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Vedrai carino

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Don Giovanni


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




Don Giovanni Synopsis


Don Giovanni Libretto


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Martial Singher coaches "Vedrai, carino"

Singer: Martial Singher

Martial Singher coaches "Vedrai, carino"
Accompanist: James Massengale
From Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1787)
Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, based on the play El Burlador de Sevilla y el Convidado de Piedra by Tirso de Molina (c. 1630)

You will see, my dearest,
What a fine remedy I will give you if you behave!
It's natural. It doesn't taste bad,
and the pharmacist can't make it.
It's a certain balm that I carry with me.
I can give it to you if you want to try it.
Would you like to know where I keep it?
Feel it beating. Touch me here.

Exsultate! Productions is proud to host the video archives of the FESTIVAL OF LEARNING AND PERFORMING. The Festival was created in the early 1970's by Susan Brenner to give young singers the opportunity to work with master artists, and apply their knowledge by performing in the community. Classes were open to the public and encompassed the interpretation of opera, art song, operetta and musical theater, as well as movement and physical conditioning. Classes with Charles Roe, Calvin Simmons, and Martial Singher were videotaped for the Festival's archives, allowing new audiences to be inspired and enriched by the great teaching that is the legacy of Susan Brenner.

Martial Singher (1904-1990) debuted at the Paris Opera in 1930, and at the Metropolitan Opera in 1943, where Virgil Thomson wrote of his "incomparable elegance" and "perfection of vocal style." He sang for 12 seasons at the Met, also appearing with the opera companies of Chicago and San Francisco, with leading orchestras, and in recital. He taught at Mannes College of Music, the Curtis Institute, and Music Academy of the West, and received the order of Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor. In 1983 he published "An Interpretive Guide to Operatic Arias."

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Via, via, non è gran mal, se il resto è sano.
Vientene meco a casa;
purché tu mi prometta
d'essere men geloso,
io, io ti guarirò, caro il mio sposo.

Vedrai, carino,
se sei buonino,
Che bel rimedio
ti voglio dar!
È naturale,
non dà disgusto,
E lo speziale
non lo sa far.
È un certo balsamo
Ch'io porto addosso,
Dare tel posso,
Se il vuoi provar.
Saper vorresti
dove mi sta?
Sentilo battere,
toccami qua!

English Libretto or Translation:

Come, come; if that's the worst, there's no great harm done.
Come with me home to supper,
And give your faithful promise, you'll nevermore be jealous;
Those bruises can be cured, where love is zealous.

Come, shall I tell thee,
How what befell thee,
Soon can be cured
By my potent charm?
No garden grows it,
Though it aboundeth,
Like furnace glows it,
Yet none 'twill harm,
All guard and cherish it:
Gold cannot buy it,
Say, wilt thou try it
Soft 'tis, and warm.
Has thy wit flown,
Hear, how it throbs within,
lays his hand on her heart
'Tis all thine own,
Ah, 'tis thine only,

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