahead
Carried from the incautious foot core?
Fool me I could ...

Silvia, Ascanio, chorus of Pastorelle and Fauno.

Silvia, Silvia, where are you?

approaching Fauno:
Faun, what do you desire?

in Silvia:
I'm looking for you, Nymph,
to Ascanio, who approaches from the other side:
And to you I come,
Foreign Giovanetto.

(He is stranier, what does he look like?
Of course it is my Spouse.)
In Fauno:
Pastor, favella.

in Silvia, Ascanio moves away:
To you Aceste sends me: I ask you:
Here lead you and the will. It's already heard
The great Diva present. In every place
It spreads its virtue. See that opra
What mirabil rises? his Genes
The creation of it even instead. I, and the Pastors
We saw the work
Whilst here I reclaim garlands, and flowers.
This we spoke to Aceste: and he to us
New wonders
He showed it of every part. Oh if you saw!
Silvia, on the sacred hotel,
Wherever you live, a great light
It rains, and sparkles around, and par, which rebuilds
Prey to die towards the aurora on the day.
The whole slope of the hill,
Here you go down,
Of vernacular, and of new germs
Everything is covered. By the way it shines
An unknown element
Rutile very vivacious sparks,
Open waves can be seen,
Who flew on that ground the divine foot.
But too late omai.

(How much I do you
Loving Deity!)

Flight to Aceste:
to Silvia, hinting to leave:
I will say, that more than him
It was solicitous love ...

approaching Fauno:
And to me again
Did not you want to talk to the Pastor?

in Ascanio:
Ah, almost oblivious.
Garzon, I'm sorry
In such a laughing day
Excess of pleasure disturbs the mind
In Aceste narrai
As I met you here, I left you.

And what then?

He smiled
Blinding the sacred veneration with joy.
He raised his hands to the heavens and throbbing:
I hear, he told me, an unintended affection
All shake my chest ...

(Oh dear Spouse!
I no longer doubt it.)

Vanne, he added,
Look for the stranger.

The essay Aceste
In the mind of the mind
(Everything knows, everything sees, and everything feels!)

What does he want from me?

For me, please,
Let it stay between us until it is revealed
Our Goddess is ours. He wants you to be
De 'favors of her,
De 'happy Hymns of our good
I announce loyalty to the arenas remotes.

(Oh me unhappy! Aceste
So Ascanio does not believe it!)

(Alas, what am I saying?
Oh harsh law!)

in Ascanio:
And what do you answer at the end?

That I will obey ... What of the happy Spouse
I will admire the destin ...

(Miserable! Oh Numbers!
Therefore Ascanio is not. What a proud shot!
What a sudden lightning!)
He retires and sits down among the Nymphs towards the bottom of the Scene.

Alfin, Shepherd,
Say, I'm waiting for it.

And me
Soon I'll fly to hasten it. Goodbye!
From your gentle semblant
A great alma is shining:
And that light, which spreads
Almost worshiping makes you.
If you ever become a lover
Happy the Donzella Che flame so beautiful
Allor will light up.

Silvia. Choir of Pastorelle and Ascanio.

looking at Silvia:
What's the best ever?
Silvia there lies
Pale half-life
A his Nymphs in his arms.
I mean, oh God!
He burns my face: and he does not believe me
His promised Ascanius.
Virtue, and love
They make atrocious battle in that beautiful core.
And from the painful deception
Free it I can not ... In his eyes
At least this laborious object was invaded
As long as the Goddess comes. Here I am hiding:
And not far from her
He released his words
I will keep my guards in his face.
To my well I look forward,
Of his heart I feel worth it,
And the law still hampers me.
Ah break the raw lace,
Enough the chorus suffered.
If mercy of the lovers
Bella Diva the sen you move,
Do not want so much evidence
Shake them each way.
He withdraws from the scene.

rushing to Ascanio, and then holding back:
Stop, wait, where are you going? Where do you get in?
Because you flee like this! Numi! what do I ...?
Where do I spend alas ...? like s'oblia
My virtue ...! Yes, it finally resolves.
This misleading enchantment breaks down at the end.
Because, because I am proud
Prole de 'Numi, and a dreamed imago
Take that heart which is sacred to the sole duty,
Is it sacred to virtue ...? But I did not see
The adorned features
Even with my own eyes ...? No, it does not matter.
Sol d'Ascanio is me. From them flee.
If the Ciel so proves me,
I aim my victory ... And if my Spouse
Was that what I saw ...? Ah! I flattered.
Because in such a sweet moment
Do not reveal yourself to me? why lie,
And get so ripped ...? No. seduces me
The deceived my heart ... And if you were there it was
See that I know Himself to sire Him,
And the beloved semblant to the merts on.
Ah you run to Aceste:
Let's get over here. Great what I am
Stirpe de 'Numi at the comun well I get well.
Since the Alma d'Ascanio, I do not see anything else.
Unhappy my affections,
Sol sigh for you, and peno,
Innocent is this breast:
Nol come to tormentar.
Ah this alma, eternal Gods,
You make me what it was.
More imaginative flattery
Do not come back to me.

running to Silvia:
Great soul, ah leaves
Leave, oh God! that at your foot ...

starting resolutely
Vanne. To my lights
You hide forever. I am from Ascanio.

What a strange event
The Virgin is disturbed
In this day!
No, do not leave it
Where so fast Flees like this.
They leave.

Ascanio alone.

Ah the cruel as a darted body
He flew from my gaze! Incauto, and me
Almost of me I was missing.
Who at many trials, o Goddess,
Of love, and of virtue regger potea?
Yes, a great gift, Mother,
Rich you make me, that more can not mortal
Desiar from the Gods: and you want me to hear
All the value of the gift. Ah yes, my Silvia,
Too much, too much
You are of fame. Now your qualities I mean:
Or my richness I understand
Come back my good, listen.
Your faithful is me.
Love me though my own:
No, Amor does not mislead you.
That, which is accepted
Serbian virtues so rare,
To compete he prepares
With the innocent cor.
He withdraws on the sidelines.

Ascanio, Silvia, Aceste, Fauno, Choir of Pastors and Pastorelle, then Venus, and Chorus of Geni.

Come with the heroes,
The growing honor comes.
No longer do you commit to us:
Here you chain Amor.

to Silvia, who graciously holds by the hand:
What a strange wonder
You told me about your heart, beloved daughter!
But I do not know how to fear. Serbian costumes,
What you've kept up to now. The sky of us
Often he makes trial: and from the illustrious contrasts
You are agitated, you are
That virtue awakens it,
Let mortals transform into demigods.
I feel that the heart tells me,
What fear not of:
But penetrate not lice
Inside the vaulted vel.
You know, what an innocent you are,
You know, you depend on Heaven.
Wait for luck,
That Ciel prescribes you.

Yes, Father, alfin is silent
Anything else in the breast.
Follow that it wants, as long as the duty is to be done.

to the Pastors, who gathered around the hour there are incense:
Up, happy Pastors. At your rites
Dates principle; and the merciful Goddess
Invoke with the hymns.

Descend heavenly Venus;
And of your love in sign
Leave the sweet pawn,
That we sighed each one.

But move away from my eyes
That perilous object. The see?
Hinting Ascanio.

looking at Ascanio:
The highlight.
I look like a God.

(Silvia looks at me:
What a cruel contrast!)

No dear daughter,
No, do not be afraid. Follow the big business,
See that the smoke ascends, and the ara is lit.
Observe, or Pastors.
Here comes the Goddess.
Clouds begin to descend above the altar.
Among those clouds
The Goddess is hiding. Oh my Silvia,
Meco all'ara turns you: and you Pastori,
De the ardent prayers
Renew the clamor.

No, we can not live
In happier reign.
But without the sweet pledge
We are not happy yet.
The clouds spread before the altar.

Here is ingombran the altar
The good clouds around. Here is the light
De la Diva present, here it transpires.
We see rays of light coming out of the clouds.

Descend heavenly Venus;
And of your love in sign
Leave the sweet pawn,
That we sighed each one.

Invokes, or daughter, invokes
Diva's favor:
Ask your spouse.

Unveiled, O Goddess,
Discover that beloved look at the end
To your beloved populace. Already happy
Make this my heart.
The clouds are torn apart. We see Venus sitting on her wagon. At the same time the Graces, behind the clouds, and the Geniuses, who wander around the scene, leave behind the clouds.

we are approaching Silvia:
(I am happy now.This is the moment.)

Oh Diva!

gets closer:
Oh fate!

Oh, day!

to Ascanio, who approaches:
Ah, you pursued me,
Cruel Imagine, insane to the ara?
Resolutely looking at Venus, and with his hand making himself veil in his eyes, so as not to see Ascanio:
What is my Spouse, or Diva?

hinting, and taking Ascanius's hand, he introduces her to Silvia:
Here it is, or dear.

turning to Ascanio:
Oh Heaven! Why do you hide yourself like that?

in Silvia
You'll know everything.

running to Ascanio :
Ah dear Spouse, oh God!

running to Silvia:
Come to my sen, mine.

in Aceste
Ah, I believe it on pain.
Maybe they still call me?

in Silvia:
Brake the timor, deh brakes:
And the great Diva adores.

What a pleasure I feel
In so blessed day.

in Silvia, and in Ascanio:
De la virtue the cimento
Premian the Gods like that.

Numi! what a beautiful moment!
As in so nice happy
My fear ended!

Ah dear Bride, oh God!

Ah dear Spouse, oh God!
Hugging respectfully.

Most sacred knot on earth,
More sweet love is not.
How pitiful Goddess
How much we owe to you.

Here you are at the end of your pains, or children.
Or enjoy blessed
One in the heart of the other vast warrant
De your virtue.
In Silvia:
I liked it or dear
Prevent your core. Then fame,
So Love worked. I wanted to Ascanio
Thus de la sua Sposa
Fortress, candor, love, faith
Show on his eyes. I shook a moment
That beautiful heart; and it will sparkle
Of heavenly virtue a thousand to a thousand.
But you alone happy
You already do not have to.
The lineage of the Gods, more than its good,
Think of others.
To Ascanio:
Learn, O Son Learn,
How blessed it is
To make the mortals blessed. In this plan
You the illustrious building
Stretch out of the city. The People of Alba
Be famous for you. De my laws
Tempra the gentle brake:
Minister the right: my people protect.
In the event of two Numi
Abbia instead of a sol; you, here present;
Me, who is still far away,
Qua pensier will often return.

What a pleasant pleasure I feel
In so blessed!

Numi!what a beautiful moment!
As in so happy,
my fear ended.

More sacred knot on earth
More sweet love is not.
How pitiful Goddess,
how much we owe to you.

Ah, who stronger knots Do you
have of my heart in these beloved shores?
The Sons, the Consorts, my people ...

Oh Diva!

Oh Mother!

Farewell, my children, goodbye!

Stops pious Goddess, stop.
Leaving at least, breaking the brakes
To the grateful heart a faithful populace.
I am a merciful
Goddess, Interpreter of him. This your pledge
hinting Ascanio and hugging him respectfully.
Trust it to us. Come; you are
Our love, our good, our support.
To Venus, who disappears, closing: and raising the clouds: We will
adore in him
The image of you: of you, that spread
Up the happy mortals
Pure love, pure joy: of you, who bind
With loving knots
The peoples among them ; that in sen of love.
Give attention to peace, and of this orb
Establish the fate, and the wide sea
Tranquillizzi, and the earth. Ah, in your blood,
D'Eroi, of Semidei always fruitful,
propagate your core:
And the race of Aeneas will occupy the world.

Alma Dea the whole world rules, how
happy the earth will be.
Your lineage propaghisi eternal,
What happy will be the age.