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Non ho colpa

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




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Jerry Hadley - Idomeneo - Non ho colpa - Mozart - 1983 Salzburg

Singer: Jerry Hadley

Jerry Hadley (June 16, 1952 July 18, 2007) was a student of my teacher from 1978, after getting his masters degree in music from the University of Illinois in 1977. He then started teaching at the University of Connecticut. A 1993 article by Noël Goodwin in Opera magazine stated, "After 15 years Hadley still goes back to this Sicilian American who, he says, gave him confidence and secure knowledge of what he is doing with his voice at any given time, through teaching methods that are direct and physiological." Hadley also stated, "(I was) lucky above all else to have found a teacher in New York without whom I really doubt I could have really built the career I have." Here he displays wonderful balanced vocal registration and release of constriction which are the cornerstones of the technique that he learned and that I teach.

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No. 2 - Aria

Non ho colpa, e mi condanni
Idol mio, perché t'adoro.
Colpa è vostra, oh Dei tiranni,
E di pena afflitto io moro
D'un error, che mio non è.

Se tu il brami, al tuo impero
Aprirommi questo seno.
Ne' tuoi lumi il leggo, è vero,
Ma me 'l dica il labbro almeno,
E non chiedo altra mercé.

English Libretto or Translation:

No. 2 - Aria
The fault is not mine, and you condemn me,
my love, because I adore you.
The fault is yours, tyrannical gods,
and I die of distress and pain
for a crime which is not mine.
If you so desire it, at your command
I will pierce this breast of mine;
I read it in your eyes, it's true,
but at least tell me with your lips,
and I will ask no other mercy.

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