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O zittre nicht mein lieber Sohn

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Die Zauberflöte


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




Die Zauberflöte Synopsis


Die Zauberflöte Libretto



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The Queen of the Night





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diana damrau.O zittre nicht, mein lieber Sohn.Tremble not, my dear son

Singer: Diana Damrau

diana damrau is one DRAMA QUEEN, queen of the night in this case.
she has to be one of the best OPERA ACTRESSES, though might NOT be my most favourite SINGER (cristina deutekom's singing/studio recording with sir georg solti, decca label, 1969 rendition stands resolutely the test of time) in delivering the lyrical lines in both of mozart's immortal arias for coloratura sopranos.

once, a meet-up group member asked me if there was any opera suitable for her to bring her 14 year-old daughter along to watch. i straight away thought of this fairy-tale like (yet to many grown-up people, Die Zauberflöte is the most profound opera of all) grimm brothers' fashioned opera to recommend to her. like everyone, at first i thought the mother (my god, she is a mother!) was like any mother in the world (still, there are controversies: mozart, the composer, and schikaneder, the librettist, who were representing sarastro, were masons. queen of the night was likened to maria theresa. whom do you barrack for?)

however, these arias are not for everyone. time and again, when i played them in front of some of my friends who are not opera-inclined, their immediate reactions were:
"kill the tape. shut her up!"

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O zittre nicht, mein lieber Sohn!
Du bist unschuldig, weise, fromm;
Ein Jüngling, so wie du, vermag am besten,
Dies tief betrübte Mutterherz zu trösten.

Zum Leiden bin ich auserkohren;
Denn meine Tochter fehlet mir,
Durch sie ging all mein Glück verloren -
Ein Bösewicht entfloh mit ihr.
Noch seh' ich ihr Zittern
Mit bangem Erschüttern,
Ihr ängstliches Beben
Ihr schüchternes Leben.
Ich musste sie mir rauben sehen,
Ach helft! war alles was sie sprach:
Allein vergebens war ihr Flehen,
Denn meine Hülfe war zu schwach.

Du wirst sie zu befreyen gehen,
Du wirst der Tochter Retter seyn.
Und werd ich dich als Sieger sehen,
So sey sie dann auf ewig dein.

English Libretto or Translation:

Oh, do not tremble, my dear son!
You are guiltless, wise, and pious.
A young man like you is best able
to comfort the deeply distressed heart of a mother.

Suffering is my lot,
for my daughter is not with me.
Through her I have lost all my happiness;
a villain made off with her.
I still see her trembling
with alarm and shock,
quivering with anxiety,
struggling timidly.
I had to see her stolen from me,
"Ah help!" was all she said;
but her pleading was in vain,
for my aid was too feeble.
You will go to free her,
you will be the rescuer of my daughter.
And if I see you as victor,
then may she be yours for ever.

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